Marine Engineering in Australia- Top Universities, Eligibility and more

Pursuing marine engineering in Australia enables students to equip themselves with diverse knowledge and skill sets for succeeding at tasks like the control and management of the maintenance and operation of ship equipment and plants. Marine engineers also undertake planning, coordination, and control of propulsion and other equipment along with performing maintenance for the systems of ships, inclusive of electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, fire prevention and control systems. There are several institutions offering the course in Australia and you should note the varying marine engineering in Australia admission requirements before applying.Ā 

Top Reasons to Pursue the Course from Australia

  • Australia is among the popular study-abroad destinations and is home to more than 8 lakh international students.
  • Most programs have an internship module. Universities assist all students in finding internships.Ā 
  • International students have the freedom to work part-time while studying.

Levels at which it can be pursued

You can pursue these courses mostly at the masters level in Australia. There are a few undergraduate options as well.Ā 

Top Universities for Marine Engineering in Australia

There are several marine engineering in Australia universities that you can take a closer look at. There are diverse marine engineering in Australia requirements that you should also note.Ā 

Name of the University Ranking (QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022- Earth and Marine Sciences) Course Average FeesĀ 
Australian National University 14 Marine Science Major/Master of Earth Sciences (Advanced) N/A
The University of Western Australia 30 Master of Offshore and Coastal Engineering N/A
UNSW Sydney 35 Master of Marine Science and ManagementĀ  AUD$45,925
Curtin University 40 Coastal and Marine Science-UG andĀ  AUD$113,094
The University of Sydney 50 Master of Marine Science and Management/Marine Science Major N/A

Eligibility Criteria for Marine Engineering in Australia

The marine engineering in Australia eligibility guidelines usually include the following:Ā 

  • For Masters courses, most institutions require a Bachelor of Science with a credit average in any discipline like biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, geography, etc.Ā 
  • Some universities will have minimum GPA requirements.Ā 
  • They may also require a Bachelor of Science with Honours in any related discipline alternatively.Ā 
  • English language proficiency scores.Ā 
  • Bachelors program aspirants need to demonstrate their English language proficiency along with achieving the minimum cut-off scores as per their educational boards.Ā 

How to Apply?

The application procedure usually involves the following steps:Ā 

  1. Filling up the application form online at the website of your chosen university.Ā 
  2. Enter all relevant information along with uploading your academic transcripts and English language proficiency scores.Ā 
  3. You may have to provide SOPs (statement of purpose), LORs (letters of recommendation) and some other documents.Ā 
  4. Pay the application fee online and keep the receipt for future use.Ā 
  5. The university will process your application and notify you about its decision thereafter.Ā 

Course ModulesĀ 

Some of the marine engineering in Australia subjects may include the following:Ā 

  • Environmental Modeling
  • Geographic information science
  • Remotely Sensed Data
  • Coastal Management
  • Marine and Coastal Law
  • Ecological StatisticsĀ 

Job prospects and Expected remunerationĀ 

Marine engineering offers a plethora of opportunities for students to work as coastal managers, marine ecologists, marine science communicators, environmental consultants, coastal modelers, marine geochemists, and more. They can also work as naval architects, ship designers, maintenance and operations engineers, equipment maintenance and repair specialists, and more.Ā 

According to Payscale, the average salary of a marine engineer in Australia is AUD$101,117. Glassdoor has put the average salary figures at AUD$118,750 as well. The salary range hovers between AUD$65,000 and AUD$242,000 on average. Marine Surveyors can also earn up to AUD$90,000 per year according to Glassdoor.Ā 


Are marine engineers in demand?

Marine engineering is a coveted profession worldwide, with high demand throughout several public and private sector enterprises operating in different industries. With growth in maritime trading and operations along with shipbuilding, environmental research, coastal management, and marine ecology, there is soaring demand for skilled marine engineers and other marine science professionals throughout the world.

Do marine engineers have to go to sea?

While a majority of the work done by marine engineers is at physical workplaces with the help of computers and other equipment, they do have to go to sea at times, for inspection, testing, maintenance, and repairs.

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