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Masters in Business Analytics in Australia – Universities & Jobs

Updated on 05 May, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

A Master of Business Analytics in Australia is a two-year course that requires roughly AUD 40,000-77,000 (approx. INR 22-39 lakh) per year. Master’s in business analytics in Australia equips students with the vital skills and knowledge for better decision-making and planning. 

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Master’s in Business Analytics in Australia- Leading Universities

Here are the best universities for a master’s in business analytics in Australia: 

Name of the Institution



Monash University

Master of Business Analytics (18-24 months, depending on qualifications)

AUD 47,800 (INR 25.80 lakh)

University of Western Australia

Master of Business Analytics (18-24 months)

AUD 65,200 (INR 35.19 lakh)

Deakin University

Master of Business Analytics (One to two years)

AUD 28,600 (INR 15.43 lakh) per year

La Trobe University

Master of Business Analytics (Two years)

AUD 35,800 (INR 19.32 lakh) per year

Bond University 

Master of Business Data Analytics (16 months)

AUD 16,780 (INR 9.05 lakh) per semester

Western Sydney University

Master of Business Analytics (Two years full-time; four years part-time)

AUD 31,760 (INR 17.14 lakh)

The University of Melbourne

Master of Business Analytics (One year)

AUD 55,000 per year (INR 29.64 lakh)

Victoria University 

Master of Business Analytics (Two years)

AUD 15,500 (INR 8.36 lakh) per semester

University of Technology Sydney

Master of Business Analytics (18 months full-time or three years part-time)

AUD 927(INR 50,038) per credit point

These are some of the best places to study for a master’s in business analytics in Australia. 

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Master of Business Analytics in Australia- How to Apply

It will need careful planning and some time to apply to Australian universities. Here are the steps you can need to follow for your course application. 

Choose university and course: Conduct thorough research on the course and university as your interest and suitability. Consider campus size, fee, faculty, location, and placements to decide. 

Apply: Apply to your chosen university after checking its requirements and deadline. This information is usually provided over the website. You can also contact them over mail or a through a helpline number. 

Processing Application: The process takes a few weeks after the course provider has received the application. Selection for master programs can take longer. 

Accept the offer: Once you receive the acceptance letter, read it carefully for any conditions. Pay the tuition fee and confirm your admission. 

Sailing through the steps may be challenging for some. If that’s the case with you, choose an admission support provider such as upGrad to ensure a smooth application process. 

Requirements for Master’s in Business Analytics- How to Apply?

  • Undergraduate degree in information systems, mathematics, computer science, engineering, economics, finance, or physics
  • In some universities, if applicants do not have UG degrees in relevant subjects, they may be accepted if they fulfill criteria such as having a diploma/certificate program in business analytics. A work experience of two years is also recommended.  
  • Applicants should have finished three-year UG courses with study areas like quantitative aptitude, basic probability theories, and others. 

Documents Needed and Admission Procedure

  • Academic transcripts
  • UG course program details. 
  • TOEFL/IELTS scores. 
  • LORs. 
  • Resume/CV
  • SOP

Candidates should upload applications on official university websites. They will then get their university confirmation letters if their applications are accepted. Applicants should swiftly confirm their admission and pay the deposit fees to complete the process. 

Cost of Studying Master’s in Business Analytics in Australia

You can expect the following costs: 

  • AUD 438 in health insurance (approximately INR 23,740). 
  • AUD 40,000-77,000 (approximately INR 22-39 lakh) per year in tuition costs. 
  • AUD 20,290 annually in living costs or approximately INR 11 lakh. 
  • AUD 360-1800 (approximately INR 19,512-97,560) in accommodation costs, spanning various housing types, including homestays, guesthouses/hotels, rentals, on-campus accommodation, shared rentals, and boarding schools others. 

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Scholarships for MS in Business Analytics in Australia

  • Australia Government Research Training Program Scholarships
  • Australia Awards Scholarships

Here are some scholarships offered by leading institutions in Australia: 

Scholarship Name 

Name of the Institution 

Scholarship Amount in AUD

BP Australia Scholarship in Business Analytics

University of Melbourne 

AUD 25,000 or INR 13.55 lakh

Donald Cochrane Scholarship

Monash University 

AUD 10,000 or INR 5.42 lakh

Master of Artificial Intelligence Scholarship for Indian and Sri Lankan students


50% waiver for tuition fees 

VU International Excellence Scholarship

Victoria University 

AUD 3000 for two periods of study and AUD 6000 in tuition costs (approximately INR 16,260 and INR 32,520, respectively) 

Business School’s International Scholarship

University of Sydney 

AUD 20,000 or approximately INR 10.84 lakh

La Trobe College Excellence Scholarships

La Trobe University 

25% waiver on tuition fees

Deakin Alumni postgraduate bursary

Deakin University 

15% waiver for tuition fees 

Scope of Master of Business Analytics in Australia

Australia is globally known for its prowess in business analytics. The country offers excellent job prospects in various industries. Leading employers include Contexti, Covalense, Altis Consulting, Analytics8, Internetrix, Diligent Global, Integrated Business Technologies, and Pernix. Many universities have tie-ups with leading industry players, including SAS Australia, NVIDIA, etc. This directly benefits students with regard to giving them valuable industry exposure.  

Job Opportunities After MS in Business Analytics in Australia

Business analytics is one of the fastest-growing job fields in Australia. Projected salaries are set to increase exponentially for skilled graduates in the field. AUD 106,000 (approximately INR 57.45 lakh) is the average salary for business analysts in Australia. Job roles include senior business analysts, business analysts, research analysts, corporate strategy analysts, business improvement analysts, operations analysts, and operations managers. 

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Disclaimer! All course fees, salaries, and scholarships are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do after an MS in business analytics in Australia?

You can pursue further study and research programs or take up job roles as a business analyst, research analyst, corporate strategy analyst, business improvement manager, operations analyst, senior business analyst, and operations manager, to name a few. You can find employment opportunities with several leading companies in business analytics.




Is an MS in business analytics the same as an MBA?

MBA stands for a Master’s in Business Administration. It combines business, administration, and specialization in a particular discipline which could be information technology. At the same time, MS in business analytics emphasizes data interpretation and analysis with more focus on data-driven insights and decision making.




Is business analyst in demand in Australia?

Australia has been witnessing strong demand for skilled business analysts. Reports have forecasted robust job growth by 2023, while several leading recruiters are already hiring graduates in large numbers. Many technologies and research companies employ business analysts for working in various fields and sectors. All in all, business analytics is a rewarding career in Australia by all means.




Why choose Australia for a master’s in business analytics?

Australia is home to the best universities for studying business analytics and offering a robust job market with growing demand and compensation for skilled graduates in this field. It is home to some of the top global recruiters for business analysts while offering excellent career and research prospects in the area.





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