MBA in General Management – Universities, Fees & Scope

An MBA in General Management is a popular program that includes all the basic facets of managerial roles. This course equips students with business, finance, accounting, and marketing knowledge. The question of what General Management in MBA is is often asked by students who come from a non-commerce background. 

To answer it in simple terms, an MBA course in General Management is pursued to acquire the ability to manage generic operations.

This article walks you through crucial information like what is the scope of general management in an MBA and covers some top universities, including the fees, and job prospects available in some of the best foreign countries offering this course.

Course Brief of MBA General Management

The General Management MBA consists of modules like Finance, Human Resource, Marketing, Strategic Management. It provides students with in-depth knowledge on topics like Entrepreneurship and Corporate Finance.

Additionally, interested aspirants can study International Marketing and other relevant minors to develop a case study or dissertation work.

Top Global Universities for General Management in MBA

Here are some of the top institutes from foreign regions that offer an MBA in General Management for international students:

Top US-based universities offering MBA in General Management

University/Institute Course Name Duration 
Harvard Business School MBA General Management 2 years
Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA Program General Management 2 years
Yale School of Management MBA 2 years
Columbia Business School MBA General Management and Marketing 2 years
Kellogg School of Management MBA  1 or 2 years

Top Canadian universities offering MBA in General Management

University/Institute Course Name Duration 
McGill University MBA General Management 1 year
Brock University General MBA 1 or 2 years
University of Toronto General MBA 1 year
Degroote School of Business Full-time MBA  2 years

Top UK based universities offering MBA in General Management

University/Institute Course Name Duration 
Cranfield University MBA Full-time 1 year
London Business School MBA 1.25 to 1.75 years
Durham University Full-time MBA 1 to 1.25 years
Imperial College London Full-time MBA  1 year

Top universities in Europe offering MBA in General Management

University/Institute Course Name Duration 
ESMT Berlin MBA Full-time 1 year
IE Business School Spain Master in Management 1 year
INSEAD Master in Business Administration 0.8 years
Rotterdam School of Management International Full-time MBA 1 year

Top Australian universities offering MBA in General Management

University/Institute Course Name Duration 
University of Melbourne MBA Full-time 2 years
University of Adelaide MBA 2 years
Monash University Master of Business Administration 2 years
RMIT University Master of Business Administration 1.5 or 2 years

Specializations in MBA in General Management

A General Management MBA covers all the essential components for top-notch managers. While the specializations vary across universities, students can expect to study the following functional areas:

  • Marketing
  • Business Finance
  • Technical Skills
  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Business Policies
  • Global Business Dimensions
  • HR Management
  • Organization Behavior

Consequently, the General Management project topics for MBA education are vast and provide adequate scope.

What is the Level of Education for MBA General Management?

In simple terms, an MBA is a master’s level course. So, General Management also relates to post-graduate level education. However, this program works as a traditional MBA instead of a specialization in a specific field.

To be eligible for this course students need to possess a bachelor’s degree in any field. Additionally, language proficiency is mandatory for overseas education. 

Average Fee Required for MBA General Management Program

The fee for MBA in General Management will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Country
  • Type of program
  • Public or private university
  • Duration

So, while the average fees for this course will vary, students can expect the country-wise fee for this course to range as follows:

  • USA: USD 75,000 (INR 57,08,890) per year 
  • Canada: CAD 85,000 (INR 50,93,460) per year
  • UK: GBP 48,680 (INR 49,35,400) per year
  • Europe: EU 52,750 (INR 44,24,890) per year   
  • Australia: AUD 83,625 (INR 46,96,000)

Do note these are approximate numbers. Students should verify the fee structure of their preferred universities thoroughly on the official websites of these universities.

Scope of General Management in MBA in Terms of Job Prospects

Professionals with an MBA degree in General Management have tremendous scopes in various industries. From FAANG, the Big 3 and Big 4 to all MNCs and national recruiters hire general managers. Here are the common roles you can take up after graduating with a General Management in MBA:

  • Management Consulting
  • Human Resources
  • Branding
  • Managerial Roles
  • Sales Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer

Therefore, the scope of this course varies. Professionals can work in MNCs, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, and educational institutes with this degree.

Expected Remuneration

The average salary of an MBA General Management pass-out in different countries is as follows:

  • Average salary in the USA: USD 89,000 (INR 67,82,070) per year
  • Average salary in Canada: CAD 83,000 (INR 49,73,240) per year
  • Average salary in the UK: GBP 55,000 (INR 55,78,040) per year
  • Average salary in Europe: EU 67,000 (INR 56,25,170) per year
  • Average salary in Australia: AUD 103,000 (INR 57,81,310) per year

Most students who wish to pursue a General Management program can expect high remuneration opportunities.

Disclaimer! All course fees/salaries/expenses are indicative.

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