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Criminology Courses in Canada

Updated on 12 October, 2023

Shivangi Mishra

Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

The field of criminology is the study of crimes scientifically. Criminologists function under various organizations to help prevent and control the crime rate. In addition to criminal behavior, criminology also teaches about social institutions and systems, sociology, economics, psychology, etc. 


When searching for popular international universities for studying this course, one must consider the criminology courses in Canada. The pinnacle of academic standards of various prestigious Canadian institutions can prove to be the stepping stone for building a career in this field. As an international student, one can expect more freedom and fair treatment in Canada.

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Course Brief

The programs taught as part of the criminology courses in Canada universities vary according to the curriculum of the institutions. However, students can generally find many common subtopics, like: 

Students can develop insight into the criminal mind and gain knowledge about the social justice system by pursuing criminology courses in Canada. Obtaining a degree in this field helps build acute perception, social skills, better awareness, time management, research, and communication skills. 

Top Universities Offering Criminology Courses in Canada

Canada has proven its unrivaled dominance as home to many globally recognized intergovernmental and international institutions. Another important aspect is the higher standard of education and living provided to international candidates. 

Some of the best universities that teach Criminology are in Canada. Here are a few notable names: 

Criminology Courses in Canada Eligibility Criteria: Levels of Education

There are some eligibility factors for getting criminology courses in Canada admission. This includes academic and professional skills. 

The fundamental criminology courses in Canada requirement is an Honors degree or equivalent from a recognized institution. Usually, in Canada, this means a four-year Bachelor’s degree. 

Criminology Courses in Canada Fees 

Name of InstitutionQS World Ranking 2023Course NameFees
University of Toronto34Honours Bachelor of Arts in Criminology, Law & Society (Major, Specialist)CAD 22,603
University of Ottawa237Major in CriminologyCAD 9,173.14
Simon Fraser University328Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Criminology

CAD 2,025.60


(per term)

University of Manitoba651-700Bachelor of Arts in CriminologyCAD 22,020
University of Windsor BA in Criminology CAD 17254.93
Toronto Metropolitan University801-1000Undergraduate Program in CriminologyCAD 31,814 – CAD 31,864

Specializations in Criminology Courses in Canada Universities for International Students

Opting for a specialization program in criminology can help students become better at discovering and analyzing the causes of crime. This, in turn, not only helps the students build a career but also helps in developing initiatives to reduce crime.

Criminology, as a subject, is a growing area that covers numerous subjects. Graduates in this field can also apply to work in social welfare organizations that handle crimes. 

Specializations in criminology courses in Canada subjects include: 

  • Crime and deviance
  • Criminal justice
  • Human rights 
  • Psychology 

Top Universities in Canada

York University, CanadaMcGill UniversityUniversity of Toronto
McMaster UniversityUniversity of AlbertaUniversity of Manitoba
University of CalgaryBrock UniversityTrent University

Scope of Education/Course: Job Prospects

There is ample scope for candidates studying criminology courses in Canada subjects. There is a vast requirement for experts in this field in various segments of the justice system. Graduates of criminology courses in Canada may even find employment opportunities in the government sectors. 

Candidates who pursue criminology can usually find employment in the justice department and government sector. But there are other scopes also. The skills and expertise they acquire during their tenure at the university also include practical knowledge. This allows them to work in different work environments like Financial companies, Management consultation, etc. 

It is also possible for criminology graduates to become civil service administrators, crime investigators, and community development workers. 

Expected remuneration/ Salary 

A graduate in criminology in Canada can typically expect CAD 62,395 as annual compensation. Of course, this is a median estimation, and experienced individuals earn as much as CAD 111K per year. 

Other than being a criminologist, other professionals open to criminology graduates also pay well. The following are a few other positions and the expected average salary of those job roles: 

  • A criminologist in top marketing companies: CAD 101,649 – CAD 110,104
  • Professor of Criminology: CAD 156,804
  • Community and social services worker: CAD 50000

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How long does it take to complete criminology courses in Canada?

In general, the average diploma course in criminology in Canada can take up to two years to complete. An associate degree in criminology courses requires the same amount of time. However, completing a Bachelor’s in Criminology requires four years to finish. 


What are the best criminology courses in Canada?

Canadian universities offer various courses in Criminology, including diploma, graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate programs. With so many options available, it is common to need clarification about choosing the right one.

However, the University of Windsor and the University of Toronto offer one of the best courses in criminology due to their extensive nature. The comprehensive coursework and practical work are suitable for applicants desiring to build a long-lasting career in this field. 

Is it worth studying criminology in Canada?

Yes, a degree in criminology from a deemed Canadian university can open new avenues for international students. This will help them establish a long and fulfilling career. It not only comes with good remuneration but also the satisfaction of contributing to the welfare of society. 





Shivangi Mishra

Sr. Content Editor

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