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491 Visa Australia : Requirements, Application & Benefits

Updated on 23 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

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The Australian visa subclass 491 is a specific regional and skilled work visa that is provisionally granted to skilled professionals/workers for higher education, work/employment and living in appointed zones of Australia along with their families. The visa has validity for 5 years and applicants should be sponsored by any eligible family member who is an Australian permanent resident or nominated via the State. 

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Costs for the subclass 491 visa vary, depending upon the applicant type. The approximate cost is AUD 4045 or approximately INR 2.20 lakh for primary applicants. For dependents who are 18 years and older, the fees are AUD 2025 (approximately INR 1.10 lakh) and the charges are lower at AUD 1010 (approximately INR 55,000) for those below 18 years of age. AUD 60 (approximately INR 3,300) and AUD 350 (approximately INR 19,000) are the charges for biometrics and medical tests for each dependent/applicant. Police clearance certificate costs are hard to estimate and may differ across applicants. Total processing time can vary, depending upon various factors. 

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Benefits of Subclass 491 Visa

Below are the benefits of the skilled work regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491). 

1. You may stay for up to 5 years with this Australian visa subclass 491. 

2. You may apply for a permanent residence visa after 3 years (Subclass 191 Permanent Residence-Skilled Regional) 

3. State nomination gives 15 extra points for visa qualification under the points test of the Department of Home Affairs. 

4. South Australia gives a pathway for nomination for this visa, subject to meeting State guidelines. 

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Subclass 491 Visa Requirements 

Here are the key requirements for obtaining the subclass 491 visa in Australia: 

1. Nomination from any relative or territory. 

2. Submission of EOI (Expression of Interest). 

3. Good character and health. 

4. Competency in English language

5. Should have email response and nomination invitation for EOI submission. 

6. Should get 65 points at least. 

Point System

The points system is given below for your perusal- 

1. 30 points for age 

2. 15 points for education

3. 15 points (within Australia) and 20 points (outside the country) for work experience 

4. 20 points for English proficiency based upon IELTS 

5. 15 points are given to those with any provincial/State Government sponsorship/nomination or from permanently residing family members. 

6. 10 points are given for qualifications in particular engineering, science, technology and mathematics fields. 

7. 10 points are given if the partner successfully completes tests of language proficiency and skills. 

8. 5 points are given for language proficiency of the partner. 

Single applicants or those with highly skilled partners get the priority. Those with partners who are skilled but lack English competence come next. Those with partners who have no language proficiency or skills will be last priorities for the authorities. 

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Major Documents Needed for EOI

1. Police Clearance 

2. Passport

3. Marriage Certificate

4. Report of Language Competency 

For Applicants Aging 18-25

Those in the 18-25 bracket should submit the following: 

1. Passport

2. Financial Dependency Evidence

3. Birth Certificate

4. Papers of Adoption if required 

For Applicants Above 23 but Dependent

Those above 23 but dependents should provide the above along with medical reports addressing their condition if applicable. Documents linked to EOI claims include the following: 

1. Regional Australian study

2. Assessment of Skills

3. Employment in Australia

4. Education

5. Qualifications 

6. Assessment of Language

7. Skills and Language Assessment of Partner

Applicants with Sponsors

Those with sponsors should furnish these documents: 

1. Proof of age

2. Sponsor’s declaration

3. Proof of permanent residency 

4. Eligible relative proof 

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How to Apply for Australian Visa Subclass 491

The Australian visa subclass 491 application involves numerous steps including the following: 

1. Check the list of Skilled Occupations and whether your own occupation is there in this tally. 

2. Get your skills assessed by the relevant authority. 

3. Check the points system since you need a score of at least 65 points. 

4. Write your EOI to the Australian Department of Home Affairs via SkillSelect. The latter will analyze your points and thereafter invite you to apply. 

5. The Home Affairs department will ask for the application after acceptance of the EOI. You will have to provide all documents within a period of 60 days. 

6. Submit after applying through ImmiAccount and pay the applicable charges within this period. 

7. After submission of your application, find the email with ImmiAccount login for tracking status. 

8. Biometric scans and medical examinations are vital for each applicant so keep this point in mind. 

9. After visa approval, an email will arrive with the grant number, starting date, terms and conditions, etc. 

The skilled work regional (provisional) visa (subclass 491) has numerous benefits, and you should follow the above-mentioned application procedure carefully. 

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Who Can Apply For A 491 Visa In Australia?

The all-new Skilled Work Regional 491 Provisional Subclass visa enables eligible workers to live, study, and work along with their families in Australia’s regional areas for 5 years. These visa holders can also apply for PR i.e. Permanent Residency visa past three years. The applicants for this visa must have the following qualifications:

  • Nominated by a territory government agency or an Australian state or,
  • Must be sponsored by a family member already residing in the designated regional area. He/she can get an invitation for visa application after submitting in SkillSelect the Expression of Interest
  • An Australian state or territory government agency sponsored by an eligible family member residing in a designated regional area and be invited to apply for the visa, following submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI).

The 491 visa in Australia is a replacement for the 489 visa. The new visa commenced on 16th November 2019 and is based on points and skill tests. The age limit is 45 years and needs skill assessment.

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Ranking systems for an invitation to apply for a 491 visa in Australia

1. Applicants who have a partner or with a skilled person.
2. Applicants who have partners demonstrating competent English (but do not have skills for skill tests).
3. Applicants who lack both skilled partner points and competent English.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 491 Visa Still Open in Australia?

the Australia 491 visa is open as it replaces the old 489 visas. Visa 491 allows you to stay in any region of Australia for five years. It permits the visa holder to enter Australia several times within those five years i.e. till it is valid.

What is a 491 Visa South Australia?

The 491 visa South Australia is a provisional visa nominated by the state. It is for skilled migrants who can be nominated to stay and work in the southern region of Australia for five years. This state nomination provides the applicant with an additional 15 points that help him/her qualify for the subclass 491 visa as per the Home Affairs Department points test.

How can you get PR after a 491 Visa?

The conversion of visa 491 Australia into PR visas is easy in subclass 191. Let us look at how you can become an Australian citizen:

  • The applicant needs to have a valid visa.
  • Must have resided in regional areas for a minimum period of 3 years in Australia.
  • Must have a minimum work experience of one year (full-time) in Australia.
  • Must meet the requirements of health and character pre-levied by the Government of Australia.
  • Must clear or make arrangements for outstanding debts.
  • Must have earned AUD 53900 per annum for three consecutive years.

After fulfilling all the above requirements, people can apply to stay and work in Australia regionally.

How much does it cost to apply for Visa 491 Australia?

The Australia 491 visa application fee is $4,045 with a partner fee of $2,025. To qualify for the Regional 491 visa, an individual should nominate to apply by a territory or state or a relative must sponsor them.

How many points are enough for 491 Visa South Australia?

The 491 Visa South Australia is a point-tested visa same as the visas for general skilled migration.

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