Canada PR from India-Benefits, Process & Cost

How To Get Canada PR from India

Considered as one of the best countries in the world for immigration, Canada is known for offering equal opportunities to all. From great employment opportunities and personal growth to top-notch infrastructures and quality lifestyles, Canada offers everything for a better quality of life. Overall wellbeing and immigration-friendly policies are the reasons why the country entices a massive number of immigrants every year from all around the globe. 

Here’s a detailed insight into why millions of people around the world are moving to Canada striving to be permanent residents (PR) and how to get a Canada PR visa from India

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Why Canada? 

Canada is considered as one of the best countries to immigrate to and continues to grow in popularity amongst those seeking to live a good life in the west. Key factors why millions are choosing to move to Canada each year include:

1. Abundance of space – It is the world’s second-largest country with a comparatively low population density.

2. Brilliant healthcare system — Rated one of the best in the world, comes free of cost to Permanent Residents.

3. Diverse Population — The extensive immigration programs and inclusive culture ensures the diversity in population.

4. Attractive job market — The consistent stability in the economy provides for a huge scope of employment.

5. Low crime and violence rate — One of the lowest in the world.

6. Peaceful and friendly people – Most people find it easy to mingle with the warm and welcoming natives. 

7. Breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty – Scenic beauty creates happy vibes.

What is a Canadian Resident Visa? 

A Canadian PR visa is issued to permanent residents who are fundamentally citizens of other countries. They enjoy most of the social and healthcare benefits that Canadian citizens are entitled to. The PR visa also allows the resident to work or study anywhere in the country and protects you under Canadian Law. After a specified period of time, a PR visa holder is given the opportunity to apply for Canadian citizenship. 

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Documents Required for your move to Canada

Planning your move to another country may involve a lot of anxiety and stress and there are a million things to take care of. Having all your official documents in place helps save a lot of time and lets you tick one huge task off your list. We have listed an estimate of all the documents you will require to apply for a Permanent Visa.

1. A Valid Passport

2. Proof Of Funds in Your Name

3. Education Credential Assessment (ECA)

4. Language Test Scores

5. Provincial Nomination Certificate or Territorial Certificate Of Nomination

6. Offer Letter from A Company in Canada

7. Marriage Certificates/Divorce Certificate (If Applicable)

8. Job Seeker Validation Code

9. All Your Medical Reports

10. Birth Certificate

11. Current Photographs

12. Letter Of Recommendation from Previous Employers

13. Your Personal Reference Code

14. Police Verification Report

How to apply 

To be able to apply for a Canada PR from India, you need to first understand the different Immigration Programs the country has to offer. India is Canada’s biggest source of immigrants and now that the country’s economy is recovering from the effects of the pandemic, immigration has become more important than ever. Here are a few of the Immigration Programs Canada is currently running:

1. Federal Economic Class.

2. Family Class Sponsorship.

3. Quebec Immigration.

4. Business Immigration, including the Start-Up Visa Program.

5. Provincial Economic Class.

6. Business Immigration that includes the Start-Up Visa Program.

7. Temporary Residence to Permanent Residence transition

Once you have figured out which option suits you the best, you can apply through the country’s government website or choose to engage with one of the many agencies that offer great services to people wishing to apply for Canada PR from India. Depending on the type of immigration you choose, the process and time may differ.

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Costs involving Canada PR visa

Although the costs pertaining to the immigration process is pre-defined by the Canadian government, the values still differ due to the fluctuation in the currency rates. Below you will find a compact break-up of the expenses to be borne when you apply for Canada PR from India.

1. Application Fee for PR visa – 825 CAD or 48,931 INR

2. Application Fee for Secondary Applicant (spouse/parent) – 825 CAD or 48,931 INR

3. Application Fee for each dependent child (Below age 22)- 225 CAD or 13,344 INR

4. Right of Permanent Residence Fee -500 CAD or 29,655 INR

5. Language Proficiency Test Fee (IELTS) – 14,700 INR appx. 

6. Medical Examination Fee- 5,500 INR appx

7. Police verification Charges – 1000 INR appx

So, you are looking at a total expenditure of about Rs. 99,000 if you wish to migrate alone to Canada, bringing your spouse will take that number up to Rs. 2,00,000 approximately. 

Besides these expenses, you need to show Proof of funds to the Canadian Government depending on the number of family members you wish to take along with you. Here is an estimate:

Family Size

Proof of Fund value in CAD









Apart from these, you should also take into account the charges you need to pay the private agencies, should you wish to seek their guidance.

Processing time

It usually takes about six months for the Canadian PR visa to be processed from India once you have received the Invitation To Apply (ITA). However, there is no certainty as to when you will receive your ITA or how much time it takes to get PR in Canada from India. You may take some measures such as submitting a complete and absolutely accurate application to ensure minimum delay. While the Express Entry Program processes your application within 6 months, there are other complex categories which may take up to a year to process. 

Immigrating to a country like Canada will elevate your standard of living and promise to multiply your achievements. Its stable economy and a strong sense of ethics at the workplace will help you advance swiftly towards your goals. The country has some of the best educational institutes and healthcare systems which make it quite desirable for families wishing to settle abroad. Canada is a peace-loving nation with one of the lowest crime and violence rates in the world and is known greatly for the warmth its people have shown towards immigrants. Overall Canada promises to provide a holistic experience for those seeking to move there and that is largely evident from the huge demand the country announced for immigrants. This is the best time for you to dive deep and figure out your prospects at gaining a Permanent Residency in the world’s second-largest country. 

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Canada PR from India FAQs

Q1. English tests accepted for permanent residency?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most popular test to demonstrate your English proficiency to the immigration departments and is accepted by Canada too.

Q2. Duration of permanent resident visa?

Once you have been granted Permanent Residency in Canada, you will be allowed to live and work in the country for an indefinite period. However, its tenure shall end, should you choose to apply for citizenship after a stipulated period of time in the country.

Q3. How to become a Canadian citizen?

In order to earn citizenship in Canada, you must meet certain eligibility criteria plus make an application to the government. You must complete being a PR card holder for 1095 days out of a 5-year period, filed income tax for three years out of a five-year period, and provide proof that you can read and write efficiently in their official language -- French or English.

Q4. Processing time for obtaining Canada PR visa

Depending on the type of immigration you choose to opt for, the processing time for a PR visa may take anywhere between 6 months to a year.

Q5. Is it possible to apply for Canadian PR without a job offer letter?

One of the best parts about the Canadian PR program is that you can apply for it without securing a job beforehand. You, however, need to be considered as a skilled worker to be accepted for the PR visa.

Q6. Who can apply for PR in Canada and what does a Canadian PR entitle you to?

You can apply for the PR visa in Canada if you are aged between 18 and 35, have an education equivalent to the Canadian Higher Secondary level, have a minimum work-experience of one year and provide proof of English Proficiency. Besides these, it will greatly help if you have secure work arrangements in Canada and show proof of funds in your bank account. A Canadian PR will grant you permission to live and work in the country indefinitely, let you enjoy social and health benefits, provide free education for your children, and allow your spouse to gain employment anywhere in the country.

Q7. How long is the application process for permanent residence in Canada?

It usually takes about 6 to 12 months to process an application for a PR visa, but this number may vary now due to the COVID-19 restrictions at the workplace.

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