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Masters in Dentistry in the USA for international students

Updated on 14 December, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Masters in Dentistry in the USA for international students are encouraged for the wide scope of practice and employment potential in the country and worldwide. The USA is one of the best places for taking admission to a master’s course in Dentistry. 

Dental Science is one of the essential subunits of any health science course, and in the present times, it has a significant place in the health care system. You can select a specialization that deals with oral surgeries and treating oral diseases or less complex procedures such as tooth extraction, filling cavities, dentures, etc. 

Moreover, a Dentist is featured among the Top 10, per the U.S. News and World Report 2023 ranking of best jobs.

Reasons to Study Masters in Dentistry in USA for International Students

The USA is probably the finest place to study in the world. We have enlisted some of the top reasons that make pursuing dentistry the right choice. 

  • The USA probably seems to have the best colleges and universities than most other foreign countries.
  • The university systems in the USA are the finest among all other nations.
  • 16 US universities have been ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2022 for dentistry.
  • The universities offer a feasible program in dental sciences and other medical courses.
  • International students can avail of many scholarships opportunity.
  • Being a developed country, the universities also offer advanced technology necessary for medical sciences.
  • Dentists rank 10th in the best-paying jobs in the US as per the U.S. News and World Report 2023.
  • The universities have a huge scope of study, research, and training.
  • Having a course completed in the United States automatically generates career opportunities for any student.
  • Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be a growth in the employment of dentists by 8.1% between 2023 and 2030, with an addition of more than 9,800 jobs.
  • The students who complete their masters in the USA can get high-paying job placement in and outside the country.

Top Universities in USA for Masters in Dentistry

Here are the leading universities in the USA for Dentistry, per the QS World University Rankings® 2023.

University Name

QS World Rank

Name of Course

Course Fees

University of Michigan- Ann Arbor


Master’s in Dental Hygiene (other options include Oral Health Sciences, Periodontics, Orthodontics, Endodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, etc.)$16,023 per term 
University of California- San Francisco


DDS/MBA Program$74,480
Harvard University


MMSc in Dental Education$66.284 per year
The University of Washington


Master of Science in Dentistry$36-48,000 (approx)
The University of Pennsylvania


Master of Science in Oral Biology$115,174 
New York University


MS in Biology, Oral Biology or Clinical Research and Biomaterials $60,251  
The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Master’s of Science in Dental Hygiene Education$14,422 per year 
The University of Iowa

MS in Dental Public Health$29,379 (9 or higher semester hours in the fall, summer, or spring)
The University of California, Los Angeles

MS Degree in Oral Biology$32,858 per year
The University of Minnesota Twin Cities

MS in Dentistry$41,420 per semester 

Disclaimer! All course fees and salaries are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

Apart from these, several other universities offer Master's in Dentistry. Some of them are of international importance, like the University of Michigan, the University of Alabama, and the University of Washington.  

How to Apply for Masters in Dentistry in the USA

Applying for master’s courses in Dentistry in the USA is not that tough. Interested candidates can register on the official website of their chosen university and fill up the form with all the requirements that the universities require. The universities generally ask for certain documents from the candidates, such as a letter of recommendation or referral letter, student Visa, statement of purpose, etc.

In addition, the candidates are often asked to provide a valid GRE score, a certificate of English Language proficiency, or a TOEFL test. As per the grade or score is concerned, different universities have different requirements. But the certificate of one’s bachelor’s degree is a common requirement for all universities. Besides, some universities check the grade or score of your performance in the preceding degree. 

Some universities hold entrance examinations to select candidates. You may have to produce a CV in some cases as well. 

These are more or less the common requirements usually required by the Universities in the USA.

Once your application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to track the status of your application.

Wait for the admission decision and complete the enrollment process for admission.

Finally, as you receive your acceptance letter, apply for an F-1 student visa.

Masters in Dentistry in USA for International Students

The universities in the USA invite applicants from all over the world. One can apply from any part of the world for the courses. International students get the additional advantage of many scholarships, which they can avail themselves of easily. However, those applying to study in the USA should sit for the TOEFL, an English Language Proficiency Test. The USA universities require a valid TOEFL score to let international students study there.

Admission Process & Documents Required for Masters in Dentistry in the USA

Interested candidates can apply for any of the two seasons, namely the fall and spring semesters. However, to get admission to the Universities of the USA, international students must go through a step-by-step procedure- 

  • The international students can apply for either the fall or spring semester.
  • They must produce a statement of purpose (SOP) before taking admission.
  • The institutions often require a letter of Recommendation (LOR).
  • An international student must have a student visa to study in the USA.
  • International students also need to submit a CV or Resume to the institution.
  • The candidates must sit for an entrance test to be selected.
  • The candidates may also have to fulfill other eligibility criteria each respective university requires.

English Proficiency Test for International Students

Interested students applying to study in the Universities of USA must qualify for the English Language Proficiency Test. The universities ask for a TOEFL certificate with a valid score to grant admission to international students. 

MDS in USA Cost

Getting an MDS in the USA for Indian students can be costly. It is a sound decision to know your expenses before you decide to apply to any university. You will be required to pay for the living expenses and university tuition fees in the USA. 

  1. Tuition Fees

The average MDS in the USA costs around $60,000 per year, which universities distinguish. If you are looking for affordable programs, applying to public universities in the USA that offer tuition fees ranging between $15,000 and $35,000 per year is advisable.

  1. Cost of Living

Living in the USA is considered more expensive than several other countries. It will be wise to keep aside around $1,000–$1,500 per month to meet your living expenses. This cost can be minimized by choosing alternatives for transportation, personal expenses, accommodation, and more. 

Scholarships for Masters in Dentistry in the USA

There are multiple scholarship options for international students. Anyone eligible can avail of the scholarship. The scholarship can rise to $ 27,000 for an international student.

Here is a list of a few program-specific scholarships opportunities to study MDS in the USA for Indian students: 


Amount (in USD) 

Harvard University Presidential Scholarship (Harvard University)


Dr. Fanny N. Freund Advanced Education Scholarship (University of Minnesota)


UCSF School of Dentistry Scholarships (University of California - San Francisco)

$5,000-40,000 per year

Penn Dental Medicine Dean’s Scholarship (University of Pennsylvania)

$40,000 per year

Job Opportunities in the USA after MS in Dentistry

Medical sectors, in today’s time, are the largest employment provider. Therefore, pursuing a career in Dental Sciences can secure a handsome paying job for you. This field has the potential to offer a lucrative income for future dental surgeons. The average salary of a dentist in the USA is nearly 175,000 USD annually. 

As a fresher in the dental profession, you can expect a minimum salary of $49,300 per year which can go up to $276,000 per year with years of experience. 

We have listed some of the reputed titles you can secure upon completing your Masters in Dentistry

Job Title 

Average Annual Salaries (in USD)

Dental Technician


Dental Assistant


Dental Therapist


Orthodontic Assistant




Source: Glassdoor

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you practice Dentistry in the USA with a foreign degree?

Yes, one can practice dentistry in the USA with a foreign degree. However, with that foreign degree, the surgeon must acquire the degree of DDS, i.e., doctor of dental surgery. Only after acquiring this degree with his/her previous qualification can one practice dentistry in the United States.

How much does it cost to study Dentistry in the USA?

On a general ground, the amount usually spent for a master’s course in dentistry is approximately 45-50 lakhs per annum (approx. 60,000 USD or more). But this is not the fixed amount, as the charges may differ as per the universities.

Can an international student become a dentist?

Yes, international students are widely invited to take admission in different courses in the USA. Therefore, if an international student qualifies to be selected as a student in the Master’s course, he or she can easily become a dentist.

How many years does it take to become a dentist in the USA?

Initially, one has to complete a master’s course in dentistry from any reputed university in the USA; only then can one become a certified dentist. For an international student, who has already completed his/her bachelor’s degree in dental health care, he/she needs to study the DDS course for one year to practice dentistry in the USA.

What is the scope of Masters in Dentistry in the USA?

In the USA, dentists are in great demand. Having qualified for dentistry, one can earn a lucrative amount of money in the USA or any other country. The scope of a dental surgeon is vast in any part of the world. 

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