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Explore MBA Colleges in Dubai Without Work Experience

Updated on 29 September, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

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Dubai is a thriving business and innovation hub, attracting professionals worldwide. With its booming economy and global opportunities, pursuing an MBA in Dubai could be an excellent decision. The MBA is a prestigious degree that offers a comprehensive understanding of business principles and practices, strategic thinking, leadership skills, and a global perspective. In this post, learn about the top MBA colleges in Dubai without work experience.


How to Choose Best MBA College in Dubai

There are numerous business schools and MBA programs available in Dubai. To ensure you make the right decision in line with your career objectives and dreams, here’s an outline of the factors to consider when choosing the best MBA colleges in Dubai.

1.Reputation and Rankings

One aspect to consider when selecting MBA colleges in Dubai for Indian students is the institution's reputation and rankings. It is advisable to seek colleges with a reputation and are highly regarded within the business community. To gain insights into the prominence of MBA programs offered in Dubai, referring to rankings published by reputable organizations, like the Times Higher Education World University Rankings or QS World University Rankings, can be advantageous.


Accreditation is an important aspect when choosing an MBA college in Dubai. Accreditation ensures the college meets quality standards and the MBA program has been rigorously evaluated. Look for colleges accredited by recognized accrediting bodies such as AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) or AMBA (Association of MBAs).

3.Program Suitability 

Every individual has unique requirements and goals when pursuing an MBA. Therefore, finding a program that fulfills your specific necessities is essential. Consider factors such as the program's subjects, study formats (full-time or part-time), amount of face-to-face contact time with peers and faculty, international network and exposure, alumni network, career support, entry criteria, and cost. Assess the program suitability based on these factors to find the right MBA college in Dubai. 

4.Internship and Job Placement Opportunities

Internship and job placement opportunities are vital for gaining practical experience and securing employment after completing your MBA. Research the internship and job placement rates of the MBA colleges in Dubai. Scrutinize for colleges having strong ties with the local business community and a track record of establishing their graduates in reputable companies.

5.Location and Cost of Living

When choosing MBA colleges in Dubai without work experience, it's vital to consider the location and the cost of living in Dubai. The country is well known for its lifestyle, so evaluating the budget and determining if you can manage living while pursuing your MBA is crucial. Also, consider the college's proximity to potential internship and job opportunities.

Top MBA Colleges in Dubai that do not Require Work Experience

Here we've compiled a list of the top MBA colleges in Dubai without work experience and their vital details. Go through this table, choose the best MBA colleges in Dubai, and be on your way to an exciting profession.

College/UniversityQS WUR 2024CoursesTuition Fees
University of Dubai801-850


AED 9,555 (2,13,011 INR)
United Arab Emirates University

  • General MBA

AED 32,500 (7,24,528 INR)


The American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates364
  • MBA
AED 167,970 (37,44,588 INR) total 
Ajman University551




  •  MBA in Marketing 
  • MBA in Human Resources Management
AED 2,000 (44,553 INR)/ one credit hour
American University in Dubai601-610
  • MBA
  • Executive MBA
AED 4,410 (98,237 INR)/credit 

Zayed University 

  • Executive MBA
AED 128,016 (2853886 INR) total

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Scope of MBA in Dubai

The scope of an MBA in Dubai is expanding rapidly, with numerous industries recognizing the value of professionals with advanced business knowledge and management skills. MBA graduates in Dubai are highly sought as they bring a unique combination of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to the table. They analyze complex business problems, develop innovative strategies, and lead teams effectively. 

Moreover, an MBA from a reputable institution in Dubai adds credibility to one's profile and opens doors to lucrative job opportunities within the city and internationally. To understand the scope of an MBA in Dubai, let's take a closer look at the compensation offered to MBA graduates in 2023. According to an Indeed’s report, the average salary for MBA professionals in Dubai is 1,64,000 AED (36,54,011 INR) per annum. The salary varies depending on experience, industry, and job role. 

The MBA graduates in Dubai can work in various fields, from sales and marketing, business development, supply chain management, and logistics, to IT and finance. Here are the top fields where MBA graduates can make a significant impact:


The financial sector in Dubai is thriving, and MBA graduates can find lucrative opportunities in banking, investment, and wealth management.

Financial Analysts, Investment Bankers, and Risk Managers are some of the job roles available in this field. The salary for a Financial Analyst in the United Arab Emirates is around AED 1,29,360 (28,82,213 INR) as of 2023. The salary of an Investment Banker is AED 3,10,000 (70,01,754 INR)/year. A Risk Manager’s salary in the UAE is AED 392,000 / year (88,53,831 INR).


With its diverse business landscape, Dubai offers ample opportunities for MBA graduates to work as consultants, advising companies on strategic decisions and business growth.

Management Consultants and Business Advisors help organizations to navigate challenges and achieve their goals. MBA graduates in the consulting field anticipate a salary of around AED 250,000 (55,70,140 INR) per annum as of 2023.


Dubai is a hub for marketing and advertising agencies. MBA graduates with a specialization in marketing can excel in this dynamic field.

Marketing Managers, Brand Managers, and Advertising Executives are in demand in Dubai's dynamic marketing industry. The average salary of a marketing manager is around AED 1,84,000 (40,99,623 INR) annually as of 2023. A Brand Manager’s salary in Dubai is AED 165,060 (37,28,095 INR)/year. On the other hand, an Advertising (marketing) Executive makes about AED 73,734 (16,65,418 INR) in a year as of 2023. 


The luxury hospitality industry is a prominent sector in Dubai. MBA graduates can pursue management positions in renowned hotels and resorts.

Some of the top job roles are Hotel Managers, Event Planners, and Tourism Consultants. The hotel manager's salary in Dubai is around AED 1,50,000 (33,42,084 INR) as of 2023 per annum. Event Planners in Dubai annually earn AED 61,115 (13,80,395 INR) and Tourism Consultants earn AED 48,546 (10,96,501 INR) per year as of 2023. 

5.Supply Chain Management: 

Dubai's strategic location makes it a logistics hub. MBA graduates can play a vital role in managing supply chains and optimizing operations.

Supply Chain Managers and Logistics Coordinators can anticipate an average annual salary of AED 2,33,239 (51,96,695 INR) and AED 56,694 (12,80,539 INR), respectively as of 2023.


Dubai is embracing technology and innovation. MBA graduates with a tech-focused specialization can contribute to the city's growing tech industry.

IT Managers and Data Analysts are in high demand in Dubai's tech-driven economy. MBA graduates specializing in IT earn AED 2,29,490 (51,13,165 INR) as of 2023 per annum.

Dubai Cost of Living: Cost of Studying MBA in Dubai


Pursuing an MBA in Dubai opens doorways to a world of prospects in the fastest-growing business hubs. You can aspire to work in finance, consulting, marketing, or entrepreneurship, as the country offers a conducive professional growth and success environment. You can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to advance your career by choosing the best MBA colleges in Dubai. So, take the leap and board your MBA journey in Dubai today.

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What is the duration of an MBA program in Dubai?

The duration of an MBA program in Dubai can vary. Full-time programs typically span 12 to 24 months, while part-time and executive programs take around 4 years, allowing students to balance their studies with work commitments.

Can international students pursue an MBA in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is a diverse city that welcomes students from all over the world. International students can pursue an MBA in Dubai by meeting the admission requirements and obtaining the necessary student visa to study in Dubai.

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