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Best Books for SAT Preparation: List of 10 Recommended Books

Updated on 17 April, 2024

Akansha Semwal

Akansha Semwal

Study Abroad Expert

sat preparation books

If you want to be part of reputed colleges in the US, it’s time to prepare using the best resources. Choosing the suitable study material is the first step to scoring well on entrance tests like SAT. Today, the market has a clutter of educational resources that can confuse any student. Hence, selecting the best books for SAT preparation can seem challenging. Thus, a carefully curated  list of the top SAT prep material can prove invaluable to reducing aspirants' efforts. So, to simplify your research, here are 10 SAT exam books to consider for thorough preparation.


Top 10 SAT Preparation Books for Students

These SAT exam books have the potential to ease you into the preparation phase. So, consider choosing a suitable resource according to your requirement. 

1. Barron’s SAT Study Guide Premium 

This guide is one of the best books for SAT due to its well-rounded content. It contains an expert and in-depth overview of the entrance exam.

In terms of the study content, Barron’s guide covers a detailed subject review of each section. This SAT study material has writing and language sections to help hone your linguistic skills. 

Here are some other salient features that make Barron’s one of the best books for SAT preparation:

●        Full-length practice tests

●        One diagnostic test

●        Four in-book tests

●        Two online tests

●        Review chapters

Overall, you can practice and study simultaneously with the help of a single comprehensive guide. 

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2. Kallis’ SAT Pattern Strategy

The best book for sat preparation should have balanced reference material and practice sets. Kallis’ guide excels in this aspect.

You will benefit from such sat preparation books due to extensive coverage of simple explanations. Here are the main contents of this book in short:

●        A detailed review of more than 100 question topics

●        Responses to the optional essay

●        Short practices

●        Step-wise explanation of answers

The Kallis SAT pattern strategy will be a good option if you want a sat book for excellent and simple content review.

3. Princeton Review SAT Premium Prep

This comparatively affordable guide is one of the best books for SAT. It is similar to Barron’s book, which offers an overview, information on the concepts, and valuable strategies. 

Notably, the overall structure of this book will feel a tad similar to Barron’s guide. Here are the main contents:

●        Full-length practice tests

●        Five online tests

●        Online score reports

●        Time management tactics

●        Access to premium online SAT study materials

In short, this book can provide an edge with access to valuable online SAT resources.

4. Kaplan’s SAT Total Prep

Kaplan is one of the prominent names that offer SAT preparation books. As the name suggests, the total prep focuses on the preparation facet.

The book contains a unique layout designed based on students’ feedback. In addition, it contains numerous practice questions and online video tutorials. Here are the main highlights of one of the best books for SAT

●        Diagnostic pre-quizzes

●        Ample of practice questions

●        Useful online question bank

●        Access to customized study plan

A streamlined approach to exam planning makes Kaplan stand out among the best books for SAT preparation.

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5. College Board’s Official SAT Study Guide

As the name suggests, this is an official SAT study materials made available by College Board, a non-profit organization. The book focuses on SAT practice tests and consists of some content on strategies.

It also has elaborate and straightforward answer explanations. Still, you can explore much of its content online. Here are some main features of this official study guide:

●        Guidance for essay

●        Previous SAT exams

●        Overview of SAT

●        Elaboration of correct answers

The guide can be worth exploring if you want offline access to previous full-length SAT exams.

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6. SAT Prep Black Book

Preparing for SAT is all about the right strategies. The SAT Prep Black Book has remarkable strategies to boost your preparation. 

This resource exists in the best book for SAT preparation list for one primary reason. Students from all levels and experiences can benefit from it. The only downside – it does not contain practice questions.

Here are the main highlights:

●        An in-depth explanation of correct answers

●        Access to practical SAT strategies

●        Customized advice based on your score

This guide can be one of the best SAT exam books to develop a sound sat strategy.

7. McGraw-Hill SAT Elite

This book is a detailed guide with an in-depth elaboration of the structure and content of SAT. It covers practice tests, math concepts, and a study plan.

Take a glance at this SAT preparation book features:

●        Full-length practice tests

●        Bonus section on elite tools

●        Access to online SAT course

●        Skill-building techniques

Overall, if you want to concentrate more on your study phase, McGraw-Hill is one of the best SAT books available.

8. Ivy Global New SAT

This publisher is a comparatively new name in the SAT study material market. It is a simple and clear book that covers test concepts concisely.

At this time, the number of practice tests in this book is limited. Still, the level of explanation of each concept is useful. Here are Ivy Global New SAT’s main highlights:

●        Six practice tests

●        Extra resources

●        Online download availability

9. Derren Brown’s Boot Camp for Your Brain

This book is highly recommended if you desire to induce some fresh learning perspective. It contains mnemonics and cartoons to offer a creative edge for your SAT preparation.

This book is unique and focuses more on the study portion compared to the practice phase. Due to its streamlined content, it does not have conventional highlights like other SAT preparation books. 

10. Dr. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook

Last on the best books for SAT preparation list is a guide focused on the mathematical section. It has several math problems segregated based on difficulty. Here are the major highlights of this remarkable book:

●        Ample math problems

●        Diagnostic test

●        Several sample tests

●        Comprehensive coverage of mathematical concepts

Overall, your SAT mathematics prep can take a boost with Dr. Jang’s workbook. So, this guide is a good option to go for. 

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