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Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Batch Start Date 23rd April 2022

Key Benefits of the Program

  • INR10 Lakhs

    Significant savings of upto INR 10 Lakhs compared to studying full degree in Canada

  • Upto12 Months

    Eligible for PGWP/Post Study Work/OPT visa application after graduation

  • INR25 Lakhs

    Average salary in Canada after completion of the course

Program Structure and Fees

Master of Business Administration is a program wherein you will be studying Term 1 online with INSOFE and on completion of the PGP certificate in Business Analytics program you will receive 2.5 credits that can be applied towards the MBA at Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Canada. The tuition fee of the complete course in CAD 53,000.
  1. Country


    Course Name

    • PGP certificate in Business Analytics


    • Students from any 4-year degree with a 60% and above marks throughout till Graduation are eligible to apply.

    Tuition Fees

    INR 9,46,514

    Cost of Living


    Mode of Teaching



    4 months

  2. Country


    Course Name

    • Master of Business Administration


    • Carleton University also requires students to score a grade of B or higher on the INSOFE’s PGP in Business Analytics for you to receive lateral entry to term 2 at Sprott School of Business.
    • IELTS overall band score minimum of 6.5 and a minimum of 6.0 in each band score or Pearson Test of English (PTE) 60 overall (minimum 60 in each communicative skill) or TOEFL IBT minimum score is 87 (with a minimum of 22 in each component).

    Tuition Fees

    ~ CAD 37,000

    Cost of Living

    ~ CAD 19721

    Mode of Teaching



    1 year

Other Benefits

  • GMAT Waiver for INSOFE learners
  • 10% savings on tuition fee
  • Job Guarantee in Canada
  • Earn a Global MBA Degree
  • PGP in Business Analytics jointly certified by Case Western Reserve University
  • In-built IELTS Prep
  • World Class Faculty Members & Industry Experts
  • Alumni status of Carleton University
  • Eligible to apply for Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)
  • Online Sessions and Live Lectures
GGU INSOFE Institute of Technology is an Applied Engineering School that was started in 2011 under the mentorship ofDr. Dakshinamurthy V Kolluru and Dr. Sridhar Pappu. After gaining success in the field of Applied Engineering, GGU INSOFE Institute of Technology included data science/business analytics within its focus area. With 75+ world-class faclty (who work as adjunct faculty at several global institutes), 75+ Patents and 1000+ publications, GGU INSOFE Institute of Technology imparts quality lectures and lab sessions. These experts have real-world experience and have been teaching Data Science and Business Management to students all over the world. ...Read more
About Carleton University
Established in 1942,Carleton University is a public research university in Ottawa, Canada.Carleton University currently has over 31,000 students from around the world and a faculty of over 2,000 dedicated educators and researchers.
About Canada
Canada is expected to welcome 753000 international students by 2023. From working towards increasing the inflow of international students to ensuring that every student gets equitable treatment, Canada is becoming a promising study destination for international students.Canada offers a high quality of education aligned with state-of-the-art facilites. Let's look at a few reasons why you should study in Canada.Research OpportunitiesWhy study in Canada?One of the main reasons for choosing Canada as your study destination is its education system which is focused on research and development. If you want to pursue your studies as a research scholar, there is no better option than Canada. Moreover, almost all programs are research-oriented.AffordabilityStudying in Canada for international students is quite affordable. Canada is a top choice, with lower living costs and affordable tuition fees. Moreover, many universities and the government of Canada roll out numerous scholarships for international students. These scholarships can help you in pursuing your studies at your dream college. Also, universities allow students to work part-time as a means to support themselves.Rich Cultural DiversityCanada is termed as one of the most hospitable countries in the world, owing to its rich and multicultural environment. In Canada, you can witness beautiful and mesmerizing events like the NHL Hockey, the Montreal International Jazz Festival, and Poutine Week.Career OpportunitiesMany students that pursue their higher education in Canada are known to find an employment opportunity within three months of their graduation. Moreover, the students are given a post-graduation work permit that allows them to work after completing their studies in Canada.Top UniversitiesCanada offers its students a high quality of education, the best universities, and highly experienced faculty. The country is home to various top-ranking universities. Many students are attracted to the best universities in Canada, as they are bestowed with the best facilities and offer excellent opportunities in the long run. A degree from a Canadian university is internationally recognized, and some of the top-ranking universities in the country are the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia. ...Read more

Career Opportunities

Data Science

  • Data Science Analyst

    CAD 35,000 Annually

  • Data Science

    CAD 79,837 Annually

  • Data Science Manager

    CAD 45,000 Annually

  • Data Engineer

    CAD 81,841 Annually


INSOFEPGP certificate in Business Analytics


Carleton UniversityMaster of Business Administration


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Eligibility Criteria

    I am from a non-STEM background and interested in pursuing an MBA, can I apply to this program?

    Yes, you can! You do not need prior experience or STEM background to apply for an MBA at Carleton University. INSOFE will provide training in the foundations of data science and programming required for you to pursue a successful career in data science.

    I do not have any work experience; can I still apply to do the MBA?

    Yes, you can! The course is designed for freshers as well as for students with work experience.

    Do I need GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and/or TOEFL?

    The GMAT and GRE scores have been waived by the university (only for Fall 2022 cohort). However, you need to submit a GMAT waiver form in lieu of your scores when submitting the application to Carleton University. Contact an INSOFE advisor to receive the Sprott School of Business, Carleton University waiver form.
    Additionally, you will need to submit one of the following English language proficiency test scores when applying to Carleton University.
    1. CAEL minimum score required is 700
    2. TOEFL IBT minimum score is 87 (with a minimum of 22 in each component)
    3. IELTS overall band score minimum of 6.5 and a minimum of 6.0 in each band score
    4. Pearson Test of English (PTE) 60 overall (minimum 60 in each communicative skill)

    Refer to this link to understand more about English language proficiency requirements at Carleton University:
    This english proficiency test can be submitted to Carleton by May 2022 to receive unconditional offer letter.

    Are there any prerequisites to get into the program?

    Carleton University requires that a student have a 4-year bachelor’s degree after high school when applying to the MBA. However, there is no restriction on the student’s educational background, it can be in any field.
    Carleton University also requires you to score a grade of B or higher on the INSOFE’s PGP in Business Analytics for you to receive lateral entry to term 2 at Sprott School of Business.

    Program Application and Time Commitment

    How can I apply to the program?

    After passing the INSOFE entrance exam, you must clear the dean interview to receive admission to the INSOFE’s PGP in Business Analytics. Following this you need to complete 2.5 credits worth of data science classes in India. this time, INSOFE will help you apply to the MBA at Sprott School of Business, Carleton University.Submit your application here: https://graduate.carleton.ca/apply-online/
    Make sure to attach all the specified documents as well. You will receive an email from Sprott School of Business, Carleton University regarding the status of your application.

    Will a good score on INSOFE entrance examination guarantee admission to Carleton University?

    INSOFE entrance examination and HR interview are used only to assess admission to the INSOFE PGP and the job offer in Canada.To receive admission to the MBA program, students have to send in a separate application to Carleton University, pay CAD 150 application fee, and submit all the required documents.
    Refer to this link to understand which documents need to be submitted along with the application: https://sprott.carleton.ca/mba/mba-admissions/
    While INSOFE will guide you on the process, admission to the program at Sprott School of Business, Carleton University is subject to the University’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed by INSOFE. However, you will pay fees only on receiving offer letter from Carleton University.

    What is the duration of the program?

    The first 2.5 credits will be offered in India over one term following which you will go to Canada to complete the remaining 6 credits over 3 academic terms at Sprott School of Business, Carleton University.

    Financial Queries

    How are the fees calculated?

    The tuition fees for entire MBA costs 60,000 CAD for the academic year 2022. Students who enroll through INSOFE will receive a 10% scholarship applied to the tuition fee upon receiving admittance to the MBA degree. Hence their cost will come down to 53000 CAD. This will be paid in 3 installments of 16,000 CAD for each study term and 6,000 CAD for internship term.

    Is there any financial assistance available?

    All INSOFE students registered for an MBA at Sprott School of Business, Carleton University are eligible to receive 100% loan from any of the 13 leading banks in India. We can help connect you with a bank so you may pursue the MBA without hassle.

    VISA and Career Support

    What visa will I get to do this program?

    The MBA is a recognized post-graduation program that is eligible for a Canadian study permit. Refer to this link to understand how to apply for the study permit: 
    Indian students are eligible to apply for a faster processing time through Student Direct Stream option: 

    What is the job guarantee promised by INSOFE?

    You will receive a conditional job offer from an INSOFE Business Partner for the positions of either a Data Science Manager/Analyst in Canada, along with your PGP admission letter.You will receive a final job offer after you have completed the PGP with a grade of B or higher and graduate with an MBA degree from Sprott School of Business. Failure to comply with any of these terms will result in the offer becoming null.

    Will the base salary change?

    The base salary is the salary received by the individual for the first 3 - 6 months when they are working on internal projects and research with the organization. When the individual starts working with external clients, the salary will be modified according to the market value.

    How do I know if I will receive an offer for a Data Science Manager/Analyst?

    Students who receive a grade of A or higher on their PGP will receive an offer as a Data Science Manager while those who receive a grade of B or higher will receive an offer as a Data Science Analyst.

    Can I refuse the job offer?

    Yes you can, the job offer is non-binding. You are free to find other employment opportunities, however, you need to let INSOFE know in writing 3-months in advance (to the start date on your offer letter) that you are not interested in pursuing the offer made at the time of admission.

    About Classes

    Are the classes in person or online?

    Students have the option to complete the INSOFE classes online following which they will travel to Carleton University to attend in person classes.All in person classes at both INSOFE and Sprott School of Business will adhere to COVID-19 safety precautions and protocols.
    upGrad does not grant credit; credits are granted, accepted or transferred at the sole discretion of an educational institution. upGrad does not make any representations regarding the recognition or equivalence of the credits or credentials awarded, unless otherwise expressly stated. f you intend to pursue a post graduate or doctorate degree upon completion of this course or apply for employment which requires specific credits, we advise you to enquire further regarding the suitability of this degree for your academic and/or professional requirements before enrolling. ...Read more