Masters in Forensic Science in USA

Forensic Science is the application of scientific expertise and procedure to investigate and resolve criminal and legal matters. Masters in Forensic Science in the USA is intended for both graduate students and forensic practitioners. The course aims to provide students with a theoretical and practical understanding of major forensic science topics. The US degree programs provide students with access to comprehensive modern amenities, including cutting-edge laboratories and equipment.

Read this guide to know why you should consider pursuing a Master in Forensic Science in the USA and how the US university’s advanced setup assists in learning the several complex approaches during the program.

Why Take a Master in Forensic Science in the USA?

  • Engaging work experience

A degree in Masters in Forensic Science in the USA can lead to an exciting job where no two days are ever the same. You might be dealing with unexpected situations, doing intricate tests, and solving puzzles to unearth insights.

  • Contribute to society

To increase public safety and safeguard individuals from serious offenders, forensic scientists are needed. If you study this field, you’ll understand how to assist victims and their families by using tools like DNA sequencing and fingerprint analysis.

  • Practical learning

Forensic Science Courses offer valuable content in which you apply what you’ve learned in real-world situations. Many Masters in Forensic Science in USA universities have dedicated facilities with imitation crime scenes that simulate circumstances that a trained forensic scientist could experience.

  • Career opportunities

A degree in forensic science opens up a wide range of opportunities. Many graduates work as crime scene investigators, DNA or drug testers in people, toxicologists, fingerprint officers, or criminal intelligence analysts. They work in law enforcement, healthcare, technology, banking, and other fields.

Masters in Forensic Science in USA Eligibility

The college administration determines the Master in Forensic Science in the USA eligibility. Students must meet the following Masters in Forensic Science in USA admission criteria:

To be considered for admission to the USA Forensic Science program, applicants must present valid transcripts from a regionally approved university and have a GPA of at least 2.75.

A candidate must provide the following credentials to be considered for admission to the Forensic and Investigative Science graduate program:

  • Essay/Writing Sample
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • GRE
  • Experience in Forensic Science or Undergraduate Forensic Science courses

If the students have not earned their bachelor’s degree in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, or New Zealand, requires an English language proficiency test:

  • IELTS- 6.5
  • TOEFL- 79
  • PTE- 53
  • Duolingo English test- 105

How to Apply for the Masters in Forensic Science at USA Universities?

Follow the guide to navigating the Masters in Forensic Science in USA requirement and admission process:

  • Begin early and double-check the dates

Begin early by creating a list of all the documents you will need to submit, including any important dates, such as those for scholarship applications.

  • Check finances

Individual application expenses, as well as fees for standardized tests such as the GRE, must also be considered. Prepare a budget that includes all of the expenditures associated with your application, the amount required to attend, and the funds available to you from different sources.

  • Schedule your standardized tests

Determine which standardized tests you must take. Most Masters in Forensic Science in the USA admission requires graduate candidates to provide GRE¬ģ General Test scores, while certain universities may need GRE Subject Test scores.

  • Prepare for the GRE

The amount of time you should devote to GRE preparation will be mainly determined by your test-taking confidence and experience with the exam. Set up a time to review previous papers and grading rubrics and invest in preparation resources.

  • Apply for a student visa.

If you are an overseas student, you should apply for a student visa as soon as you have been offered and accepted a position Masters in Forensic Science in the USA. To apply, fill out the online application form, gather all the Masters in Forensic Science in USA requirement documents, and arrange an interview with the US embassy or consulate.

Top 5 Masters in Forensic Science in USA Universities and Masters in Forensic Science in USA Fees 

University Course name Duration Fees QS World University Rankings, 2023
Boston University 


Master of Science [MS] Biomedical Forensic Sciences 2 years 60,000 USD 108



 George Mason University 

MS Forensics Science 2 years 48,000 USD  


University of Colorado, Denver Master of Science [M.S] (Media Forensics) 2 years  


Michigan State University MS Forensics Science 2 years  



University of California Davis MS Forensics Science 2 years  



Here are some popular Masters in Forensic Science in USA specializations:

  • Forensic Psychology
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Forensic/Biometric Identity Analysis
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Accounting

Masters in Forensic Science in USA subjects

The masters in Forensic Science in USA subjects list is as follows:

  • Forensic Physics
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Ballistics
  • Forensic Photography
  • Forensic Serology and DNA Profiling

Scope of Master’s degree in Forensic Science

M.Sc. in Forensic Science is a degree that individuals pursue after completing a Bachelor’s degree in science. Students can choose from various disciplines for their M.Sc in Forensic Science. Graduate students who have achieved an M.Sc degree can additionally pursue postgraduate study opportunities that can assist them in better comprehending the subject. Furthermore, students can pursue professions in research or teaching. Some of the best higher education scopes for students are

  • Ph.D. in Forensic Science
  • Certificate Course in Forensic Science¬†
  • M.Phil

Academic Cycle: Intakes & Deadlines: General 

USA universities have three admissions intakes. 

  • Autumn: Autumn begins in August.
  • Spring: Begin in January;
  • Summer: Available for some universities, the Summer intake typically begins in May.

Intake Duration
Fall Term From August to December
Spring Term From January to April
Summer Term From May to August

Cost of Attendance Masters in Forensic Science in USA

Pre-arrival cost

There are several expenditures to consider apart from Masters in Forensic Science in USA fees when traveling to the United States including standardized tests’ fee and visa fee. The student visa fee for the USA is around $160.

Exams Fee Cost
IELTS $190 
TOEFL $190 
GRE $205 
SAT $60 

Cost of Living in the USA 

Expenses Average yearly cost*
Books and Stationery $500- $1000
Traveling $500- $1200
Accommodation $ 10,000 – $25,000
Food $2500
Clothes and footwear $500
Miscellaneous expenses $2000

Top Recruiters

Top Recruiters that hire Masters in Forensic Science in USA graduates:

  • U.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army
  • AlixPartners
  • BDO
  • Grant Thornton
  • PwC
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co
  • Boeing
  • US Navy

Career Prospects

Paychecks in forensic science vary greatly and are based on the level of education and the job role you pursue. Here are the top 5 career prospects and forensic science salary ranges:

Job Role Salary per year
Forensic Science Technician Average Salary: $60,590
Forensic Archaeologists  Average Salary: $66,130
Forensic Psychologists  Average Salary: $72,580
Medical Scientists  Average Salary: $82,138
Forensic Nurse Salary Average Salary: $60,000

Source: Payscale and US News


Q1: Are the GRE scores required for Masters in Forensic Science in the USA?

Ans. Yes. The GRE scores are required to pursue Masters in Forensic Science in the USA. Some universities have exempted the criterion and require other credentials.

Q2: When should I apply for a master’s degree in the United States?

Ans. Applications to US institutions are accepted in three intakes: spring, summer, and autumn, with the fall intake being the most popular among overseas students. Most US institutions accept applications between December and January.

Q3. Is a work experience certificate required for the top courses in Masters in Forensic Science in the USA?

Ans. Although job experience is significant in the qualifying requirements for Masters in Forensic Science in the USA, it is not mandatory in some universities. 

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