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Colleges in Montreal Canada – Requirements, Fees & More

Updated on 07 November, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Montreal is the largest city in the Quebec province of Canada. Montreal is an ideal place to pursue education and work as it is home to some of the best educational institutions in the country. Are you looking for the top colleges in Montreal, Canada? Then this is the blog for perusal. 


There are many colleges in Montreal, Canada, for international students, including several high-ranked universities and other institutions.

Reasons to Study in Montreal

There are many reasons to pursue higher education in Montreal. You will find several public colleges in Montreal, private colleges in Montreal, and other leading universities for international students. There are several types of institutions available here for students. 

Another aspect is that the best colleges in Montreal, Canada, and other infrastructure have contributed to it being ranked 14th in the QS Best Student Cities tally for 2023. 

Montreal is known as the cultural capital of Canada while offering a diverse, cosmopolitan, and multicultural environment for students. 

Some of the best colleges in Montreal, Canada, for international students are highly ranked in the country. McGill University is at number 31 worldwide (QS World Rankings) and number one in Canada. Universite de Montreal is at 116 in the world and number five in Canada.

Montreal is also known for its affordability, livability, vibrant lifestyles, wide roads, cafes, creative sectors, arts and performance venues, nightlife, and more. 

Leading Institutions in Montreal

Name of the InstitutionQS World RankingFeesPopular Courses
McGill University31 $14,400Engineering, Law, Dentistry, Arts, Education, Science, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Music, and Medicine.  
Universite de Montreal 116 $6,800 Microbiology and Immunology, Art History, Medicine, Bioinformatics, Law, Medicine, Education, and Chemistry
Concordia University551-560$15,195.50 (sample-15 credits in computer science and engineering undergraduate degree)Engineering, Computer Science, Actuarial Mathematics, Aerospace Engineering, and Mathematics. 
HEC Montreal61-70 (Masters in Marketing)$59,000MBA, Data Science and Business Analytics, International Business, Financial Engineering, and Finance

Academic Cycle and Intake Deadlines

The admission cycle and intake deadlines vary across institutions. Here’s looking at the same for some top institutions- 

McGill University- 

  • Start date for classes- 31st August
  • Fall Break- 11th and 12th October 
  • End date for classes- 5th December
  • Examination commencement- 7th December
  • Examination concluding date- 21st December
  • Fall 2022 registration deadline- 14th August 
  • Winter 2023 registration deadline- 4th January 
  • Winter 2023 Add/Drop deadline- 17th January

Universite de Montreal- 

  • Fall registration deadline- 1st February
  • Winter registration deadline- 1st September
  • Summer registration deadline- 1st February

Concordia University- 

  • Deadline for Fall Term- 1st March
  • Deadline for Winter Term- 1st June

Cost of Living in Montreal

Montreal is one of the most affordable cities for students. The average cost of renting a one-bedroom in the city center stands at USD$1,023 in Montreal, according to Numbeo. Students can expect monthly living costs of US$869 on average here. 

Top Scholarships

1. Universite de Montreal Scholarships (2022-23)- 

  • Given for undergraduate, Ph.D., and masters students  
  • Scholarships up to $27,300 annually
  • UG Scholarships- Level A ($11,998 per year), Level B ($5,718 per year), and Level C ($2,000 per year)
  • Masters Scholarships- $9,420 per year
  • Ph.D. Scholarships $19,339 per year
  • All international students are eligible. They should have valid study permits while studying full-time in any program

2. McGill University Scholarships- 

  • Scholarships up to $8,500 for postgraduate and undergraduate students 
  • Applicable for Ph.D., masters, and undergraduate students

3. Concordia International Scholars- 

  • Applicable for all international students
  • Students applying for their first undergraduate full-time degree are eligible to apply. They should be beginning their courses at the university in the Fall

4. Concordia Presidential Scholarship- 

  • This is also applicable for all international students
  • Two such nominated scholarships every year
  • Nominators should nominate students for the scholarship
  • Applies for full-time undergraduate degree program students

Student Visa Process 

To study in Montreal, you will have to get your Certificate of Acceptance in Quebec (CAQ) which is given by the Government of Quebec, and a study permit from the Government of Canada. 

Requirements for the CAQ: 

  • Payment of application costs
  • Acceptance into an educational institution in Quebec 
  • Agreement for adhering to all conditions
  • Proof of funds
  • Sufficient financial capabilities for covering tuition, settling-in costs for the first year (estimated at C$500), transportation expenditure, and hospitalization and health costs

Requirements for the Study Permit: 

  • DLI (Designated Learning Institution) acceptance letter
  • Valid travel document or passport
  • CAQ from the Government of Quebec
  • Acceptance, identity and financial support proof
  • Letter of explanation may be required in some cases 
  • You should have sufficient financial support to cover tuition costs, living costs for yourself and any family members who come to the country, return transportation, and other costs. Evidence of the GIC (Guaranteed Investment Certificate) of CAD $10,000 from a financial institution in Canada for covering the first year’s living costs is required, along with proof of payment for the tuition costs
  • You should not have any criminal record while being a citizen who abides by the law. A police certificate may be needed
  • You should go through a medical examination
  • You should also be able to convince the immigration authorities about your intentions to leave the country after completing your educational program

Post Graduation Work Permits 

You can apply for a post graduation work permit or PGWP from within Canada if you are eligible. You will have up to a maximum of 180 days to apply. You should confirm the following while applying: 

  • Attendance and completion of the educational program. 
  • Name of the course. 
  • Duration of the course. 

You should submit your diploma/degree for this purpose, along with your academic transcripts and an official letter from the institution. Your study permit should have been valid at any point in this duration of 180 days. If the permit expires before you receive your scores, you can apply for the visitor record to stay in the country or leave the country and then apply for the PGWP. 

Here are some other conditions for obtaining your PGWP: 

  • Should have completed an educational program at a DLI (designated learning institution), which took at least eight months and enabled a diploma, certificate, or degree
  • You should have maintained your full-time student status for every semester. This does not cover the last semester
  • You should have graduated from a public/private post-secondary institution like colleges, universities, CEGEP, or technical/trade universities. These should offer programs of 900 or more hours, leading to a DVS (diploma of vocational studies) or the AVS (attestation of vocational specialization)
  • If combined with a DVS, the AVS may be lower than 900 hours 
  • You may also study at a private institution in Canada which awards degrees

Those who are not eligible for the PGWP- 

  1. Study permit expired more than 180 days prior to the application. 
  2. Those with PGWPs. 
  3. Those studying French/English as a second language
  4. Those participating in the Government of Canada Awards Program or any other self-improvement programs. 
  5. Those getting funding from Global Affairs Canada. 
  6. Those taking part in the Canada-China Scholars’ Exchange Program. 
  7. Those getting the Equal Opportunity Scholarship, Canada-Chile. 
  8. Those taking part in the Organization of American States Fellowships Program. 
  9. Those completing the major chunk of any study program via online or distance learning methods. 
  10. Those completing educational programs at non-Canadian institutions which are located in the country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Montréal good for international students?

Montreal is one of the highest-ranked global student cities. It has a large population of international students. It is also home to several top-ranked universities and higher education institutions. Hence, it is a good choice for international students. 

Is Montréal good for studying?

Montreal is a good option for international students. Not only is it home to some of the country’s highest-ranked universities, but it also has a thriving creative circuit. It is a cultural hub of the country, with several attractions for students. Academic infrastructure is also top-class at educational institutions in Montreal. 

Is Montreal affordable for students?

Montreal is known as one of the most affordable student cities, as per several studies and reports. Students on a tighter budget can easily cover their accommodation, food, transportation, and other costs here. 

Is Montreal good for PR?

Montreal welcomes international students and newcomers to the country with a cosmopolitan and multicultural environment. The city is affordable and a great place to study. Quebec has a high vacancy rate for jobs in several sectors. This means more employment opportunities, which newcomers can aspire for. At the same time, they can also immigrate to Montreal in the future by obtaining permanent residency (PR). 

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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