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Amongst all the potential choices for higher education, Canada stands as one of the most preferred locations. The US News and World Report body rank this country as number one in quality of life. Hence, it is natural for students to explore Canadian cities like Quebec, which provides excellent education opportunities.

If you too are interested in pursuing a degree in Quebec, then it’s crucial that you update yourself on the cost of living in Quebec for international students. In this article we’ll address just that, so read on ahead!

Why Choose Quebec For Pursuing Higher Studies?

Quebec is well-known for comparatively affordable tuition fees and living expenses. Also, the province is prominent for its PEQ (Quebec Experience Program) which ensures that applications of international students and legal workers are processed faster.   

Additionally, Quebec is ranked at number 113 amongst the best student cities as per the QS rankings which is a testament to the high-quality education available in the city. Moreover, the open economy improves the prospects of job opportunities.

All these factors result in students choosing to study at Quebec universities. But, to make the most of international education, it is vital to know aspects like the average cost of living in Quebec, its famous universities, and other details related to student expenses.  

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Exploring Quebec

Quebec lies in eastern Canada, known for its comparatively warmer climate. The stone buildings and mesmerizing landscape make it one of the best cities in the province. The city is also a well-known tourist destination.

The location boasts of a transatlantic port which is one of the primary reasons for its thriving economy. In addition, Quebec has adequate opportunities for recreation and sports activities. 

In terms of the official language, the people of Quebec speak French. Hence, along with noting the cost of living in Quebec for Indian students, language proficiency is another vital aspect. 

Additionally, with a predicted population of over eight million, the province is home to several ethnicities. The city also has a strong network of sea, air, railway, and road transport in terms of infrastructure. Hence, Quebec is considered mainly as an urban location. 

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Best Universities in Quebec

1. University of Laval

Located in Quebec City, the University of Laval is one of the oldest French-language institutes found in 1852. It is a QS-ranked world university standing at 414th position.

Some of its other salient features include: 

  • Fully independent secular educational institute
  • Over 550 academic courses that include Administration, Education, Information Technology, Health Science fields
  • Faculties belonging to around 60 departments that collaborate to work in more than 200 research units
  • The university offers postdoctoral fellowship, free studies, nano programs, MOOCs, and distance learning opportunities

2. University of Quebec

Ranked in the range of 591 – 600 by QS World Universities, this famous institute in Canada admits more than 4,000 international students every year. Here’s a quick glance at this university’s characteristics:

  • 320 academic programs of which 175 are undergraduate programs, 115 are postgraduate programs and 30 are post-doctoral programs in areas like Arts, Management, Social Science, Education, Political Science, and Law
  • Funding of over CAD 223 million (INR 13,36,98,15,150) for research, creation, and teaching activities to date
  • The university hosts annual international summer programs, conferences, seminars, and large-scale events
  • Nine active professional unions include professors, student employees, non-union employees and more. 

What Is The Average Cost Of Living In Quebec?

Quebec is well-known as one of the most affordable provinces in Canada. The per-month living cost for a single person in Quebec City is CAD 1,058 (INR 63,430). However, this cost does not include the rent of an apartment.

The cost of living in Quebec is, thus, comparatively less expensive than other global cities. However, the estimated cost, including rent, can go up to CAD 1,940 (INR 1,16,300) per month.


The annual tuition fees for international students at the University of Laval range from CAD 34,385 (INR 20,61,500) to CAD 36,855 (INR 21.09 Lakh) for undergraduate programs. On the other hand, for post-graduate programs, the annual fees can range from CAD 16,570 (INR 9.93 Lakh) to CAD 30,320 (INR 18.17 Lakh).

Additionally, the yearly fees range from CAD 19,400 (INR 11.63 Lakh) to CAD 25,450 (INR 15.25 Lakh) and the annual fees for master’s and doctorate courses range around CAD 21,900 (INR 13.13 Lakh) and CAD 3,950 (INR 2.36 Lakh), respectively. 


Full-time students can expect a rent of CAD 373 (INR 22,360) to CAD 382 (INR 22,900) per month staying at the University of Laval. Additionally, the university also assists students in choosing rooms with a wide variety of facilities. Hence, the monthly rent can range from CAD 565 (INR 33,900) to CAD 900 (INR 53,960).  


In Quebec, the cost of living is approximately CAD 160 (INR 9,600) per month. These utilities include internet, electricity, water, and other basic amenities. 


The University of Laval and University of Quebec costs for books are CAD 640 (INR 38,370) and CAD 480 (INR 28,800), respectively.

Nevertheless, both stand as a testament to the reasonable cost of living in Quebec.   


A monthly transportation pass in Quebec is about CAD 90 (INR 5,400). However, you should regularly check the official website of universities to stay aware of any changes in fees and curriculum.

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