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International Business Management in Canada – Fees & Scope

Updated on 15 March, 2024

Studying international business management in Canada will pave the way toward a future that is full of possibilities. There are many options available for qualified professionals. International business management lends a unique perspective to the entire management curriculum, preparing individuals for leadership roles.

Study & Settle in Canada – Know where to start!

International Business Management in Canada 

Any international business management course in Canada will examine and understand the business from an economic and socio-cultural perspective. It offers a solid foundation in core functions of management, namely accounting, finance, and strategy, along with helping develop communication networks at a cross-cultural level. It also instils leadership while promoting a greater understanding of the world of business from a global context. Studying international business management in Canada helps prepare students for rewarding careers in various fields.

International Business Management Subjects in Canada

Many international business management subjects can be pursued in Canada. They include: 

  • Business Economics
  • Business Research Methods
  • Human Resource Management
  • Corporate Ethics and Governance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership Development
  • Fundamentals of International Management
  • Business Statistics
  • International Banking and Finance
  • International Business Law
  • International Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Additional subjects include international marketing, global business analysis and research, international business planning, business networking, corporate social responsibility, and international development.

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Best Colleges in Canada for International Business Management

Some of the best institutions in Canada for international business management include the following: 

The University of Alberta-

The Alberta MBA in International Business is tailored to tackle managerial problems arising while conducting business globally and integrating other basic concepts. Students go through a two-year program focusing on core courses while specializing in global business aspects. 

Niagara College Canada-

The institution offers an International Business Management graduate certificate program. The course spans one year. 

Algonquin College, Ottawa Campus-

The program available is a one-year Ontario College Graduate Certificate. 

Fanshawe College–

The institution offers a one-year post-graduate program in the discipline. The program equips students with the skills and aptitude needed to understand global business. Students can also work on live research initiatives for clients as part of this program. 

Seneca International Academy (Seneca Business School) –

There is a course in international business management offered over eight months or two semesters here. The Ontario College Graduate Certificate is offered at this institution. 

Centennial College-

The college offers a three-semester or one-year program. The Ontario College Graduate Certificate is offered at this business school. 

International Business Management in Canada Fees

You should get a clear picture of the fees for studying international business management in the country. While tuition fees vary across universities, the average yearly costs hover between $15,000-25,000 on average or approximately INR 11.25-18.75 lakh. You have to factor in living costs and other related expenditures as well. 

Skills Developed Through International Business Management

Seven skills can develop through international business management: 

Cross-cultural communication skills:

Working for a role in international business gives an exposure to work in a diverse workplace with people from different countries, which eventually helps develop good communication skills. 

Excellent networking abilities:

International business helps a person develop strong networking outside a person’s home country. Success in networking can pave the way to unexpected business opportunities overseas.


International business management opens the door for collaboration with people and organizations overseas. The ability to collaborate for the same purpose is the basis of the business world.

Interpersonal influence:

Influencing or convincing others is one of the fortes that every business person should possess. Mastering interpersonal influence is a skill that can be developed while pursuing international business management.

Adaptive thinking:

Confidence to adapt quickly to solve problems is one of the skills that a person can develop through international business management. Adaptive thinking is a tactical skill that is demanded from every global professional. 

Emotional Intelligence:

Strong emotional intelligence is a critical skill for international business. People with intelligent emotions are self-aware and in control of their emotions; they can react calmly in critical or stressful situations. 


This skill is mandatory to develop for a global business professional. Working across time zones and cultures involves extended long hours and failures. This is where resilience comes in.

International Business Management Scope in Canada

Doing international business management in Canada is the gateway to a fulfilling career. International business management offers various opportunities to learn and specialize in disciplines such as finance, banking, business law, innovation, entrepreneurship, governance, corporate ethics, planning, networking, and more. 

There is a great scope for career development in healthcare, insurance, finance, utilities, oil and gas extraction, mining, education, manufacturing, scientific and technical services, and more. After graduating, you can apply for the CITP (Certified International Trade Professional) or the FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) certifications, among other options. You should have a year of professional experience to qualify for these certifications. There are plenty of employment opportunities in banking and financial services, e-commerce, supply chain management, logistics, sales and marketing, and more. 

Jobs After International Business Management in Canada 

There are various job opportunities available for aspirants after pursuing international business management in the country. Successful graduates may take up job roles as consulting associates, financial analysts, marketing coordinators, underwriters, accountants, business analysts, communication officers, recruitment specialists, program officers, project managers, investment analysts, and import/export coordinators. 

International Business Management Salary in Canada

Average salaries for international business management graduates stand at roughly INR 76.50 lakh or $102,000 per year with skills and experience. Graduates at the entry-level can expect starting salaries of $80,582 or INR 60.43 lakh per year, while experienced professionals can earn up to $153,836 annually or roughly INR 1.15 crore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which universities are the best for international management in Canada?

Some of the leading institutions in Canada include the University of British Columbia, the University of Alberta, Centennial College, the University of Toronto, Fanshawe College, York University, Niagara College Canada, Simon Fraser University, the McGill University, and others.

What is an international business in BBA?

BBA in International Business is an undergraduate course spanning three years, emphasizing the advanced study of cultural and business concepts that hold relevance for international trade.

What can you do with a bachelor’s degree in international business?

After completing a UG degree in international business, you can study a master’s program in international business management. You can also take up attractive employment opportunities as management analysts, marketing managers, economists, financial analysts, human resource managers, policy analysts, etc.

What are the benefits of studying international business?

Taking up international business will help you understand various facets of business planning, strategizing, execution, concepts, and more globally. You will enhance vital skills and capabilities, including strategic leadership, thinking, solving problems, communication, delegation, decision-making, and presentations. Learning international business will help you get more knowledge of global problems and their solutions and tap into various business opportunities.

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