Masters in Forensic Science Abroad- Things to know

Masters in Forensic Science Abroad

Forensic Science is a branch within both the law and science fields. It involves collecting and analyzing the relevant evidence produced in a criminal case to help reveal the truth behind the crime. Forensic scientists study footprints, fingerprints, blood traces, and human remains to perceive the real identity of criminals and understand all the facts attached to criminal events.

This course includes several other educational fields like Physics, Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology, and others. It comprises several sub-fields and stand-alone degrees in drug analysis, forensic medicine, entomology, toxicology, forensic anthropology, biological evidence, etc.

Students interested in the course would benefit from regular lab work and practical classes and gain necessary skills such as critical thinking, scientific writing and computer training to aid in the investigation of facts.

These students would then practice in medical diagnostic labs, crime scenes, offices, medical examiners, crime laboratories, prosecution attorney officers, criminal defense, law enforcement, education, etc.

So, if a student is interested in the criminal field and wants to assess ethical and legal issues to ensure the world becomes a better place, enrolling in an MSc forensic science in the UK is an excellent way to start!

Top Universities Abroad offering Masters in Forensic Science

Country University  QS Subject Rankings 2023 Duration Average Tuition


USA Michigan State University  137 1.5-2 years USD 29,772 
West Virginia University  601-640 1 year USD 24,600
UK University College London 8 1 year USD 38760
The University of Manchester 28 1 year USD 27772-USD 13,886
King’s College London 37 1 year USD 37,529
New Zealand University of Auckland 151-200 USD 30,418
Australia University of Sydney 71 1.5 years USD 66384
La Trobe university  251-300 2 years USD 39, 800

Source: Official University Website

The intakes vary with each university. Some universities accept the application throughout the year, whereas others may restrict it to fall and spring intake. The best way is to reach out to the official website of the universities you have shortlisted and wait for the application window to open and apply. 

Masters in Forensic Science Abroad Eligibility/ Requirements

One needs to meet the following Masters in Forensic Science Abroad Eligibility criteria to take admissions

  • Bachelor’s degree in natural sciences
  • GRE/GMAT Scores
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • English proficiency test scores (IELTS or TOEFL or PTE)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • CV/Resume

Scope of Education/Course

The scope of forensic science is vast. One can pursue Ph.D. in forensic science after completing their masters. There are also options available for M.Phil programs. Doctorate research includes drug, perfume or DNA analysis, or terrorism. Students during their course of study are actively involved in criminal case studies. The graduates are hired in the specialist area of forensic investigation and in careers which involve enquiring, scientific and legal minds.

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance varies depending on the university and its location. However, if we roughly take an estimate of the Masters in Forensic Science Abroad fees, it narrows down to the range of 29,772 USD to 67,000 USD yearly. 

Top Recruiters 

The government outsources Most of the forensic work of the government which results in ample job opportunities in private companies. Other major recruiters of forensic science graduates include the Ministry of Defence (MoD), particularly the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory, police support departments, the NHS and educational or private research laboratories.

Career Prospects

Job Title Average Base Salary
Toxicologist $80,500
Forensic Scientist $68760
Crime scene investigator $72,000-$80,000
Biomedical scientist


Analytical chemist




Q. Which country is best for MS in Forensic Science?

Ans. UK, USA, Canada and Australia are some countries known for their forensic science programs.

Q. Do forensic graduates get paid well?

Ans. Yes, forensic science graduates are paid well. Their salaries range from $68760 to $80,000.

Q. Is Forensic science hard?

Ans. Students dealing with Masters in Forensic Science abroad subjects have an in-depth knowledge of human anatomy, biology, toxicology, chemistry, and pathophysiology. It may appear overwhelming to some as the course is demanding.

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