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Settle in USA

Leading the world financially, politically, and industrially, America is one of the most sought-after destinations of the world. All those who aspire progress want to head to this country   dreaming about their bright future and with a quest on how to settle in the USA. With even bright prospects in higher education, the USA grabs attention of futuristic Indians who want to ensure a stable future in this land. Well, this explains the interest on how to settle in the USA from India

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Important Requirements to move to US from India

The candidates who intend to move to the USA from India will have to fulfil certain criteria in order to be fit to travel to this country and get a Visa approval easily. 

The criteria are:

1. A completely accurate and verified passport

Checking the passport for all the accurate information about the applicant is essential before it is sent for stamping for the Visa. An accurately checked passport plays a key role in getting the Visa approval easily for travelling to the USA.

2. International Driving Permit 

If an applicant is looking forward to settling in the USA, he/she should learn proper driving through a good source. Once the driving course is complete, this individual should not delay in getting an International Driving Permit which comes in very handy during their stay in this country.

3. Completion of Aadhaar formalities

Indians looking forward to settling in the USA should also complete their Aadhaar formalities so that their passport and Visa application aren’t blocked for any reason during the immigration procedure.

4. Completing and updating the bank’s KYC details

An individual planning to settle down in the USA should close all the DEMAT accounts in the country and try to update all the KYC details with all the banks they work with. This helps in clearing the Visa procedure easily.

5. File and complete the Income Tax formalities

If the individual has some tax liabilities pending, then completion of all these is important for a seamless acceptance of Visa and easy migration process.

6. Providing a health proof

Because of the current situation and in general, it is important for the candidate to provide relevant health documents along with the Visa application.

7. Appointment letter or admission proof

If a candidate is looking to settle in the USA for higher studies, he/she will have to provide the admission proof and fees receipt as the basic requirement for getting the Visa. If the person intends to work there, then the aspirant should show the financial proof along with some legal proof of the business start up there, while a job holder should submit the appointment letter as a proof of employment. 

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Why should you settle in the US?

There are lots of reasons why people consider settling in the USA to fulfil. It is a country that welcomes visitors from across the world. Being one of the most developed countries in the world, it provides some great reasons to settle there permanently. 

Some of the prominent reasons are:

1. Excellent education

This is no hidden fact that the US provides a superlative quality of education to the students studying there. This country is home to some of the topmost universities and colleges of the world providing all the varied and à la mode courses. 

2. Better health facilities

The USA is the leader even in having the most extraordinary health facilities in the world. Almost all the great medical innovations happened in the USA. Some of the most excellent practitioners lead medical teams in most of the hospitals in US. This ensures that the individuals getting settled in the USA will get access to top-class medical facilities whenever required.

3. Better job facilities

The aspirants desiring to settle in the USA get lots of job opportunities there. For applicants of every genre, there are a whole lot of opportunities and work options which ultimately leads to a better and stable lifestyle in this nation.  

4. Economic conditions 

The economy of US is so large that it is often considered as an economic superpower, and that is why it attracts many individuals towards it. 

5. The living space

America has a wide living space allotted for residential areas and this ensures a large area per person on its land. 

6. Exquisite culinary culture

US is considered as a cultural melting pot with people settling from across the globe. This makes the culinary culture of the USA very diverse and rich. This country blends tastes from all over the world and serves food from all around the world. The best part is that you have the most budget friendly eatery options and also some extremely lavish restaurants.

7. Wonderful nature

USA is a land natural beauty that is worth enjoying. There are incredible green spaces, lovely valleys, mesmerizing hills, bountiful oceans, cascading waterfalls, and lots more in this country which do attract the travelers from across the world to explore them.

8. Ease of transportation

Transportation and conveyance have never been a problem in America. It has wide, highly developed roads suitable for all kinds of vehicles, timely metros providing services round the clock in many metro cities, and even flights ensuring a secure and rapid transposition in the country. 

9. The welcoming crowd

The US crowd is never hostile to its visitors. A friendly ambience, co-operation, and an active society conducive to mingling that welcomes all kinds of cultures is a perk of America that couldn’t be overlooked. 

8. Better lifestyle 

A person intending to settle in the USA can enjoy a fabulous lifestyle in this country. From high paying jobs to better education and good social life along with comfortable living space adds to the benefits of staying in this country.

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Types of Immigrations

Immigration basically refers to the status of an individual when he/she travels to a certain country. According to the intention of travelling to America, USA has four categories of immigration. The immigrants travelling to the US can fall into one of these categories and are provided the Visa only according to their status of immigration. 

Four types of immigrants in the USA are:

1. United State Citizen

Even if an individual was born and resides in other country, he/she can hold the United State Citizenship. This requires one’s parents holding the US citizenship either by birth or by staying there for a long time, getting married to a US citizen, or having a child in this nation. Such individuals have to provide the proof of their relationships like birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc. Once these documents have been verified, these individuals receive the US citizenship that allows them to stay in the country even without renewing the visas and even pay taxes and cast vote.

2. Lawful Permanent Resident Status 

The Lawful Permanent Resident Status (LPR) are the people who get the US nationality card, better known as the Green Card, after spending some years in the country. If these individuals are staying in the country for three or four years without break, then they can apply for the Green Card and receive the status of LPR. Generally, students who travel to America to study abroad or people intending to work there are categorized under this section.

3. Temporary Visa status 

These kinds of immigrants are the ones who visit America temporarily and have no intention of settling in the country after the Visa period gets over. Generally, tourists and entrepreneurs are included in this category. The validity of this Visa ranges between a month to three years. 

4. Undocumented immigrants

These immigrants are the ones who enter the country without any legal documents or visas. Such immigrants are considered as illegal people staying on board who are normally deported by the officials immediately. The individuals who stay in the country after their visa expires are also counted in this category.

The USA is certainly a land of immense prosperity and opportunities. And this is the reason there is a place for everyone who adores the country and aspires to visit or even settle there permanently. From students looking forward to an enriching educational life and prospective career in the country to the entrepreneurs and service persons admiring the corporate life there, the opportunities in US are alluring.

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FAQs about settling down in the USA   

How do I study and settle down in the USA?

When the candidates intend to study in USA, they have to get an admission in a university and apply for the visa with the proof of fees receipt and admission documents. After completing the education, when the student gets a job, he/she can apply for the work Visa and then settle down at this location.

Is the USA safe for Indian students?

The modern outlook of America and the welcoming nature of the people here make it possible for people of myriad nationalities to adjust in the country easily. This makes it a safe location for the students of India as well.

What is the cost of studying in the USA?

The cost of studying in the USA depends on the course and genre the student opts for. But on an average:
1. English language studies —$700 — $2000 a month
2. Community colleges —$6000 — $20,000 per year
3. Undergraduate Bachelor degree — $20,000 — $40;000 per year
4. Graduate programs — $20,000 — $45,000 per year
5. Doctoral degree — $28,000 — $55,000 per year

What is the cost of living in the USA?

The estimated cost of living in USA is around $10,000 – $18,000 per year which makes it $1000 – $1500 per month

How to settle in USA with your family?

If one of the family members is already a citizenship holder of this country, the other close family members like siblings, spouses, children, and parents get a green card easily. But if the entire family intends to settle together, then application for the visa and the formalities followed should be done accordingly.

Which is the best place to settle in the USA?

Though America on a whole is a wonderful place to settle down, but some of the locations are most suitable for new settlers. These are:
1. Miami, Florida
2. Atlanta, Georgia
3. Indianapolis, Indiana
4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
5. West Chester, New York
6. Chicago, Illinois

How much time does it take to get USA visa approval?

If all the documents are provided properly, the visa approval process for the USA takes around 3-5 weeks which can only be rushed if there is an emergency.

Which category of visa is easy to get?

The B category visa that is basically for the ones intending to travel to this country temporarily for either business or travel purpose gets comparatively easier approval than other categories.

Why is America considered as the best country for start-ups and entrepreneurship?

The basic reasons why America is considered as the best nation for start-ups and entrepreneurs are:
1. This country embraces innovations and new ideas wholeheartedly.
2. The immigrants coming with an entrepreneurship idea are provided visa easily
3. The Americans love international brands and their ideas

How long can I extend my Visa or what is the time period an emergency Visa is valid for?

At times of emergency or if the person’s visa is getting expired, they should opt for getting an emergency visa. This lasts for a maximum 90 days after which a reapplication is required.

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