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Educational Credential Assessment Canada: Complete Information

Updated on 18 April, 2024

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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Students work hard to maintain good academic records and get the best scores to earn something fruitful – higher education or a new opportunity in a foreign country. Canada is home to top-ranked universities like the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and the University of Alberta. Canada is known for its world-class education facilities, scope, and opportunities. But how do education in your home country and your previous degrees compare to the Canadian standards of education? To find out, students will need an Educational Credential Assessment in Canada.

The ECA is used to determine the value of the education obtained by international students in their home country. International students aspiring to study in Canada need an ECA to get admission to any educational institution or find the right job opportunity. For an easy immigration or admission process, international students need to get an ECA done. Read on, to understand every aspect of the Educational Credential Assessment. 

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What is an Educational Credential Assessment? 

An Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) is an assessment of all the past degrees, certificates, and diplomas that students have completed in their own home country. The report is offered after the validation of all the educational records and documents, as compared to the Canadian education system.

It is useful for getting admission, immigration, and employment in Canada. The reports also award points to the students based on the comparison. If the number of points is high, it means the achievements and the education is relevant to Canadian universities in terms of worth and value. An ECA report is a ticket to study in some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. 

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Do you need an Educational Credential Assessment? 

International students with education from their home country need an Educational Credential Assessment to settle down in Canada. If students plan to work, study or get permanent residency, they will need the ECA. To get permission to enter Canada and settle, students need to submit all their educational qualification records and documents for an ECA. This is valid for non-Canadian education records. For example, if any student has an undergraduate degree from their home country, and a postgraduate diploma from a Canadian university, they need to submit only the undergraduate degree. The Federal Skilled Workers Program and the Express Entry program will need an ECA report.

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Which credentials will be assessed? 

The Educational Credential Assessment is valid only for the last or highest level of education. If the student has completed graduation and is seeking admission to a postgraduate degree, then ECA will be conducted on the graduation degree only. There is no need for school or high school degrees or certificates. However, if your latest educational qualification is not equal to a Canadian credential, you can get the credentials assessed to increase the points and eligibility.

Which body regulates Educational Credential Assessment? 

The Educational Credential Assessment is managed and conducted by several Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) institutions. The students need to get the assessment report from an institution or organization that has the power to authorize it from a professional body by the IRCC. They offer the students an ECA report that will depict whether the educational qualification is equivalent to the Canadian credential standard. 

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What is the cost of Educational Credential Assessment? 

The Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) fees will vary from one organization to another in Canada. The designated organization fixes the cost as per the applications submitted. Generally, the average cost is around CAD 200 (Rs 12,000) and the delivery cost will be added to this. The delivery cost will depend upon factors like location, delivery expense, etc. The fees can change without prior notice. Students must be aware of the cost before applying for ECA. The ECA cost for families, physicians, and pharmacies will be more than the average cost. Students can get in touch with professional bodies to find out the exact cost depending on the occupation. 

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How much does it take to get an ECA report? 

The Educational Credential Assessment Canada report does not have a fixed duration. It completely depends on the designated organization. While the average duration is 3 weeks to 2 months, some organizations will even get it done within 7 working days. The IRCC application needs around 35 days for the entire process. The Educational Credential Assessment is valid for 5 years from the time of issue.

Check Eligibility to Study in Canada

How to apply for an Educational Credential Assessment? 

Students need to follow certain steps to apply for an Educational Credential Assessment. The steps are mentioned below: 

1. International students need to check their immigration eligibility for Canada. If the score of immigration eligibility is more than 67 points, the students can apply for an Educational Credential Assessment. 

2. Apply for the Educational Credential Assessment. 

3. Choose a particular organization or professional body after comparing the cost and time taken. 

4. The students will be instructed on how to submit the various documents to get the ECA report.

5. For students who need an ECA for employment with a reputed brand or organization, they will need to get an ECA only from a specifically designated organization. Students need to check with the employer in that case. 

6. Make sure that every document submitted to ECA is valid and authentic. Forging information or offering fake documents will immediately cancel the immigration process. 

What should students do once they receive the ECA? 

After receiving the Educational Credential Assessment from a designated organization, students need to create a profile in the Express Entry program pool. Do all the paperwork and formalities and complete the process. 

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Educational credential assessment agency for Canada

As already discussed, educational credential assessment reports indicate the authenticity of an applicant’s foreign credentials and determine equivalent Canadian credentials. These reports help verify eligibility and immigration selection points. Now, there are numerous designated organizations and professional bodies that determine foreign credentials. Such organizations designated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) are as follows:

  1. World Education Services (WES)
  2. Comparative Education Service (CES)
  3. International Credential Education Service
  4. International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS)
  5. International Credentials Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS)

Now, the professional bodies that validate and appraise foreign educational credentials are as follows:

  1. Medical Council of Canada (MCC)
  2. Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC)


Educational credential assessment for Canada immigration

An Educational credential assessment is what substantiates that your foreign degree, diploma or any other certificate is authentic and equivalent to a Canadian one. An educational credential assessment is also required for immigration purposes. As a potential immigrant, you will need to include your ECA as well as your reference number in your Express Entry profile.

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Canada is undoubtedly one of the most esteemed and renowned overseas education destinations in the world. To get admission or work in one of the most prestigious destinations, students should apply for an ECA that validates and compares the worth of past educational qualifications and degrees conducted outside Canada. Educational Credential Assessment Canada is one of the best ways to get admission, employment, and permanent residency in Canada. If students are not sure about the Canadian immigration process, it is better to consult the counselors of upGrad Abroad.

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Which is the best educational credential assessment Canada?

According to popular opinion, World Education Service (WES) is one of the best as well as fastest designated authority for Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) Canada.

Which is better ECA or WES?

ECA means educational credential assessment which is required for immigration purposes for Canada. It can be done by designated organizations such as World Education Service (WES).

Who needs educational credential assessment Canada?

People who wish to immigrate to Canada will require an education credential assessment (ECA) which will determine the validity of their foreign degree, diploma, or other certificates in Canada.

How do you get an ECA certificate?

You can get your ECA certificate after submitting your ECA application along with the required documents to the respective organization provided your credentials are approved.

What are fees for Canada educational credential assessment?

A Canada ECA can cost you anywhere between $100 CAD and $200 CAD.

Who can do your assessment?

Your ECA validation can only be done by designated organizations and professional bodies such as WES, CES, ICAS, etc.

What should students do once they receive the ECA?

After receiving the Educational Credential Assessment from a designated organization, students need to create a profile in the Express Entry program pool. Do all the paperwork and formalities and complete the process.

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upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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