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PTE Accepted Colleges & Universities in Canada for 2024 Admissions

Updated on 31 January, 2024

Anupriya Mukherjee

Anupriya Mukherjee

Sr. Content Writer

The Pearson Test of English (PTE) may sound familiar to aspirants looking to study in Canada. It is a popular English language proficiency test, and is accepted by over 3,000 universities worldwide. Many Canadian universities and colleges accept PTE as part of the admission process. And so, you can improve your chances of getting accepted to a Canadian college or university by demonstrating required English language proficiency through the PTE exam.

PTE consists of three versions: Academic, Young Learners, and General. Candidates applying for university courses should appear for the academic PTE Academic, which lasts for three hours. It tests a candidate’s listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. At present, PTE is accepted by over 3,000 universities worldwide. 
With the examination’s wide acceptance globally, Canada is no exception. In fact, the list of PTE-accepted universities in Canada is growing at a fast pace and includes the top-ranked Canadian institutions.
Therefore, familiarizing yourself with the PTE exam pattern, PTE exam syllabus, etc. can help you to effectively prepare for it to ensure admission to the best Canadian universities. 

But the important question is, what are the top universities in Canada that accept the PTE exam scores? By the end of this article, we guarantee that you will get your answer.

Multiple courses accept PTE at Canadian universities and institutes. Students around the globe try their best to achieve a good PTE score so that it may assist in their application process. With this in mind, here is a list of some top-ranked universities in Canada that accept PTE scores.

List of Top 5 Universities in Canada Accepting PTE

Below are the top PTE-accepted universities in Canada 2023. These universities have been listed based on the latest QS University Rankings (2023).


QS University Rankings 2023

Key Highlights


McGill University



The university has 50 research centers and over 400 programs, including master's degrees, PhD, and MBAs. 
Some of the most popular domains include:
 Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

  • Arts
  • Dentistry
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Law


University of British Columbia (UBC)



The university’s eight Nobel laureates and 71 Rhodes Scholars among its alumni help set it apart.

Adding to its appeal, the university offers various specialized bachelor's, master's, and MBA programs that include:

  • International economics
  • Food market analysis 
  • Media studies
  • First Nations and indigenous studies 
  • Applied animal biology
  • Social Work
  • Ethnomusicology


McMaster University



The university is a diverse hub welcoming students and faculty from 98 countries worldwide. It has 70 international academic exchange agreements in place. Moreover, some of the most popular departments at this university include:

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Business and Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Life Sciences and Medicines
  • Natural Sciences


University of Waterloo



Due to its network of over 7000 employers, the institute provides immense opportunities to shape your career effectively.

As a university student, you can choose to pursue courses in the listed domains:

  • Architectural Engineering
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biostatistics
  • Actuarial Science


Western University



With an emphasis on research, this university offers multiple study-abroad and research opportunities to broaden perspectives.

There are various bachelor's and master's programs offered at this university, including:

  • American Cultural Studies
  • Archaeology and Biological Anthropology
  • Financial Economics
  • Commercial Aviation Management
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Mathematics

List of Canadian Universities Accepting PTE & Scores Required

UniversityPTE Score RequirementNotes
University of TorontoGenerally around 60Specific requirements may vary by program.
University of British Columbia65 overall, with no section below 60Certain faculties may have higher requirements.
McGill Universit65 overallDifferent programs may have different requirements.
University of AlbertaMinimum of 59Some faculties require higher scores.
McMaster University63 overall, with 60 in each communicative skillEngineering programs may require higher scores.
University of Waterloo65 overallCertain programs may require scores in specific bands.
University of Calgary60 overallProfessional programs might have higher score requirements.
Simon Fraser University65 overallVaried requirements depending on the faculty.
Dalhousie UniversityOverall score of 54Some programs have specific score requirements.
Queen's University65 overallCheck individual program requirements for more details.

Note: This table provides a general idea and should not be considered accurate for 2024 admissions. Admission requirements, including PTE score requirements, can change from year to year. Always refer to the official university admissions page for the most current information.

For international students applying to highly ranked universities, a good PTE score determines a quicker application procedure. It is easier to engage both within and outside the classroom when one is fluent in the language of instruction in Canada. 

Now that you know about PTE and top Canadian universities that accept PTE, you can get information about PTE exam registration.

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Expert's Guides for PTE Exam Preparation

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Minimum PTE Score Required for Canada

For Canada, PTE score requirement varies based on the level of program a candidate decides to pursue. The minimum accepted PTE scores for admission will also depend on the program you apply for. The minimum PTE score required for Canada has been listed below.  

To be eligible for a diploma, a candidate must score at least 45 in PTE. Moreover, each module should have a minimum score of 36.
The eligibility criteria for a bachelor's is an overall score of 50. Not to mention, the candidate must also score a minimum of 45 in each section.
A graduate diploma or master's program demands a score of 65; the minimum marks for each module cannot be less than 50.

With a maximum 50 PTE score, universities in Canada attract students from across the globe.


In conclusion, Canadian universities' acceptance of PTE scores in 2024 underscores the country's inclusive and flexible approach towards evaluating English language proficiency for international students. This acceptance broadens the opportunities for students from diverse linguistic backgrounds to pursue higher education in Canada, known for its quality education and multicultural environment. While specific PTE score requirements may vary across institutions and programs, the overall trend reflects a commitment to accessibility and recognizes the value of varied English proficiency tests. Prospective students should carefully review the requirements of their chosen universities and programs to ensure they meet the necessary criteria, preparing them for a successful academic experience in Canada.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which universities accept PTE in Canada?

PTE is accepted by various universities in Canada, offering both bachelor's and master's programs. To know more, you can find a detailed list of the same on the official website of PTE.

How much PTE score is required for Canada?

For admission to Canadian universities, you require a minimum score of 45 (Diploma programs) and a maximum score of 50 (Masters programs).

Does Canada accept the Pearson Test of English for a student visa?

No, the PTE alone cannot secure a Canadian visa. Using the PTE test scores, you can apply to various Canadian universities. When you secure admission to a particular university, you can only apply for a student visa.

Which is better for Canada PTE or IELTS?

Both tests are similar in difficulty. The primary difference is that IELTS can be used for immigration purposes, while PTE can’t be used. So, if you plan to settle in Canada, IELTS is the better alternative.

Is PTE acceptable for PR?

PTE has now become acceptable for visas in Canada. According to the IRCC, the PTE score for PR in Canada will begin to be accepted in late 2023. The exact date for the same is yet to be decided.

What is the PTE visa success rate in Canada?

The PTE visa success rate cannot be determined currently, since the PTE score for PR in Canada will begin to be accepted in late 2023.

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