MBA at Yale School of Management – Requirements, Fees & Scope

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale School of Management is one of the trailblazers in business education. The curiosity Yale students imbibe during their course helps them approach every problem/question with a pinch of thoughtfulness. If you ever dreamt of pursuing business studies abroad, MBA at Yale School of Management is undoubtedly a great choice.

MBA will allow you to cultivate your breadth of business affairs and knowledge while simultaneously networking with like-minded, enthusiastic people. This degree essentially opens up career pathways in the streams of finance, entrepreneurship, HR, marketing, etc. MBA at Yale University will bring you closer to that!

About the Course

Yale University is a name to reckon with. The program will allow you to hone your team-building and leadership skills. You can socialize and study alongside people with distinct backgrounds. 

The course is curated with plenty of raw cases included in every stage. This will allow you to make real-time decisions in a low-stake environment as you sift through data, articles, videos, and documents. 

It’s a 2-year, on-campus program for individuals excited to take on leadership roles in high-paced industries!


Yale University MBA is bifurcated into two years. 

The first year is dedicated to studying core courses, which include ‘Orientation to Management’ courses and ‘Organizational Perspective’ courses.

These courses are further divided into the following subjects for Year 1:

Year 1: ‘Orientation to Management’ courses

  • Managing groups and teams
  • Basics of accounting
  • Probability modelling and statistics
  • Basics of economics
  • Modelling managerial decisions
  • Introduction to negotiation
  • Global virtual teams

Year 1: ‘Organizational Perspective’ courses

  • Competitor
  • Customer
  • Investor
  • Sourcing and managing funds
  • State and society
  • Workforce
  • Innovator
  • Operations engine
  • The global macroeconomy
  • The executive

Year 2

Year 2 allows you to explore your expertise and tailor-make the course according to your inclinations. The course opens up to several electives that delve into areas like:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Consulting
  • Data analytics and technology
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sustainability
  • Social impact

Academic Cycle

To attain your degree of MBA at Yale School of Management, you are required to study 4-consecutive-semesters in a full-time study format.

Additionally, you must also fulfil the following course credit requirements to get your degree successfully:

  • The credit of 72 units worth of course work (if it’s a joint degree, then 52 credit units work fine) is required. Out of this, 34.5 credit units are typically earned during the first year while studying core courses.
  • Sixteen credit units worth of course work in the first three semesters is essential. In the fourth semester, fewer credit units may suffice if you have already achieved the MBA degree requirements.

Admissions for MBA at Yale School of Management

Now that you have a basic understanding of the eligibility requirements, the next question is, ‘how to you go about the admission procedure?’

Admission Cycle

The admission cycle begins in September of the previous year and is divided into three rounds. These rounds eventually culminate sometime around April. It’s a 7-months long process. 

Admission Process

To apply to the Yale University MBA program, you can apply anytime in any of the 3 rounds. Although, the chances of getting in the 3rd round are slightly more complicated due to the lack of seat availability. So, the earlier you apply, the better. 

You can submit your admission application online. Please provide all the necessary documents and fulfill the eligibility criteria to stand the apt chance to make it to Yale. You are also required to pay an application fee of $125 to $250. 

Once you have submitted your application, it’s reviewed by two members of the Admissions Committee. A holistic approach is taken to consider each application. The university is looking for a student with strong academic background, the potential to assert leadership, and a worthwhile professional experience. 

If your application is intriguing, the Committee may notify you of an interview call via mail. The 

admission results for each round may come at a different time, from December to May. 

Eligibility Requirements

Eager to fly down to the beautiful United Kingdom and accelerate your higher education with MBA at Yale University? Here are the specific eligibility requirements that you need to fulfill!

Academic Requirements

Only students who have a 4-year bachelor’s degree from a well-accredited US institution or an international equivalent of the same can apply. Although, international applicants can apply with their 3-year graduate degree from a well-renowned institution.

Furthermore, valid and official GRE or GMAT test results are required.

English Language Proficiency

There is no requirement to submit PTE Academic, IELTS, or TOEFL scores to prove the English language proficiency. That said, if any international applicant has to submit their transcripts, they must be in English.

Either get it from the source institution or get a notarized English translation. 

Documents Required for Admission

If you want the Admission Committee to consider your application, providing all the documents is necessary. Here’s a list of the materials you must attach with your online application:

  • An essay with the application form
  • Academic transcripts from past universities
  • Video questions
  • A complete behavioural assessment
  • Official scores for GRE or GMAT
  • Application fee

Cost of Attendance

Studying at Yale can be a costly affair. With proper financial assistance in place, the entire process can become more accessible. Let’s take a look at the yearly cost of attending Yale.


The Yale University MBA fees for 2022-2023 are $79,000 per year.

Living Costs

Here’s a breakdown of the estimated living costs at Yale:

Items Cost
Room, Board, and Personal Expenses $25,550
Photocopies and Textbooks $1,000
Health Insurance $2,730
Total Estimated Living Expenses $29,280
Student Budget $58,560

Last Class Profile

Let’s take a look at the class profile of Yale University 2022:

Women 45%
International holders of passport 77%
Joint-degree student (MBA) 13%
US students of colour 72%

Placements at Yale School of Management

As of 2021, the employment rate of Yale School of Management suggests that 96% of students got job offers 3 months after the post-grad. 95% of those accepted the job offer. The base salary of the same fell around $120,000.

These job offers came from consulting, finance, retail, technology, media, non-profit, law, real estate, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it hard to get into Yale University for MBA?

The acceptance rate of Yale School of Management is 23.7%. So, yes, it’s hard to crack Yale School of Management. Your good academic background and solid professional experiences should help though.

Q2. What’s the required GMAT score to get into Yale?

Top B-schools like Yale require at least 700+ GMAT score. The average GMAT score for Yale’s incoming class of 2021 was 702, with a GMAT range of 680-760

Q3. What is GPA essential to make it to the class of Yale University?

If you look at the class of 2022, the median GMAT score is 3.65. 80% of students admitted to Yale scored a GPA of around 3.31-3.92.

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