MS in Data Analytics in the USA Requirements

MS in Data Analytics in the USA Requirements

The US is a leader in research and development in data analytics. The master’s in data analytics in the country spans one to two years. Since the country houses 40 of the top 100 universities globally, earning admission to a reputed university. However, if you know the MS in Data Analytics in the USA requirements, you can expect hassle-free enrollment in the course. 

Studying MS in Data Analytics in the US

Managing the world’s data currency demands experts with degrees in data science, data analytics, machine learning, big data, and other related fields. Therefore, the demand for data analytics specialists has increased globally, making the course appealing. 

The US is a thriving economy with a booming employment market for data scientists. Data science jobs are the most sought-after in the US.

A data scientist’s annual base income is USD 124,283 (INR 9,251,048). Therefore, the US is a popular choice for students who want to learn data analytics. 

Standard MS in Data Analytics in the USA Requirements

To ensure admission to the leading colleges to pursue an MS in Data Science in the US, students must satisfy all entrance requirements.

These are some of the standard MS in data analytics in the USA requirements:

  • GRE and GMAT scores are required when applying for a master’s degree in data science in the US. A minimum GRE score of 280 is required, while premier universities may demand 310.
  • A four-year full-time graduate degree in a STEM field is required for students applying to data science programs in the US.
  • International students must have a minimum of 3 GPA out of 4. 
  • English language competence is essential for non-native English speakers. As a result, IELTS and TOEFL scores are critical.
  • Various data science institutions in the US allow and demand prior job experience. Under some conditions, universities can also use previous job experience to waive the GRE scores.
  • An SOP is an essential criterion. 
  • A recommendation letter is also an important document. Universities necessitate a minimum of two to three letters of recommendation. These LORs should come from a faculty member or a former employer.

Required English Language Test for MS in Data Analytics in the US

A few different English Language proficiency tests are valid across colleges in the US. They have been listed below.

  • Cambridge Assessment English (CAE)

Top Universities in the US that Offer MS in Data Analytics with Admission Requirements: 

The US is home to several top universities that offer an MS in Data Analytics. Here are the best among them and their MS in data analytics in USA requirements.

University Name IELTS Score Minimum GPA (out of 4)
Stanford University 7.0 3.96
Columbia University 7.0 3.27
Harvard University 6.5 3.0
Yale University 7.0 and above 3.0
New York University 7.0 3.0
University of  Southern California 7.0 3.0
Indiana University Bloomington 6.5 and above 3.0
University of Massachusetts Amherst 7.0 3.0
Boston University 6.5 3.0 and above

Several institutions also accept work experience as a substitute for the GRE scores. Furthermore, IELTS is also a widely recognized English-Proficiency test accepted by universities across the US.

The community colleges and certain state colleges also take Duolingo scores. 


The US is the largest economy globally and has countless employment opportunities for data science and data analytics graduates. 

Housing some of the best institutions globally, the country is perfect for anyone who has their eyes set on leveraging the digital revolution that is occurring right now. 

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