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Architecture Courses in Canada

Updated on 20 October, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

Pursuing architecture courses in Canada is a good move, considering the excellent prospects of the field in the country and worldwide. There are several options for pursuing either a bachelor of architecture in Canada or a master in architecture in Canada. Architecture courses in Canada are regulated by the RAIC (Royal Architectural Institute of Canada), enabling an in-depth learning experience for graduates in the field. There are several specializations for architecture students in the country. Reputed and highly ranked universities also ensure on-field exposure, knowledge of cutting-edge architectural software, and numerous employment opportunities for candidates. Architecture students can work in several positions, including urban designer, building surveyor, architectural technologist, fire risk assessor, architect, CAD technician, interior and spatial designer, construction manager, estates manager, town planner, landscape architect, and planning and development surveyor. Most architects complete their bachelors/masters degrees, while taking up apprenticeships and internships for building professional experience. 

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In Canada, for instance, after completing a B Arch in Canada or other architecture courses in Canada after 12th, students have to finish their architecture internships while requiring a licensed architect or mentor to supervise and guide their work over a period of time, mostly around three years. Clearing a computerized test is one of the last steps for becoming licensed architects in Canada. Territorial or provincial associations may issue other licensing/registration guidelines. 

Studying Bachelor of Architecture in Canada 

There are several architecture courses in Canada for international students at the bachelors level. Here are some course options worth considering: 

University NameCourseFeesDuration 
University of TorontoBachelor of Arts- Architectural Studies CAD$60,510 per year 4 years 
University of WaterlooBachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS)CAD$66,000 for first year4 years 
McGill UniversityB. Sc (Arch)CAD$55,389 per year 4 years 
Toronto Metropolitan University Architectural Science (BArchSc (Hons))CAD$36,487-38,472 per year 4 years 
Carleton UniversityBachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS)CAD$41,414 per year 4 years 

Masters in architecture in Canada 

There are several masters programs in Canada for architecture students as well. Here are some of the top course options in this regard: 

University NameCourseFeesDuration 
University of Toronto Master of Architecture (M. Arch)CAD$52,930 per year 2/3 years 
University of WaterlooMaster of Architecture (M. Arch)CAD$66,000 for first year 2 years 
McGill UniversityMaster of Architecture (M. Arch)CAD$13,505 per year2 years 
Toronto Metropolitan UniversityArchitecture (MArch)CAD$27,463 per year 2 years 
University of CalgaryMaster of Architecture (MArch)CAD$2,159 per three units in tuition fees 2 years 

Eligibility Requirements for Architecture Courses in Canada for international students

There are varying eligibility requirements for architecture students across leading universities and institutions in Canada. These include the following: 

  • Bachelor’s applicants will require the completion of a senior secondary degree from high school. 
  • Masters applicants will require four-year bachelor’s degrees in architecture from a recognized institution. 
  • Universities will have minimum grade or GPA requirements across undergraduate and postgraduate levels, while some may also require GRE scores. 
  • English language proficiency scores will also be needed while applying (TOEFL/IELTS). 
  • SOPs, LORs, CVs/resumes, and portfolios may also be required. 

Architecture Jobs in Canada 

The average salaries of architects in Canada are around CAD$78,000 per year as per Payscale. Some of the job positions and their salaries are the following: 

  • Project Architect- CAD$59-101,000
  • Design Architect- CAD$51-117,000
  • Architect- CAD$51-98,000 
  • Principal Architect- CAD$65-211,000 
  • Senior Project Architect- CAD$76-127,000 
  • Project Manager, Architecture- CAD$52-136,000 


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Can architects get PR in Canada?

Architects who wish to shift to Canada can apply for the Express Entry program. This is a system that is based on points, ranking candidates within an Express Entry pool. Individuals, upon being invited, can migrate via employment to the country and eventually obtain permanent residency. 


Is architecture a high-paying job in Canada?

Architecture is a high-paying job in Canada, with average salaries of professionals hovering around CAD$78,000 annually. The median earnings may touch a minimum of CAD$29 per hour, while experienced professionals may earn more than CAD$50 per hour. 




Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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