Robotics Engineer Salary in USA: Top Skills & Average Salary

Before learning more about the average robotics engineer salary in the USA, you should first get an overview of the field. Robotics is a study field that fuses multiple areas, including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science. Professionals in the field apply their skill sets and knowledge from all of these fields to create robots while also developing newer robotics technologies for usage across diverse applications. There is a huge scope for robotics in the USA, with swift evolution and sizable advancement in related fields like sensor development, AI, actuator development, and more. Several companies like Apple, Google, Amazon, and technology majors are hiring these engineers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (according to a 2020 report) indicated that there would be 4% job maturation in the field in over 10 years from 2018 onwards. This is expected to go up rapidly, as per several reports. 

Top Skills Required to be a Robotics Engineer

There are multifarious skills required by robotics engineers in the USA. They include knowledge of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, and more. Roboticists should have skills and comfort regarding coding for complex systems, programming, hardware, software, actuators, design sensors, and more. Soft skills like communication, adaptability, and teamwork are also a must to thrive in this field. Entrepreneurship and leadership are also major soft skills for students, along with troubleshooting and vast knowledge of several aspects of mathematics, including geometry, calculus, algebra, and physics. 

Top US Cities for Robotics in the USA

The average salary of robotics engineers in the USA across several cities has been reported by Here is a city-wise list of salaries for robotics engineers in the USA: 

  1. Mountain View, CA- $109,611 annually
  2. Boston, MA- $101,939 annually 
  3. Chicago, IL- $96,229 annually 
  4. Pasadena, CA- $93,579 annually 
  5. Milwaukee, WI- $89,174 annually 

Average Salaries in the USA: Based on Experience

The average salary of an MS graduate robotics engineer in the USA is $98,593 per year, as per Glassdoor, which is the average base pay. Along with this median pay, the entry-level pay may be somewhere around $65,000, while the higher end of the spectrum may witness professionals earning close to $142,206 annually. 


How much do NASA robotic engineers make?

The average salaries of robotics engineers at NASA are approximately $75,000 p.a.

Is robotics a good career in the USA?

Robotics is a lucrative and fulfilling career in the USA, offering excellent future growth prospects. Steady job growth for robotics engineers has been forecasted over the next decade, with hiring volumes increasing across major tech companies.

Which country is the best for robotics engineering?

There are several countries that are considered great places to study robotics engineering. These include Singapore, where robotics has been made a part of the Smart Nation Initiative, and the USA, which has witnessed rapid advances in this field. Other countries which are ideal for robotics engineering include Germany, China, Germany, Japan, Spain, and Denmark, among others

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