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What is Public Health

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The Public Health definition stands as the art and science of improving people's and their communities' health. The term functions under three P's: promotion, prevention, and health protection. It is a branch of healthcare science that helps detect health issues and respond to infectious diseases. It is expected that the rise of the course will increase by 13% from 2021 to 2031. The program differs entirely from other healthcare careers, focusing on promoting healthy well-being rather than diagnosing and treating. Students can opt for undergraduate, master's, or PhD. Public health workers can work as public health practitioners in different sectors, such as non-profit organizations, government, healthcare communities, etc. 

Popular Public Health Courses

A public health program can be pursued in many forms, from online certification to a doctorate. The professionals can work in various places across the globe.. Here are some popular Public Health courses that one can opt for to begin their career:

Bachelor of Public Health 

It is an undergraduate program of four years, which comprises industrial visits, internships, and research projects. The course offers students advanced knowledge and skills and focuses on policies and recent environmental, social, and behavioral health developments.. Admissions of the applicants will be based on their academic performance. Students studying abroad must qualify for an English proficiency test, followed by other requirements.

After completing the course, graduates can opt for a job profile, such as healthcare consultant, public health researcher, healthcare manager, etc. The average pay scale for a fresher will be around $50,000, and an experienced person can earn around $107,00, depending on the experience and skills gained.

Masters in Public Health

A master's in public health degree is a graduate-level course designed to train students to protect and improve the health of communities and society. Students enrolling in the postgraduate program will learn to foster better health through education, research, and promotion of best wellness practices. The curriculum includes subjects like nutrition, biostatics, population health, etc. 

The selection for master's will be based on the merit scores and relevant skills or volunteering experience in communities or organizations. Students studying abroad must qualify for an English proficiency test, followed by other requirements. Some career prospects include community health worker, patient navigator, outreach specialist, etc, with an average pay scale of $55,000 - $125,00. 

Best Universities for Public Health

The public health stream highlights many issues and topics related to the people and organizations around us. Students study different topics and areas, such as political science, social work, hospital administration, sociology, environmental studies, etc. According to the US News & World Report, here are the world's top ten universities for public health and social sciences -


QS Ranking 2024

Subject Score - (Public health)

Harvard University, United States



University of Oxford, United Kingdom



John Hopkins University, United States



University College London, United Kingdom



Stanford University, United States



University of Michigan, United States



University of Washington, United States



Columbia University, United States



University of Toronto, Canada



London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, United Kingdom



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scope of Public Health?

Public health improves people's health and creates awareness of diseases, substance abuse, violence, bio-terrorism population health, etc. The term functions under three P's: promotion, prevention, and health protection. It is expected that the demand for the course will increase by 13% from 2021 to 2031, with job opportunities like health care consultant, epidemiologist, medical and health services manager, etc. 

Is public health easy to study?

The course can be challenging for some students, comprising hard and soft science subjects, such as chemistry, biology, mathematics, environmental science, computer programming, etc. However, the real challenge comes when the core subjects, like biostatistics and chronic diseases., make their presence known. Therefore, students create strong basics and hone communication, leadership, ethics, problem-solving, analytics, teamwork, and time management skills. 

Which is the best country to pursue a public health course?

The United Kingdom is known to be the best country to pursue a public health course due to its strong history of public health research and education. The country has some renowned and globally recognized universities that offer quality education and training to domestic and international students. 

Which subject is best for public health?

Master of Public Health is considered one of the most sought-after course programs and is highly demanded globally. Graduates after their master's will be able to work in clinics, community centers, NGOs, healthcare camps, commercial businesses, etc., earning around $120,000 annually. 

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