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ms in mis in canada

Studying MS in Management Information Systems (MIS) in Canada is a gateway to a fast-growing international career. An MS in MIS in Canada encapsulates study modules on systems analysis, telecommunications, intelligent systems databases, electronic commerce, economics of information systems, strategic and organizational issues. MIS in Canada is an interdisciplinary degree that helps fill the gap between various disciplines such as Management, Accounting, Finance, and similar programs and Computer Science. 

The duration of the master’s program ranges between 1 to 2.5 years. The total program fee can cost a student around CAD 14,500 to CAD 31,500. The program is one the desirable options as it would help the graduates to secure high-paying jobs.

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Top Universities to Study MS in MIS in Canada

Choosing the right university is paramount. Several good universities are offering MIS Master’s courses. Here is the list of universities in Canada for MS in MIS. 

Institution Name

Course Names 

Cost of Programs 

Queen’s University at Kingston

MSc Management Information System


Athabasca University

MSc in Information System & Technology


University of British Columbia

Masters in Management Information Systems


York University

MA in Information System & Technology


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Reasons to Study Masters in MIS in Canada 

Pursuing MIS Masters in Canada is beneficial for several reasons: 

  • Canada is home to many leading universities that offer MS degree in MIS.
  • As per reports, studying MS in information systems in Canada means exposure to a rewarding career growing by 30-40%. 
  • Salaries of MS in MIS degree holders are expected to go up handsomely in the future. 
  • Great scope of research and further experimentation.
  • Toronto is now the third-largest tech hub in North America.

Masters (MS) in MIS in Canada – Requirements for Admissions 

Students should ensure that they meet the requirements for masters in MIS in Canada. The requirements might vary depending on the university chosen. 



MS in Information Systems at Queen’s University of Kingston

4-year UG degree with average of 77%. Two academic references are needed with a statement of interest and career objectives, resume, and GRE or GMAT test scores. 

MS in Information Systems at UBC (University of British Columbia)

Undergraduate degree with 76% or Grade B+ and three academic references, GRE test scores, and Statement of Interest. 

MS in Information Systems at Athabasca University

Undergraduate degree in information systems, computer science, or related area. Undergraduate degree in other fields is allowed with experience in information systems. 

MS in Information Systems at York University

4-year Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field with 77-79% as average. Bachelor’s degree in any other field is allowed with work experience of 5 years. Other requirements include three LORs, resume, 1-2 page statement of interest, and GRE score of 2,000 or more. 

MS in Information Systems at Concordia University 

Bachelor’s degree or equivalent certification in Electrical, Software or Computer Engineering. Computer Science graduates are also eligible. 

Eligibility Criteria to study MS in MIS in Canada: 

  • Undergraduate degree with minimum GPA listed by the institution. 
  • GMAT or GRE scores. 
  • IELTS or TOEFL scores. 

You will also need transcripts, letters of recommendation (LORs), SOP (Statement of Purpose) and the latest CV/Resume. 

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English Language Proficiency Score Requirements 

Here are details of requirements at leading universities concerning English language proficiency scores. 

Institution Name  IELTS Score Requirement TOEFL Score Requirement
York University 7.0 90
Queen’s University at Kingston 7.5 100
Athabasca University 6.0 80
Concordia University 6.5 85
University of British Columbia 7.0 100

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Costs for MS in MIS in Canada

It is crucial to have an idea of the average cost for pursuing Masters in MIM in Canada to help plan the finances. So, before applying for the program, international students should consider these components. 

Pre-Arrival Cost for MS in MIS in Canada



Application Charges


Student Visa Application Charges

CAD 150


CAD 258

Study Permit

CAD 148

Flight Costs (One Way)

CAD 1,665


CAD 250

Purchase of GIC (One Time)

CAD 10,000 

Apart from the pre-arrival cost and the tuition fee, the student would need to manage their costs of living expenses. This can hover between CAD$10,000–25,000. 

Cost of Living Expenses in Canada


Yearly Expenses (estimated) 

Books and supplies

CAD 2,000 

Health and Dental Insurance: International

CAD 1,247 

Incidental fees

CAD 2,000 

Public transportation

CAD 648

Study Trip

CAD 1,500

Accommodations (rent and food)

CAD 13,800

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There is a gamut of scholarships offered by a plethora of universities and the government of Canada for international students pursuing their MIS degree in Canada. Here is a quick list of some of the scholarships for MIS in Canada. 


Awarded by 

EduCanada Study in Canada Scholarships

Canadian Government

AU Award for Graduate Studies

Athabasca University

British Columbia Graduate Scholarship

Government of British Columbia

York Graduate Fellowship

York University

Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarship

University of Alberta

MS in MIS in Canada: Job Opportunities 

There are several job opportunities available after completing MS in MIS in Canada. Average salaries may range between CAD $78,000–150,000.

Average Salary for MS in MIS Graduates 

Job Profiles 

Remuneration (Annual)

Business Systems Analyst

C$58k – C$92k 

Information Security Manager

C$75k – C$127k 

Cyber Security Analyst

C$49k – C$86k

Senior Solutions Architect

C$100k – C$162k

Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst

C$57k – C$91k

Source: PayScale

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is covered in MS in MIS in Canada?

MIS or Management Information Systems is a course that involves creating computer applications that enable efficient regulation, evaluation, and supervision of various functions and divisions. An MS in MIS helps fill gaps between several departments and functions like Accounting, Computer Science, Management, and Finance. This field is the backbone for any company’s operations and has great prospects in the mainstream corporate sector.

Q2. Which countries are the best for MS in MIS?

Several countries provide master’s degrees in MIS. Canada is known for its leading universities and global recognition for its courses in management information systems. Other countries that provide MS in MIS are USA and Germany.

Q3. How Can You Get Admission in MS in MIS in Canada?

You should have a valid IELTS or TOEFL score for securing admission in the MS in MIS program. Some universities may insist on GRE or GMAT scores. Leading universities require a Statement of Interest along with IELTS scores of 6.0–7.0. TOEFL score requirements are usually between 85–100. Other requirements include academic references, resumes or CVs, and LORs or letters of recommendation.

Q4. Can You do MS in Canada without GRE?

You may find institutions in Canada offering MS without GRE. However, many institutions insist on GRE scores for admission into their MS programs. You should do your research well in advance. Canada accepts the GRE since it is a standardized entrance examination for admissions. You should try and provide GRE or GMAT scores for obtaining admission into the leading institutions here.

Q5. Is master’s in MIS in demand in Canada?

MIS (Management Information Systems) is one of the fast-growing career fields in Canada. Leading corporates and companies hire skilled graduates in large numbers for various job roles in this discipline. Popular job profiles include data analysts, computer systems analysts, project managers, information systems managers, systems consultants, etc.

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