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Marine Engineering in Ireland- Top Universities, Course Modules and more

Updated on 08 November, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

Marine engineering in Ireland is a good option for aspirants. Marine engineers carry out tasks like the operation and maintenance of engines, generators, boilers, and other ship systems. A majority of mechanical equipment on the ship is maintained and run by marine engineers. The course will offer a thorough knowledge of marine engineering with a focus on the development, design, maintenance and production of equipment used for internal ship systems and aboard sea vessels. Marine engineering fuses various disciplines like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and engineering design and control technology. The degrees also revolve around conventional designs of ships and machinery used for the same. There are several marine engineering subjects in Ireland taught by institutions. 

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Top Reasons to Pursue the Course from the Country 

  • Ireland has reputed universities that offer hands-on learning, along with exposure to advanced and cutting-edge equipment and training. 
  • The country offers a multicultural and welcoming ambience, making it a great place to study and live. It is known for its rich cultural legacy as well. 

Levels at which it can be pursued 

There are marine engineering programs at the undergraduate, doctoral, and postgraduate levels. You can pursue M.Sc, M.Eng, B. Eng, and B.Sc programs. 

Top Universities for Marine Engineering in Ireland

Here are some of the leading universities for marine engineering in Ireland for admissions.

University NameQS World University Ranking (2023)Course Fee
University College Dublin181ME Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering€26,400 per year 
Munster Technological UniversityN/ABachelor of Engineering- Marine Engineering€13,500 per year
Cork Institute of TechnologyN/AMarine Engineering- BEng€12,000 per annum

How to Apply? 

Aspirants can apply via the online portals of leading universities in Ireland. They should fulfill the marine engineering in Ireland requirements, including English language proficiency requirements, high-school or bachelors marks and other course-specific requirements. Applicants should carefully check the marine engineering in Ireland eligibility criteria prior to applying. There are varying marine engineering in Ireland fees that you should also check out.

Course Modules (Core and Optional)

Some of the course modules may include the following: 

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Job Prospects and Expected Remuneration

Graduates in marine engineering will find several job opportunities across sectors like oil and gas, naval forces, architecture, mineral extraction, scientific services, boat-building, marine surveying, and marine consultancy. 

Here are some job titles with their average salaries according to Payscale: 

  • Materials Engineer- €31,356
  • Office Manager- €33,800 
  • Marine Engineer- €45,000 per year 


Which country is best for marine engineering?

Some of the top countries to study marine engineering include the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Spain.




Do marine engineers go to sea?

Naval architects and marine engineers usually work at offices, where they can access computer programs and tools required for project analysis and solution design. They may sometimes go to sea for the testing and maintenance of ships built or designed by them.

Is it worth becoming a marine engineer?

Marine engineering is a lucrative and fulfilling proposition with marine engineers playing vital roles across several industries. Demand has increased significantly for qualified marine engineers throughout several countries as well.








Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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