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MBA in USA Without Work Experience – Universities & Eligibility

Updated on 11 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Are you a fresher who wants to pursue a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from one of the top-tier universities of the USA, but the prerequisite of a work experience upsets you? Do not worry! There are many options available to pursue MBA in the USA without work experience. Before taking you through the details of the institutes which offer MBA without work experience in the USA, let’s know the benefits of studying MBA after graduation. 


Benefits of Studying MBA After Graduation

1. Saves you from taking a break in studies

Going for an MBA degree right after graduation will save you time. You will not have to take any gap in between your education.This helps you start your career early compared to the other candidates who have work experience already. 

2. Skill development 

When you pursue an MBA right after graduation, it will help you develop communication, analytical, and administrative skills. In return, these would help you boost your career and enhance your personality for leadership positions. You can also get an early exposure of the industry by applying for internships than the candidates who have worked before. 

3. Business ideas

Taking up MBA after graduation can boost your business acumen. If you want to take entrepreneurship as your long-term goal, an MBA degree will help you shape your business ideas realistically. You can develop insights and ideas about your industry and start your venture with proper planning. This also helps you in attracting investors to your business. Not only that, studying MBA will help you to land a good job with a good salary package. 

4. Early networking

You can start networking with people from your industry and your business school alumni. You can find mentors and role models who may help you visualize your success. Various events and forums at business schools also help you develop your network.

Universities offering MBA in the USA without work experience

A few universities in the USA assess students on the basis of their academic merit, GRE/GMAT score, Statement of Purpose (SOP), and Letters of Recommendation (LOR). In such cases, it is better to highlight your skills like leadership and management in the SOPs and LORs. You can also score added points if you project your professional aspirations as universities in the US prefer such candidates even if they don’t have work experience. 

Here’s a list of the universities where you can pursue an MBA without work experience in the USA.

1. Harvard Business School 

The MBA degree awarded by the Harvard Business School is a two-year full-time management curriculum focused on providing exposure to the corporate world. The annual fee of the course at this university is 73,440 USD which is approximately INR 56 lakhs.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

With a vision to redefine the business school experience, Stanford GSB offers a one-of-a-kind MBA in the USA without work experience coupled with the best faculty. The course will also help the students gain global exposure and face intellectual challenge. The yearly fee for MBA at Stanford GSB is around INR 55 lakhs. 

3. Gannon University

The MBA program at Gannon University is offered by the Dahlkemper School of Business Administration. The subjects you will study will give you an idea of the business environment in an organization and ethical behavior. To pursue an MBA degree from this University, the candidate has to bear an annual fee of 27,291 USD which converts to around INR 21 lakhs.

4. New Jersey Institute of Technology

For the admission process, the university focuses more on the academic performance of the students in Bachelors. Along with no work experience, the university also waives off the GMAT score of students. This institute charges an annual fee of 33,744 USD which is approximately INR 25, 38, 258. 

5. Long Island University

This private university in the US offers several specializations such as marketing, finance, general management, management, and international business. They consider the academic performance of the students taking admission in MBA, not work experience. A MBA degree at the Long Island University comes with an annual fee of 34, 258 USD which is approximately INR 26 lakhs. 

6. NYU Stern School of Business

A student’s academic performance, aspirations, and personal traits form the basis of the admission criteria. Students in their final year of graduation can also apply for MBA in this business school. The yearly fees of an MBA course at this University is 76,780 USD, which is around INR Rs 58 lakhs. 

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Eligibility for pursuing MBA in the USA

Candidates aspiring to take up an MBA course in the USA are often faced with the question as to which exams they need to qualify for. An applicant has to primarily apply for two tests to qualify for the MBA curriculum in the US – GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) and IELTS (International Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language

The eligibility criteria for securing to a US Business school are mentioned below:

  • While the GMAT score that needs to be secured by a student differs university wise, the average count needs to be around 700 to be considered as competitive. 
  • Most of the universities that offer an MBA without work experience in the USA, prefer students with 16 years of education. It means a 4-year graduation degree (12+4). However, a few universities has started accepting applications from students with a 3-year graduation course. Therefore, you need to contact the university directly or check their website to confirm the same. 
  • You must have a good GPA in your academics, ranging from 3.5 to 4 CGPA in some good business schools.
  • You need to secure a good IELTS/PTE/TOEFL score for an MBA degree in the US, as that is one of the prerequisites for immigrant students to study at a good business school.
  • Scoring required marks in GMAT/GRE as specified by the university.

Documents required

For students from other countries who are aspiring to study MBA in the USA, there are a few additional documents that have to be submitted. As you apply for an MBA in a US university, you must submit certain documents. 

Here are the important documents for your quick reference.

  • You have to submit a scanned copy of your high school and graduation mark sheets and transcripts. These need to be in the English language.
  • Scores of qualifying examinations, including GRE/GMAT, must be submitted.
  • Letters of Recommendation (LOR) have to be submitted by the student. The number of letters depends upon the university you are applying to. While two academic and one professional LOR is enough, some universities ask for only two LORs. 
  • You must submit an error-free and updated resume that highlights your overall work experience and skills.
  • To accentuate your achievements, you also have to submit an elaborative cover letter supporting your application.
  • You must provide your Statement of Purpose (SOP). This will let the university know the reason behind choosing the university. A brief statement on why you want to apply for that course will make it easier for you to get through 
  • Your passport size pictures in digital and physical form.

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Application process

A student who wants to study MBA without work experience in the USA, need to first assess the subjects offered and finalise the area of specialisation. After that, apply for the course by downloading the form from the University’s website and then filling it up. The application process is segregated into three stages, which are explained as below:


At the pre-application stage, you need to decide on a business school and carefully go through their portal. Once you have decided, you have to take a standardized test and gather all of the documents as required by the university.


Your application is submitted and documents must be uploaded in the prescribed format. You will get the necessary confirmation of your application from the university. After application confirmation, you can start participating in the admission tests and interviews as scheduled.


Once you have been selected, you can proceed to pay the academic fees. You can also apply for a US Student Visa after receiving the relevant paperwork from the university.

Most business schools provide different deadlines and dates to the students for these three stages of application. That’s how each admission season has separate rounds giving you an accurate picture of the step-by-step process. Depending on this, you can get your documents, finances, and other requirements in order. There may be additional interviews, and other selection rounds based on the university requirements.

You can work through each of these stages and prepare the requirements beforehand, such as GMAT score, Essay, Resume, and SOP. This will make sure that your application has a high chance of success.

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