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A Glimpse of the Cost of Living in Vancouver

Updated on 08 November, 2023

Kanika Pruthi

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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Vancouver is one of the world’s most popular cities for higher education, professional opportunities, and tourism. However, the cost of living in Vancouver can seem expensive since it is quite high compared to the national Canadian average. Here is a helpful guide that you can use to chalk out your future living expenses in Vancouver and strategize in advance on minimizing them as much as possible. Read on for more information below.  


Average Cost of Living in Vancouver

The average living cost in Vancouver is estimated at C$4,684 per month for one individual. This calculation includes books, supplies, miscellaneous expenditures, clothing, food, and local transportation. The cost to live in Vancouver varies across multiple regions. 

Cost of Living in Vancouver against Number of Family Members

Here is the cost of living in Vancouver as per the number of family members (per month): 

Number of MembersApproximate Monthly Living Costs 

Cost of Study in Canada: Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students

List of Necessary Items with Their Cost

Here are some necessary items with their estimated monthly costs. This will help you chalk out the average cost of living in Vancouver for Indian and other international students.

Item NameEstimated Monthly Cost
Loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)C$3.05 
Milk (regular) (1 liter)C$2.29 
Eggs (regular) (12)C$4.79 
Rice (white) (1kg)C$4.09 
Chicken Fillets (1kg)C$15.11 
Oranges (1kg)C$3.93 
Local Cheese (1kg)C$15.23 
Apples (1kg)C$4.09 
Banana (1kg)C$1.85 
Lettuce (1 head)C$3.02 
Water (1.5 litre bottle)C$2.58 
Tomato (1kg)C$4.43 
Onion (1kg)C$2.50 
Potato (1kg)C$2.86 

Average Rent in Vancouver

The average cost of living in Vancouver is also influenced by the monthly accommodation costs. Here is a closer look for your perusal: 

  • Rentals- C$1,500-C$2,500 (C$18,000-3C$0,000 per year)
  • Tenant Insurance- C$25-C$35 (C$300-C$420 per year)

Study Cost and University Tuition Fee 

It also goes without saying that the average living expenses in Vancouver are also dependent on your study costs. Here is a guide for your benefit (taking UBC as an example): 

  • Bachelors- C$27,673 per year. 
  • Masters- C$4,237 per year. 
  • Doctorate- C$6,613 per year

Transportation Costs in Vancouver

Transportation expenses also contribute to the monthly cost of living in Vancouver. Here is an estimate for your benefit: 

  • Monthly public transportation ticket- C$127
  • Taxi (8km)- C$27
  • Gasoline (1 liter)- C$1.67

Cost of Utilities and Bills in Vancouver

The average costs of utilities for apartments in Vancouver range between C$50-150 per month. These include heating, cooling, garbage, water, and electricity. 

Affordable Regions to live in Vancouver 

Here are some of the affordable regions to live in Vancouver (housing and utilities per month): 

  • Metro Vancouver- C$1,575-C$2,685
  • Surrey- C$1,475-C$2,085
  • West Vancouver- C$1,975-C$2,685
  • North Vancouver- C$1,975-C$2,685
  • Coquitlam- C$1,575-C$2,185
  • Richmond- C$1,575-C$2,185

Understanding the cost of living in Vancouver is crucial for any aspiring international student. It will help you work out the best possible strategy to keep your costs in check while also allocating sufficient funds for meeting living expenses.


What is the average living cost in Vancouver?

Including rent, the average living cost is around C$3,771.31 per month for one individual. 

Is Vancouver more expensive than India?

The average cost of living for one person in Vancouver is around C$3,771.31 each month, including rent. In Indian rupees, it is around INR 2,32,505 per month. In comparison, the average monthly cost of living in New Delhi stands at around INR 22,000-24,000 per month for a single individual. 

What is the highest-paid job in Vancouver?

Some of the best-paying jobs in Vancouver pay approximately C$145,500 per year and upwards. Entry-level positions usually come with salaries of C$40,963 per year, with the median average being C$62,098 per year. 

Kanika Pruthi

Sr. Content Writer & Study Abroad Expert

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