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bba in canada after 12th

As undergraduate programs in management and business are popular choices among the young, lakhs of students travel abroad to pursue them. BBA in Canada after 12th is one such in-demand and lucrative course choice and is one of the best courses in Canada after 12th. Let’s learn more about the course along with other information such as the best BBA colleges in Canada, course highlights, admission, job opportunities & a lot more. 

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How Does the Journey of BBA in Canada Commence?

The BBA program builds a student’s foundation for them to understand all things related to business management. A candidate can also expect to learn entrepreneurial skills. Universities in Canada offer 3 to 4-year BBA programs that involve a combination of both practical and theoretical classes. The student gets an insight into the industry while learning through presentations, projects, expert lectures, and visits to industries. With the help of this degree, students get to know about the ongoing changes in the business landscape. The course has an integrated approach and introduces the students to types of entrepreneurship, corporates, small businesses, and online businesses.

Highlights of BBA Courses in Canada

Studying BBA in Canada opens doors to opportunities. Here are the highlights to the courses and requirements –

Course Duration

3-4 years


Economics for Management Studies, Strategic Management, Management and Marketing, Management and International Business, Management and Human Resources, Management and Information Technology, Management and Finance Management and Accounting, Sustainable Business Practices, Enterprise Systems, Accounting, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources,


CAD 11500-49000 per year

Average salary

CAD 73069 per annum


80 – 100


6.5 – 7.5


  • Test scores
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Official college transcripts
  • Financial documents

BBA Courses in Canada

BBA aspirants can choose from several specializations offered by universities. Some of the most popular ones include –

  1. BBA in Sustainable Business Practices
  2. BBA in Enterprise Systems
  3. BBA in Accounting
  4. BBA in Project Management
  5. BBA in Supply Chain Management
  6. BBA in Innovation and Sustainability
  7. BBA in Human Resources
  8. BBA in Energy Management
  9. BA (Hons) in Business Management

Courses similar to BBA are as follows-

  1. Bachelor of Management in Business Economics
  2. Bachelor of Commerce in International Business
  3. Bachelor of Accounting and Financial Management
  4. Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Accounting
  5. Bachelor of Arts(Hons) in International Economics

Why Study BBA in Canada?

In the previous decade, Canada has steadily gained prominence as a preferred location for higher education. For Indian students, a mix of high-quality education, internship possibilities, part-time work opportunities during studies, liberal laws on post-study jobs, and immigration in Canada make it an ideal place. 

Here are some key reasons why-

1. Almost 16.4% more international students applied to Canadian Business schools in 2019. This rate was higher than in the  USA.  

2. 90% of the students pursuing BBA in Canada after 12th get hired into a well-known organization within the first few months of graduation.

3. The average salary of a candidate after completion of the degree is 61,412. However, it can range anywhere from CAD 46,519 to 82,026.

4. With a work permit, graduates can work for three years. Along with studies, students also get the option of working 20 hours a week. 

5. The best career options for students post – BBA are financial analysts and auditors. It is expected that by 2028, the openings will increase by 80,000.

6. Cities such as Ottawa and Montreal often rank high as the best cities for offering an excellent student life.  Around half a million international students fly to Canada to pursue higher education every year.

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Top Universities to Pursue BBA in Canada

Canada hosts some of the best universities in the world for business courses. The most renowned universities for BBA in Canada after 12th are as follows:

S. No


QS Subject Ranking 2022


University of Toronto



University of British Columbia



Mcgill University



Western University



Universite de Montreal



University of Alberta



Queens University



York University



Simon Fraser University



University of Calgary


Source: QS Subject Ranking 2022

Admission Procedure Deadlines

  • September/ October – For filling the online application form
  • January/ February – For submitting all the required documents
  • March/May – Getting a response from the university
  • May/July – Applying for and obtaining a student visa to Canada
  • September Commencement of program and, orientation session begins.

Eligibility Criteria for BBA in Canada

To study at any university in Canada, applicants can send in their applications either directly over college websites or through some common portals like OUAC/Apply Alberta, YouUBC etc.

A student must have completed class 12th or equivalent with required marks to study in Canada

To study in Canada, international applicants from non-English-speaking nations must show proof of their English language skills. Scores from examinations such as the TOEFL and IELTS can be furnished for the same.




University of Toronto


22 on Writing

6.5, No band below 6.0 

Memorial University of Newfoundland

79 Overall

20 in reading and writing17 in listening and speaking


6 in reading and writing

York University



Simon Fraser University


20 in each of the four components


With no part less than 6.0

Carleton University


22 in writing and speaking

20 reading and listening

6.5 with a minimum of 6.0 each

Dalhousie University (DAL)


20 in each band

4.0 in TOEFL Writing Test


6.0 in each band

Thompson Rivers University (TRU)


With no section below 20


no bands below 6.0

University of Regina (U of R)


Reading: 20; Listening: 20; Speaking: 20; Writing: 20


With no band less than 6.0

Langara College


Minimum of 18 in Listening, 20 in Reading, 18 in Speaking, and 20 in Writing


Sheridan College


With 21 in each section


with no Band below 6.0

Important Resouces About Canada to Read:

Standard Requirements for Admission Eligibility

Students can submit the required documents by email while applying for BBA in Canada after the 12th.

  1. Official certified copies of X, and XII transcripts
  2. Other academic records with scores and grades
  3. IDs, including citizenship documents, birth certificates, or passports, are mandatory after the approval of admission.
  4. English language proficiency proof
  5. Statement of purpose
  6. Pre-board results
  7. Recent passport size photographs
  8. Academic or professional references
  9. Certificates or Documents showing any academic or extra-curricular achievements
  10. Recommendation letter
  11. Notarized translations of documents not issued in English

Cost of BBA in Canada for Indian Students

You should be aware of the cost of a BBA in Canada for Indian students before applying for the course. Normally, the overall program fees vary from one university to another based on the quality of education they offer, their popularity, and the cities in which they are located. Here’s a list of the top universities in Canada which offer BBA and their average annual fees. 


Average Annual Fees

University of Toronto

58,160 CAD per year

University of British Columbia

39,570 CAD per year

McGill University

24,800 CAD per year

Western University

35,590 CAD per year

Universite de Montreal

23,662 CAD per year

University of Alberta

27,540 CAD per year

Queens University

51,280 CAD per year

York University

33,875 CAD per year

Simon Fraser University

31,460 CAD per year

University of Calgary

26,406 CAD per year

*Indicative Fees sourced from universities’ website

Canadian Student Visa

For the application for a Canadian student visa, the aspirant will have to pay 150 CAD. Indian students don’t need to get health insurance for their Canadian visas. For the visa, the following documents are required:

  1. Attested copies of 10th, 12th, and degree certificates
  2. Passport
  3. Two recruiter references
  4. Two academic references
  5. Extracurricular achievement certificates
  6. Statement of purpose
  7. Proof of financial funds
  8. Proof of payment
  9. Acceptance letter from the institution
  10. English proficiency score
  11. Passport-size photographs

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Employment opportunities in Canada after BBA

A candidate can apply for the roles of Marketing Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Specialist, Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, and Financial Controller among others in top companies. Names of some of the world-class organizations that hire employees from Canada are mentioned below. 

1. Deloitte


3. TD Canada

4. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

5. BDO Dunwoody, LLP

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Scholarships for Students to Study in Canada

The cost of BBA in Canada for Indian students is pretty high, and therefore, it needs to be planned by the students. To plan your expenses, you should be aware of the university’s fees along with the cost of expenses. Many international students choose Canada as their dream country to pursue higher studies because of various scholarships and grants offered by various universities. The Canadian government provides around 3000 scholarships for international students to pursue quality higher education. Here are the universities in Canada which provide scholarships along with their programs.

  1. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Program offered by the University of Toronto providing benefits of  CAD 45,457 (26,60,604.12 INR).
  2. Seymour Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship program offered by York University with benefits of  CAD 6,776 (3,90,593.01 INR). 
  3. Tanna H. Schulich BBA/iBBA Entrance Scholarship program offered by York University providing benefits of  CAD 6,776 (3,90,593.01 INR). 
  4. Lloyd-Carr Harris Foundation Entrance Scholarship in Business Administration offered by Simon Fraser University, providing a scholarship of  CAD 20,000 (11,70,785 INR).
  5. Hani Zeini Scholarship provided by all the universities in Canada with benefits of  CAD 1000 (58,605.65 INR).
  6. Go Clean Scholarship provided by all the universities in Canada providing benefits of  CAD 3,500 (2,05,159.32 INR)
  7. Bachelor Degree Entrance Scholarship provided by Sheridan College with benefits of  CAD 2,000 (1,17,205.89 INR). 

Job Prospects in Canada after BBA

A candidate can apply many different BBA jobs in Canada after pursuing the course from here. A candidate can apply for the roles of Marketing Analyst, Administrative Assistant, Marketing Specialist, Financial Analyst, Senior Accountant, and Financial Controller among others in top companies. Names of some of the world-class organizations that hire employees from BBA colleges in Canada are mentioned below. 

  1. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce(CIBC)
  2. KPMG, LLP
  3. Deloitte
  4. TD Canada
  5. BDO Dunwoody, LLP
  6. RBC Financial Group
  7. Kraft Food Inc.
  8. Proctor and Gamble
  9. L’Oreal

Average Salary according to the job profile


Average Salary


CAD 56,392 per year

Administrative Assistant

CAD 45,465 per year

Financial Analyst

CAD 63,685 per year

Financial Controller

CAD 21,304 per year

Marketing Analyst

CAD 52,100 per year

Marketing Coordinator

CAD 73,643 per year

Marketing Specialist

CAD 60,336 per year

Senior Accountant

CAD 64,097 per year

Staff Accountant

CAD 55,000 per year

*Salaries are indicative and sourced from various job portals.

Student Work Opportunities (Part-Time Jobs) in Canada

Canada is one of the countries which provides many work opportunities for international students so that they can bear the expense of their studies and their day-to-day lives. If you have a government permit or approval, you can do a part-time job. Most of the part-time jobs in Canada are quite flexible and provide you with the opportunity to balance your studies and work. They also pay quite a decent amount to international students. Here’s a list of the part-time jobs offered to international students in Canada. 

Teacher’s Assistant

Many schools or professors hire international students as teacher assistants (TAs) who would help them in various tasks throughout the teaching session. The work responsibilities may include creating lesson plans, tutoring the students, completing paperwork and updating the students’ grade cards. Generally, a student who has completed one year of university or college is considered fit for this role. 

Part-Time Driving Services

The part-time job of a driver is one of the most popular jobs in Canada and is opted by many international students. All you need is a dependable car, a smartphone and should be above 21 years of age. You can make the most use of the weekends by driving more as more customers use Uber services that day. The pay scale differs according to how often you go. However, you can expect to get CAD 14.00-CAD 25.58 per hour( INR 825.71 to INR 1508.69). 


There are many freelancing job opportunities available in Canada. Starting from a content writer, and graphic designer to a web designer, and the list goes on. This can help you exercise the time between your studies and build a strong resume. You will be able to decide the topic that you want to write on and not just that, you can also decide when you want to work. 


The part-time bartender job is opted for by many students in Canada because of the flexible working hours. However, you need to work on weekends and night shifts. Bartenders in Canada can expect an hourly wage of around CAD 11.00 (INR 648) per hour. However, they receive a lot of tips from the customers. 

Besides the above-listed part-time jobs, there are many more work opportunities for a nanny, bookkeeper, office assistant, programme facilitator, customer service assistant, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the duration of courses in Canada?

In most Canadian universities, the duration of a BBA course is three to four years. Some of the top Canadian universities offering BBA programs are University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University, Western University, Universite de Montreal, among others.

How much approximately does one need to pay to study BBA in Canada?

The tuition fee for pursuing BBA from Canada can range anywhere from CAD 26,000 to 60,000 annually. Additionally, they will have to bear the monthly cost of living which would include rent, food, utilities and other miscellaneous expenses.

What are the different BBA programs available in Canada?

The different formats are BBA full-time, BBA part-time, and BBA co-operative. Students can opt for various specializations like Sustainable Business Practices, Enterprise Systems, Accounting, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, among others.

Can I do BBA in Canada?

The Bachelor of Business Administration or BBA is a 3 to 4-year degree program that aims to teach the students the fundamentals of business management and including finance, accounting, marketing, organizational behavior, and strategy. After completing your 12th grade, you can opt for BBA in Canada as it provides an excellent educational system backed by skilled teachers who are there to help you. Moreover, Canadian universities also allow students to do part-time jobs.

Which BBA profile has the highest salary in Canada?

There are a lot of job profiles that BBA graduates can avail of and which pay very good salaries. Though the salary structure varies from one organization to the other, the highest paying job for a BBA graduate is that of a Marketing Coordinator or Manager. However, a Research and Development Manager, Marketing Analyst, Financial Analyst, and Senior Accountants also draw quite a handsome salary every month.

Is Maths compulsory in 12th for BBA in Canada?

A lot of universities in Canada accept applications for BBA from students who did have Maths in their 12th grade. However, having it is useful as the course includes some modules that require a sound knowledge of statistics and mathematics.

Can a science student do a BBA in Canada?

Yes, a science student also opts for a BBA degree in Canada after completing class 12. Most of the universities in Canada consider the aggregate marks of the students, and there is no specification about the stream from which a student should belong.

Is pursuing a BBA degree worthwhile?

Business schools in Canada provide the most sought-after BBA courses for students. Most international students opt for an undergraduate course to provide the best world-class education and fulfill their entrepreneurial and management goals.

What to do after BBA in Canada?

There are many options available for students to do after completing a BBA in Canada. Besides working and gaining work experience, candidates can pursue higher studies and opt for programs like MBA, Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), Chartered Accountant (CA), Master of Management Studies (MMS), Masters in Digital Marketing, and Masters in Finance Management.

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