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Courses after 12th Science - Colleges ,Careers

Updated on 09 November, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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You will find numerous courses after 12th in science abroad, which cover varied fields. However, why should you look for the best courses after 12th science abroad? Here are some compelling reasons that you should not ignore: 

  • Gain more practical knowledge and insights in your chosen discipline. 
  • Get better professional opportunities and other hands-on learning experiences. These include career options in PCM after 12th or career options in PCB after 12th. 
  • Studying abroad also gives you an opportunity to find suitable scholarships which take care of varied expenses. 
  • You will gain much-needed worldwide exposure along with learning more about other cultures. The multicultural community will be a major boost for you by all means. 
  • Build your personal and professional networks for the future while getting an opportunity to find opportunities in the global market. 

There are numerous career options in science after 12th that will automatically blossom once you start studying abroad. Before deciding on the best career options after 12th science, you should check out these options above all else. 

Top 10 Courses to Pursue after 12th Science

Mechanical Engineering- 

NameQS Subject Rankings 2022Country Fees & Other Details
MITUSA$79,850 per year
Stanford University2USA$55,473 per year
University of Cambridge3UK£37,293 per year
Harvard University4USA$51,143 per year
Delft University of Technology5Netherlands19,600 Euros per year 

Average Salary- $85,530 per year. 

Computer Science Engineering- 

NameQS Subject Rankings 2022CountryFees & Other Details
MIT1USA$79,850 per year
Stanford University2USA$13,350 quarterly
Carnegie Mellon University3USA$52,320
UCBUSA$64,397 per year
University of Oxford5UKBetween £28,950 and £44,240*

Average Salary- $51,137 per year. 

Civil Engineering-

NameQS Subject Rankings 2022CountryFees & Other Details
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1USA$79,850 for a year (approx)
Delft University of Technology2Netherlands19,600 Euros per year 
National University of Singapore (NUS)3SingaporeCourses offered under the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California, Berkeley (UCB)4USA$64,397 per year (approx)
University of Cambridge 5UK£37,293 (approx)

Average Salary- $84,155 per year. 

Chemical Engineering-

NameQS Subject Rankings 2022CountryFees & Other Details
MIT1USA$79,850 per year
Stanford University2USA$55,473 per year (undergraduate)
NUS3SingaporeSGD $53,500 per year
University of Cambridge5UK£37,293

Median Salaries- $91,748 per year

Electrical Engineering-

NameQS Subject Rankings 2022CountryFees & Other Details
MIT1USA$79,850 per year
Stanford University2USA60,273 Euros per year
UCB3USA$64,397 per year
Nanyang Technological University4SingaporeS$17,650
ETH Zurich5SwitzerlandCHF 730 per semester 

Median Salaries- $78,500-162,930

Medical Science-

Name of the UniversityCountryQS Ranking 2022Fees
Harvard UniversityUSA1$44,816
University of Oxford UK2Between £28,950 and £44,240
Stanford UniversityUSA3$21,249 per quarter
University of CambridgeUK4£60210.64
John Hopkins UniversityUSA5$59, 700

Top Employment Positions with Salaries: 

  • Radiation Therapist- $94,000
  • Veterinarian- $109,920 
  • Physician Assistant- $113,689
  • Pediatrician- $198,420
  • Internal Medicine Physician- $292,646


Name of the UniversityCountryQS World Ranking 2022Fees
MITUSA1$79,850 for a year (approx)
Stanford UniversityUSA2$55,473 per year (undergraduate)
University of CambridgeUK3£37,293 (approx)
Harvard UniversityUSA4$51,143 per year
University of California, BerkeleyUSA5$64,397 per year (approx)

Top Employment Positions with Salaries: 

  • Algorithm Engineer- $133,516 
  • Insurance Underwriter-$125,246
  • Actuary- $115,528
  • Applied Research Mathematician- $74,750-115,000


Name of the UniversityCountryQS Ranking 2022Fees
Harvard UniversityUSA2$54,768
Stanford UniversityUSA3$55,473
University of CambridgeUK4£37,293
University of OxfordUK537587.02 GBP

Top Employment Positions with Salaries: 

  • Professor- $65,943
  • Lab Manager- $73,681 
  • Test Engineer- $77,161 
  • Geophysicist- $99,975
  • Research Scientist- $109,859 

Bachelor of Business Administration 

Name of the UniversityCountry Average Fees 
Coventry UniversityUK15177.66 GBP
Heriot-Watt UniversityUK13518.78 GBP
Bocconi UniversityItaly$59,260
National University of SingaporeSingaporeSGD 30997.42 
  • Human Resource Managers- $136,590
  • Purchasing Manager-$134,590
  • Managers- $129,710
  • Product Development Manager- $149,000
  • Operations Manager- $56,888

Journalism and Mass Communication 

QS Rankings 2020University NameCountryAverage Fees
47University of New South WalesAustralia$27039.69 
51-100University of QueenslandAustralia$20894.31
101-150Boston UniversityUSA$46704.93
101-150Massey UniversityNew Zealand$15978
101-150Auckland University of TechnologyNew Zealand$17207.08

Top Employment Positions with Salaries: 

  • Financial Writer- $94,500-127,000 per year
  • Magazine Writer- $39,500-124,500 per year
  • Travel Journalist- $38,500-124,500 per year
  • News Producer- $46,900 per year
  • News Editor- $47,686 per year 

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As you can see, there are several educational opportunities available after completing your 12th science in high school. You can check out these fields and then apply to your chosen universities abroad. Many of these programs also promise exciting career opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which course has the highest salary after 12th science?

Some of the highest paying programs after 12th science include medical science, business administration, engineering, pharmacy, and many others. 


Which BSc course has the highest salary?

Some of the BSc courses with the highest salaries include computer science, mathematics, physics, biotechnology, botany, and more. 





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