What is the Average Salary of Computer Science Engineer in USA?

What is the average computer engineering salary in the USA? The average salary of a computer science engineer in the USA is approximately $87,071 per year, according to Glassdoor. This means that the computer engineering salary per month in the USA stands at around $7,255 approximately. The starting salary of computer science engineers in the USA is around $53,000, according to Glassdoor. 

Top Universities for Computer Engineering Salary in USA

These are the leading universities for studying computer engineering, as per the US News & World Report 2022. 

University Name Ranking (US News 2022) Approximate Fees in USD
Massachusetts Institute of Technology #1  $28,795 per term
Stanford University #2 $39,120-66,297 three academic quarters
University of California, Berkeley #2 $5,721 per semester 
Carnegie Mellon University #4 $832 per unit
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign #4 $36,018-$45,774 annually
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor #7 $27,501-9,440 full term
Cornell University #8 $31,228 per semester
Princeton University #9 $57,410 annually 
Purdue University #9 $1,155 per semester

Computer Engineering Scope & Key Positions in the US with salaries in USD (at least 5)

The scope of computer engineering is vast in the USA, and skilled graduates can find employment at several leading companies. Here’s looking at some positions with their average salaries: 

  • Senior Software Engineer- $135,000
  • Software Engineer- $122,628
  • Developer $111,218
  • Systems Engineer- $112,477
  • System Engineer- $110,000 


Hence, as can be seen, computer engineering is a lucrative career to pursue in the USA. It offers entry into leading technology companies along with handsome salary growth in the near future, with knowledge and experience. 


How much are computer engineers paid in USA?

Computer engineers usually earn around $128,170 per year as per reports, in the USA. Entry-level salaries may start from around $76,000, while this may go up to $159,000 or higher for those with more experience and advanced qualifications.

What is the highest salary of a computer engineer in USA?

The highest salaries may jump up to $160,000 for those with particular specializations.

Is computer engineering a good career in USA?

Yes, computer engineering is a great career option in the USA. The job outlook is also stable and bright as per several reports. Reports indicate that there should be slight growth in jobs for computer engineers over the next decade in the USA as well.

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