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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration

Admissions Open (till 30th September 2021)

Key Benefits of the Program

  • INR20 Lakhs

    Cost savings compared to regular degree course in Australia

  • Upto36 Months

    Eligible for post-study work visa application after graduation

  • INR35 Lakhs

    Average salary in Australia after completion of the course

Program Structure and Fees

Bachelor of Business Administration is a 3 years course where in the first year you will be studying online with Indian Partner University. Tuition fees for year 1 of course is INR 2,52,000 (inclusive of taxes). For 2nd & 3rd year you will be going to Australia and study in University of Canberra. Tuition fees for University of Canberra is approximately AUD 30,000 per annum. You will also have to incur AUD 21,400 per annum as living cost in Australia. On-campus option will be made available at additional cost to students when Covid related norms are relaxed and on-campus education is allowed.
  1. Indian Partner University



    Course Name

    • Bachelor of Business Administration


    • Completed Class 12 in 2020/2021, with 50% equivalent marks in respective board exams

    Tuition Fees

    INR 2,52,000

    Cost of Living


    Mode of Teaching



    1 year

  2. University of Canberra, Australia

    CRICOS provider code 00212K



    Course Name

    • Bachelor of Business (Management)
    • Bachelor of Business (International Business)
    • +10


    • 60% marks at the end of year 1 of Indian Partner University program
    • English Proficiency scores as per conditional offer letter

    Tuition Fees

    ~ AUD 29,000 - 32,300 Per Annum

    Cost of Living

    ~ AUD 21,041* Per Annum

    Mode of Teaching



    2 years

Other Benefits

  • Eligible for transfer to on-campus studies in top Australian Universities
  • End-to-end application, counseling and visa application support from upGrad
  • Weekly doubt clearing session
  • Daily live classes as well as small group coaching sessions
  • In-built IELTS/PTE training and study abroad modules to meet Australian study requirement
About Indian Partner University
Accredited with NAAC A+ Grade in the first cycle itself, Indian Partner University is an institution committed to excellence in research, innovation, multi-disciplinary education and active promotion of promising young talent. Through the years, the University has been emerging in the arena of education by delivering exceptional academia, industry-
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About University of Canberra, Australia
University of Canberra (UC) is the home of innovation, ambition and experience-based learning. UC is a university for the professions, dedicated to providing immersive student experiences focused on employability outcomes. UC has been recognized as the fastest rising university in Australia and one of the fastest in the world (#436, QS 2022), ra
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About Australia
3rd most popular English speaking destination for study abroad students, Australia boasts of having 6 of the world’s top 100 universities. Australia is known for its multicultural society, pleasant weather and scenic beaches. Australian universities have produced 16 Nobel laureates. Students who complete at least 2 years of study in Australia are e
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International Partnership Scholarship


International Partnership Scholarship

Award Amount :
10% Scholarship for the duration of the Bachelor Degree at University of Canberra
Eligibility :
  • 70% in the 1st year of study at Indian Partner University

International Partnership High Achievers Scholarship


International Partnership High Achievers Scholarship

Award Amount :
20% Scholarship for the duration of the Bachelor Degree at University of Canberra
Eligibility :
  • 85% in the 1st year of study at Indian Partner University

Career Opportunities

All Positions

Human Resource


Service Management

Event and Tourism Management

  • Human Resources (HR) Coordinator

    AUD 61497 Annually

  • Employee Relations Executive

    AUD 60000 Annually

  • On-Boarding Executive

    AUD 61000 Annually

  • Recruiter

    AUD 63397 Annually

  • Bank Teller

    AUD 49415 Annually

  • Accountant

    AUD 50000 Annually

  • Finance Officer

    AUD 50000 Annually

  • Office Manager

    AUD 48000 Annually

  • Customer Service Manager

    AUD 66000 Annually

  • Customer Service Representative

    AUD 51000 Annually

  • Customer Relations

    AUD 52000 Annually

  • Event Manager

    AUD 64000 Annually

  • Event Planner

    AUD 63000 Annually

  • Client Relationship Specialist

    AUD 57000 Annually


Indian Partner UniversityBachelor of Business Administration


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Business (Management)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Business (International Business)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)


University of Canberra, Australia Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Business (Marketing)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Business (Service Management)


University of Canberra, Australia Bachelor of Event and Tourism Management


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Accounting


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Commerce (Accounting)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Commerce (Finance and Banking)


University of Canberra, AustraliaBachelor of Commerce (Business Economics)

  • 38


  • 190

    Hours of Recorded Content

  • 80

    Case studies and Projects

  • 150

    Live Sessions

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Indian Partner University's Online Degree Programs recognized by partner Australian Universities?

Indian Partner University's Online Degree Programs are designed and delivered as per the University Grants Regulations, 2020. As per these regulations, institutions with a NAAC rating of 3.26 and above are pre-approved to launch online degree programs. Indian Partner University has a NAAC rating of 3.28. Our University Partners have reviewed the content and pedagogy and post that provided approval for students who complete year 1 with Indian Partner University successfully to be eligible to join 2nd year at their Australia campus.

Can I join this program without an IELTS Score and attempt IELTS after joining the program?

Yes, you can join this program without a IELTS score & upGrad will help you prepare for the English Entrance test to establish your current English proficiency to be eligible for the Bachelor’s program in Australia.

What is a conditional offer letter and how is it different from a confirmed offer letter?

Conditional offer letters will be issued to you by Australian University Partners based on documents submitted by upGrad. These documents will be academic transcripts of Class 12, work experience certificate and KYC documents. Conditional offer letter is an offer letter which will be converted into a confirmed offer once students meet conditions mentioned in the conditional offer letter. These conditions will be English proficiency conditions, successful completion of course at Indian Partner University and any other condition which university deems fit.

Can we get an IELTS/PTE/TOEFL waiver, if we study through upGrad?

To study in Australian Universities, you will have to meet Australian English Proficiency Requirements. Initially, we will apply on your behalf for a conditional offer letter to universities where IELTS score will not be required. But for a confirmed offer letter, you will have to meet University IELTS requirements which will be specified in your conditional offer letter.

I have not yet received Class 12 marks, am I eligible to apply for this program?

Yes, you can apply and block your seat for the program in case you have given exams in 2021 academic year for class 12 and not yet received marksheet. You can block your seat by paying INR 25,000. Rest of the fees will be payable once you receive the marksheet. You need to score minimum 50% marks to be eligible for the course. In case you do not score 50%, you can request for a refund of your block payment as per the refund policy.

About the Bachelor’s Program in Australia

How can I apply for the program?

A. Applications can be submitted online via
B. Based on the confirmation of eligibility, a provisional offer letter will be rolled out.
C. Enrolled learners will receive ID cards from Indian Partner University.

What are the courses options available for a Bachelor's degree at the Australian University?

At University of Canberra, Australia you will have option to pursue following course
1. Bachelor of Business (Management)
2. Bachelor of Business (International Business)
3. Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)
4. Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)
5. Bachelor of Business (Marketing)
6. Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship & Innovation)
7. Bachelor of Business (Service Management)
8. Bachelor of Event and Tourism Management
9. Bachelor of Accounting
10. Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)
11. Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Banking)
12. Bachelor of Commerce (Business Economics)

Will I be supported for IELTS/PTE/TOEFL or other English language exams during the 1st year of Bachelor's Degree?

Yes, upGrad will help you prepare for the English Entrance test to establish your current English proficiency to be eligible for the Bachelor’s program in Australia.

University Partners

Do we get a conditional offer letter at the initial stage or after completion of the 1st year with Indian Partner University?

Once you enrol in the Bachelors Program with upGrad and provide all the required documents, upGrad will submit applications to university partners on your behalf. University partners will release a conditional offer letter within one month of application submission.

Which universities will I get the conditional offer letter from if I enroll in the Indian Partner University Bachelor’s program?

Once you enrol in the Bachelors Program, an upGrad counsellor will help you choose a partner university and program where you can study after successfully completing the Program. The Program leads to multiple university and degree options (detail can be found in the brochure). Students can make an application to more than one university partner and program.

How many intakes are available for the Australian partner Masters degrees?

Australian universities generally have two intakes each year: Semester 1, which starts late February*/early March* and Semester 2, which starts late July*/early August*. A number of universities follow a trimester system and have an additional intake in November* each year.

What will be the alternate option if I could not get a conditional offer letter from one of upGrad’s partner universities?

This is a highly unlikely scenario. But in case you are not able to get a conditional offer letter despite providing all the documents, you can continue the Bachelor's degree program with Indian Partner University and acquire the online degree.


Will upGrad help me in writing Academic and Visa SOP?

Yes, upGrad will help with your Academic and Visa SOP and will also organize training on how to write a good SOP.

Can we get a PSW visa if we study for this program in India and then 2 years at an Australian university?

Australian Post-Study Work visas are available to all the students who have completed at least 2 academic years on campus in Australia.

What are the financial requirements of an Australian Student visa?

A.For an Australian student visa, applicants need to have sufficient funds that are genuinely available to the student to pay for tuition fees, travel, living expenses, and miscellaneous expenses like OSHC (health insurance) while studying in Australia. This can be demonstrated by providing evidence of funds for the first 12 months of studies.
B.Contact upGrad to discuss accepted funding sources and financial documents.
C.E.g. Calculation of 12 months’ of funds is as follows:
D.Currently, the annual living cost in Australia is;
E.1. Student - AUD 21,041 (INR 10,60,000)
F.Yearly Tuition Fee cost is;
G.AUD 31,360 to 35,600 (INR 17,40,000 to 19,80,000)
H.Miscellaneous Expenses
I.AUD 2,200 (INR 1,20,000)
J.Hence total fund required are 10.6 Lakhs + 17.4 Lakhs + 1.2 Lakhs or ~30 Lakhs

How much are living expenses for a year in Australia?

A.Living expenses in Australia for international students are AUD 21,041 (INR 10,60,000) and if students are also taking their spouse and child with them the additional cost will be AUD 7,362 (INR 4,10,000) for spouse and AUD 3,152 (INR 1,75,000) per child.
B.Also, the candidate needs to show an additional AUD 2,200 (INR 1,22,000) for travel and health insurance for the complete duration of the program.
C.Some of our partner universities have campuses in regional areas where the cost of living is lower. "

What will be the alternate pathway, if I could not get a visa from Australia after completion of the program?

As you will be studying in Indian Partner University program, you will be able to successfully complete the course through Indian Partner University in case you are not able to secure Australian Visa.

What are the documents required for filing Australian visa?

At the time of visa application, students need to submit a range of documents; a valid passport, Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), unconditional offer letter, all certified or notarized academic documents, work experience documents (if any), health checkup (HAP ID), English language proficiency scores, financial documents, evidence of your relationship with your parents/spouse (sponsor of funds), Statement of Purpose (SOP) and debit/credit card for the visa fee (AUD 620).

What are the part-time working rules for studying in Australia?

International students in Australia on a valid Student visa can work for up to 20 hours per week while the university is in session. There is no limit on the number of hours students can work during recognised university vacations.


What is the process of payment for this program?

Initially you need to deposit INR 25,000 as block amount for seat booking. 15 days before the start of course and once you have Class 12 marksheet available, you need to make a complete payment of the remaining amount. You can opt for no cost EMI with our partner institutions if you want to pay in installments.

Can I pay in the semester fees?

Total fees has two components of - 1. University fees and 2. articulation fees. Articulation fees need to be paid together at once. You can avail a 0% EMI option with a monthly instalment and a down payment of ₹25000 to block your seat. If you are availing 0% credit card EMI, upGrad will not charge any processing fees or down payment for these transactions. Your bank may levy GST or other taxes on the interest component of the EMI. University fees can be paid in 2 semesters.