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Australian Visa Subclass 189 – All you need to know

Updated on 23 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

What is the Visa Subclass 189? 

The Australian study visa subclass 189 is a permanent resident visa for highly skilled professionals. This skilled independent visa (subclass 189) program also allows visa holders to sponsor their relatives and family members. It enables successful aspirants to permanently work and reside anywhere in the country without any sponsorship. However, the applicants’ skills are the key aspect in this scenario.

It is an invitation-only visa but visa holders can sponsor relatives, enroll in Medicare, apply for citizenship, and travel in and out of the country for 5 years after getting the visa. Family members and dependents can be included in the application including a partner/spouse, dependent children of partners, and dependent relatives. The Expression of Interest (EOI) for the visa subclass 189 is assessed by the SkillSelect system and then ranked against other individuals with a points-based scoring system. The points are awarded based on factors like fluency in English, age, education,  qualifications, skills, and history of employment.

Only citizens of New Zealand (NZ) can apply for the visa without undergoing the points-based test. Applicants from NZ will have to show that they are committed to Australia and should have resided here for the last 5 years, starting before 20th February 2016. Applicants should adhere to requirements of taxable income while disclosing whether they have medical conditions which require continual community or Government support. New Zealand has a TTA (Trans-Tasman Travel Arrangement)

The  current pass mark of the SkillSelect system is 65 points. You should check whether your profession is included in the list of Subclass 189 occupations before submitting the EOI. Applicants should contact authorities before their assessments and submitting the EOI. The EOI is valid for two years and applicants can receive an invitation anytime during the period. You can also update your information on the official website before receiving the invitation. This will increase your chances of getting an invitation. The scores cannot be changed once you have been invited. 

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Benefits of Australia Visa Subclass 189:

The Australia visa subclass 189 comes with the following benefits: 

  • Successful applicants may permanently reside and work in Australia. 
  • They may access the country’s Medicare scheme. 
  • They can pursue higher and basic education. 
  • They can also apply for citizenship.
  • They can also sponsor their family members, dependents, and relatives for permanent residence. 

Visa Subclass 189 Requirements: 

Following are some of the requirements for the visa subclass 189.

  • The applicant’s age should be lower than 45.
  • Applicants should submit their EOIs while having a score of 6 or higher in IELTS.
  • They should adhere to character-related requirements.  
  • The occupation/profession should be listed in the subclass 189 occupations. 
  • They should pass the Skills Assessment tests with 65 pass marks in the Skilled Migration points testing. 
  • They should be invited to apply after submission of the EOI. 
  • The application should disclose any medical ailment/condition needing consistent support from the local community and Government.

Resources for Australian Visa

Here are the documents which are required: 

  • Passport with photograph
  • Application form
  • Two colored passport-size photographs
  • Skills assessment report
  • PTE/IELTS score report
  • Skilled employee documents
  • Educational qualification documents
  • Employment reference letters
  • Character documents
  • Health documents
  • Skills of partner
  • Australian study requirement

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How to Apply for Visa Subclass 189? 

You can apply for the skilled independent visa (subclass 189) only on invitation. Invitees have to apply within 60 days from the invitation. The process moves forward only after the SkillSelect assessment. Scoring higher points in the initial test will increase your chances of obtaining this visa. The immigration department may consider or prioritize applications based upon the time of submission and other parameters. You can also include close relatives and family members in the application.

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