IELTS Formal Letter Samples & Practice Questions

IELTS Formal Letter Samples & Practice Questions

Updated on 06 December, 2022
Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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The IELTS writing section measures the writing prowess of the applicants. There are two tasks in this section and task 1 involves writing a letter. In this task, applicants need to write a letter based on a given situation or a problem. It is recommended to complete this task within 20 minutes and write a minimum of 150 words. The second task in the section comprises essay writing of at least 250 words. It should be completed within 40 minutes. 

Letters that are asked can be of three types, namely formal, semi-formal, and informal. 

According to test-takers, writing a formal letter is the most challenging. Therefore, we will try to tackle it with the help of IELTS formal letter samples. 


Practice Questions for IELTS Formal Letter Writing: 

A situation or issue will be given in the letter-writing question, and applicants will need to write a letter to a particular recipient. It is very important to maintain the tone and structure of a letter based on the type given. For example, formal letter topics can be framed around formal requests or a job application. It may also cover complaints about airlines, banks, stores, or any service or product. Formal essay writing is frequently asked in IELTS task 1. Thus, it is important to discuss the formal letter samples for IELTS in detail. 

But before that, let us look at some of the formal letter question types:

● While working in an international company you are asked to spend quarterly working in the head office situated in another country. Write a letter to your manager asking not to transfer you for a particular period.

● Write a letter to an editor asking to advertise your ad on the front page of the newspaper.

● Presently you are informed that your visa has been canceled to travel internationally. Write a letter to the relevant department asking for a temporary visa so that you can attend your conference without any delay.

● In recent days, your company has informed you that you will be taking a lead role in the management project. Write a letter to the senior asking for guidance and to share his/her experience.

● A supermarket company has decided to increase its expenditure on new products. Being an advisor, you have to suggest which products to keep in the store.

● In your locality, you are facing tremendous problems with internet connection. Write a letter to your local cable operator complaining about the scenario and requesting to take immediate action. 

● Write a letter to the chancellor asking him to approve your permission for a visa to study in a foreign country. Mention the details of the university and the choice of your course. 

● Write a letter to your boss and express your thoughts on accepting the letter of promotion. You must mention the name of those people who helped you to achieve the target of work daily. You must also mention a “Thank You” note.

● Write a letter to your insurance company complaining about the unfair payment of insurance and settlement with all the ID numbers of relevant documents. Your letter must address a particular person with name and designation.

● Write a letter to your employer complaining about your pending salary and incentives for the last month.

● Write a letter to the newspaper official complaining about the bad drainage system in your neighborhood.

● You recently completed a bakery course. The baking institute has asked you to share the feedback of the course and the benefits you experienced. Write a letter to the administrative officer of the institute.

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IELTS Writing Task 1 Formal Letter Samples:

The below-given formal letter samples are meant to help the test-takers with the pattern and model answers. Note the structure, pattern, vocabulary, tone, and flow of IELTS formal letter samples to make it easier to prepare and practice. 

1. The first one is a response to a letter from an insurance company about the increase in the premium price of an insurance plan.

To, Mr ABC XYZ Insurance Company New Delhi, 110001 October 10, 2021, Sir, I want to notify you that I have received a letter from your end. The letter informs me that my insurance amount for my car will increase in the coming month.  But before increasing the premium cost, I would request you to check my previous records once. For the past 10 years, I have continued with the insurance plan from your company but have never had the chance to claim it.  At the same time, I understand that there might be various reasons behind the increase. However, the decision to increase the premium cost will result in a 30% hike in the final amount, which I pay at the end of each month. Therefore, I would request you to inform me of your reason for increasing the insurance plan amount. However, if I am unsatisfied with the reason, I would have to look for better options. I am eagerly waiting for your response. Yours faithfully XYZ

2. The second letter describes the need for leaves by an employee. The letter highlights the request for approval by the employee from the manager.

To, ABC XYZ Private Limited Mumbai, 400001 September 13, 2021, Sir, I am glad to inform you that my daughter has secured admission to an MBBS program at AIIMS, Delhi. At this point, I would sincerely like to request a week off, starting 24th November 2021 to 2nd December 2021. In anticipation of my holiday, I have already completed some of my important tasks. I have also started to put together the sales projections for November month. Moreover, I also discussed my holiday with my colleagues working with me on the current project. I am also ready to discuss the reason for the holiday in detail if you need any further clarification. I have already mailed the necessary supporting documents from my official mail ID to the HR team. Likewise, I am looking for your approval on the same. Thanking You Yours sincerely, PKY (Senior Sales Manager) XYZ Private Limited

Make sure that you go through the given formal letter samples for IELTS and some common topics to ensure better clarity to attempt task 1. For more information on formal letter writing, get in touch with the Study Abroad experts of upGrad Abroad.

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