PG Diploma Courses for Mechanical Engineering in Canada

Choosing PG diploma courses for mechanical engineering in Canada is a wise decision, considering the future prospects of this field of study. Mechanical engineering is the gateway to a fulfilling future career ahead, especially in a country with abundant job prospects such as Canada. At the same time, you will find several new-age additions to many of these courses, including automation, robotics, prototyping, and more. On that note, here’s looking at some of the best PG diploma courses in Canada for mechanical engineering. 

Best PG Diploma Courses in Canada for Mechanical Engineering

You can choose two-year or one-year PG diploma courses in Canada for mechanical engineering.

Name of the Institution Course Name Average Fees Duration Intakes Admission Requirements
Humber College Mechanical Engineering Technology (with work placement) $16,394 6 semesters September, January
  • OSSD or equivalent
  • Grade 12 English
  • Grade 12 Mathematics
  • Two Grade 11/12 Courses
  • English language proficiency
  • Alternatives- Mature Student Status/College or University Transfer Status
Fanshawe College Practical Elements of Mechanical Engineering $16,124.80 1 year September, January, and May
  • Completed first/second/third year of mechanical engineering at an approved institution or equivalent
  • English language proficiency
Concordia University Mechanical Engineering (Grad. Cert) N/A 1 year September, January, May/June
  • Bachelor‚Äôs engineering degree
  • English language proficiency
Conestoga Mechanical Engineering Technology- Design and Analysis $16,569.54 3 years September
  • OSSD or equivalent
  • 19 years of age
  • Grade 12 English
  • Grade 12 Mathematics
  • Minimum Grade Percentages as Required
George Brown College Mechanical Engineering Technology-Design $15,190 for 2 semesters
$22,785 for 3 semesters
3 years Fall, Spring, and Winter
  • OSSD
  • Grade 12 English
  • Grade 11 Math


Eligibility criteria vary across institutions. Some of the general guidelines include the following: 

  1. OSSD or equivalent. Some insist on bachelor’s degrees. 
  2. English language proficiency. 
  3. Grade 12 English and Mathematics as required. 
  4. Other subject and percentage requirements as per the institution. 
  5. English language proficiency. 

Duration of the programs 

Tenures may range between 1-3 years on average for these programs. 

Application cycle/Academic cycle/Intakes 

The intakes are usually in September, January, and May. 


$4,405-$16,000 is the average tuition fee range for courses in this segment. 

Job prospects

There are several job positions that graduates may pursue, including electro-mechanical technicians, CAD designers, and mechanical engineers. There are other fields to pursue, including mechanical design, designs for additive production, design validation, and even research and development. Graduates can also venture into CAD-based operations, testing, equipment installations, production, technical sales, and a lot more. Some find employment in technical divisions which produce, design, and maintain automated systems and equipment throughout various industries. Engineering backgrounds help qualified graduates shift to senior careers and responsibility levels accordingly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which is the best PG course for mechanical engineering?

There are several PG course options in the mechanical engineering field. Some of them include the Master of Engineering in Tool Design, M. Tech in Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Piping Design and Engineering, Masters in Business Administration, Nanotechnology, and Mechatronics.

Q2. Which course is best in Canada after mechanical engineering?

Some of the top choices for aspirants include MBA degrees in supply chain management, operations management, or retail management. Other options include Mechatronics, tool design, nanotechnology, and more.

Q3. Can I go to Canada after my diploma in mechanical engineering?

Yes you can get admission into some Bachelor’s programs or a two-year undergraduate diploma in Canada. However, you should have got a score above 50% at least.

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