What is the Average Salary in Singapore for Indians?

What is the Average Salary in Singapore for Indians?

What is the average salary in Singapore for Indian professionals? It could be a question in your head, especially if you are considering moving to the island nation for higher education or work. Here is a guide that will be able to answer most of your salary-related questions. 

The Average Salary in Singapore for Indian Professionals 

The average salary in Singapore for Indian professionals is around S$8,450 per month or roughly INR 4,73,200 in Indian currency. When it comes to the average salary in Singapore, it may vary between S$2,140 for entry-level positions and go all the way up to S$37,700 at the very top of the pile. It equates to a threshold between INR 1.20 lakhs to INR 2.11 crores each month. 

These average salaries include transportation, housing, and other miscellaneous expenses and may differ across various organizations. Naturally, in the Singapore salary vs Indian salary debate, Singapore emerges as a winner for obvious reasons. The population of the island nation, available job opportunities, and a booming economy are key reasons behind handsome salaries for Indian professionals here. 

Distribution of Average Singapore Salaries 

While taking up the Singapore vs. India salary question, you will need to consider some distribution aspects. They include the following: 

‚óŹ The salary range for Indians in Singapore is between S$2,140-37,700 or approximately INR 1.20 lakhs to INR 2.11 crores per month. 

‚óŹ The median salary is S$8,450 per month or roughly INR 4.73 lakhs. It indicates that 50% of the overall workforce in Singapore (not just Indians) earns less than this amount, while 50% earn more than the same. 

‚óŹ The 75th and 25th percentiles assume higher importance in this context. 25% of the workforce earns less than S$4,920 (roughly INR 2.75 lakhs), while 75% earn higher than S$4,920 or approximately INR 2.75 lakhs. 75% of the workforce is also earning lower than S$24,200 (approximately INR 13.55 lakhs), while 25% earn more than this amount. 

‚óŹ If your salary surpasses the median and average figures, you are performing nicely in your career. If it is lower than both these numbers, you are earning lower than many other professionals, with plenty of scope for growth. If you earn between the median and average, you need to assess the scenario objectively. 

How Does the Education Level Affect Salary? 

Higher education almost always equates to a bigger salary. However, salary changes based on education will vary across locations and depend on the career sector. As per studies, those with diplomas or certificates get 17% higher than peers in high school on average. Those with undergraduate degrees get 24% higher than their peers with only diplomas or certificates. 

In the same vein, those with master‚Äôs degrees get 29% higher than those with only undergraduate degrees in Singapore. Also, those holding PhDs earn 23% higher than those with master‚Äôs degrees in the same field. 

Top Employers in Singapore 

Some of the leading employers in Singapore include the following: 

‚óŹ Google

‚óŹ Singapore Airlines

‚óŹ JP Morgan

‚óŹ Apple


‚óŹ PwC

‚óŹ Walt Disney Company

‚óŹ Goldman Sachs

‚óŹ Deloitte


‚óŹ E&Y (Ernst & Young)

‚óŹ Changi Airport Group

‚óŹ L‚ÄôOreal Group

‚óŹ Amazon

‚óŹ P&G (Proctor & Gamble)

‚óŹ Morgan Stanley

‚óŹ Unilever

‚óŹ Facebook 

‚óŹ Samsung


‚óŹ Visa

‚óŹ Microsoft

‚óŹ Singapore Tourism Board


‚óŹ Universal Studios or Resorts World Sentosa

‚óŹ Singapore Press Holdings

‚óŹ LucasFilm

‚óŹ Rolls-Royce

‚óŹ GlaxoSmithKline

‚óŹ Pfizer

‚óŹ Dyson

‚óŹ Johnson & Johnson

‚óŹ ExxonMobil

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a good salary in Singapore?

A. On average, Singapore professionals earn roughly INR 33 lakhs every year, or anywhere between INR 6-50 lakhs. Anything around INR 33 lakhs qualifies to be a good yearly salary in Singapore. Based on reports for 2022, average salaries are anywhere around S$5,783 per month or INR 3.24 lakhs, which is a good salary for the island nation.

Q. What’s the average salary in Singapore?

A. Many reports highlight average salaries in Singapore. At the lower end of the spectrum, average salaries stand at S$5,783 or roughly INR 3.24 lakhs per month. However, in the middle band of the salary scale, average salaries stand at approximately S$8,450 or INR 4.73 lakhs per month.

Q. What’s the average salary increase by industry in Singapore?

A. Here are the average increases in salaries for specific industries in Singapore (2020):

  • Energy Sector -5%
  • Banking Sector – 7%
  • Information Technology Sector – 3%
  • Travel Sector – 8%
  • Healthcare Sector – 1%
  • Education Sector – 4%
  • Construction Sector – 6%

Q. What’s the average salary increase by experience level in Singapore?

A. Here is the average salary increase based on the level of experience in Singapore:

  • Junior positions – 3-5%
  • Senior Positions – 10-15%
  • Mid-level positions – 6-9%

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