Cost of Living in Dublin – A Brief Guide

Cost of Living in Dublin, Ireland for Students & Families

Students who wish to study in Ireland must know about the cost of living in Dublin. The Irish capital is one of the costliest cities in the world, although certain things are comparatively affordable than many other nations. You should first work out the average cost of living in Dublin before deciding. 

Cost of Living in Dublin- Summaries

  • The cost of living in Dublin for an Indian family of four is roughly €3,817 (INR 3.23 lakh) per month. 
  • The cost of living is approximately €1,014 (INR 86,000) for a single person each month.
  • The average cost of living in Dublin for Indian students is around €1,240-1,880 (INR 1.04-1.59 lakh), depending on their lifestyle and preferences. 

Cost of Living in Dublin- Multiple Parameters

Average Rent in Dublin 

Dublin’s higher cost of living is majorly due to its high rentals. Here’s taking a look at some of the figures that you should be aware of: 

  1. Dublin South City and Dublin City Centre- €2,044 (INR 1.73 lakh) per month for average properties. It is high compared to the national average, which is around €1,391 (INR 1.18 lakh) each month. 
  2. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city is €1,700 (INR 1.44 lakh), while a two-bedroom apartment comes for a little less than €2,000 (INR 1.69 lakh) each month. 
  3. Shared house private bedrooms start from €650 (INR 55,000) each month. Sharing a room means rentals may come down to €400 (INR 34,000) per month. 
  4. The average rentals in South County Dublin are €2,156 (INR 1.82 lakh) per month, while Central Dublin follows at €2,016 (INR 1.70 lakh) each month. 
  5. North Dublin rentals are roughly €1,847 (INR 1.56 lakh) per month. 
  6. The lowest average monthly rentals may be found at Donegal at €628 (INR 53,000) per month or Leitrim at €577 (INR 49,000) per month and even Roscommon at €674 (INR 57,000) per month. Longford has rentals of €680 (INR 57,500) per month. 

Country-Wise Cost of Living Guides

Tuition Fees at Leading Universities 

  •     Dublin City University- €12,600-18,000 (10.66 lakh to 15.22 lakh) for UG courses, with Early Childhood Education and similar programs being more affordable and courses like Athletic Therapy Training being the costliest. Computing and engineering programs cost at least €15,000 (INR 12.68 lakh) by way of their fees. 
  •     University College Dublin- €16,800-25,600 is usually charged for annual tuition fees at the undergraduate level. This works out to roughly INR 14.21 lakh to INR 21.65 lakh). 
  •     Trinity College Dublin- €13,768-29,548 is the approximate fee range for undergraduate courses, while full-time postgraduate programs may cost even higher. This works out from roughly INR 11.65 lakh to INR 25 lakh. 
  •   TU Dublin- The average undergraduate tuition costs are between €11,650-21,886 or INR 9.85 lakh to INR 18.51 lakh. 
  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland- Average tuition fees are around €24,000 per year or INR 20.30 lakh. 

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Food Costs in Dublin 

  • Bread Loaf- €1.52-3 (INR 129-254). 
  • Milk (1 liter)- €0.75-1.50 (INR 64-127). 
  • White Rice (1 kg)- €1-2.50 (INR 85-212). 
  • Chicken (1 kg)- €3.50-12 (INR 297-1,015). 
  • Eggs (12)- €1.73-4.18 (INR 147-347). 
  • Cheese (1 kg)- €3.78-20 (INR 320-1,700). 
  • Apples (1 kg)- €1-3.50 (INR 85-297). 
  • Oranges (1 kg)- €0.85-5 (INR 72-423). 
  • Tomatoes (1 kg)- €0.80-5 (INR 68-423). 
  • Potatoes (1 kg)- €0.80-2.20 (INR 68-186). 
  • Onions (1 kg)- €0.59-2 (INR 50-170). 
  • Water (1.5 litre bottle)- €0.50-2 (INR 42-170). 

A meal at a restaurant usually costs between €12 and €70 depending on where you are eating. This works out to roughly INR 1,000-6,000 on average.

Transportation Costs in Dublin 

Dublin has an excellent public transportation system for users. The Leap Card is a godsend, with a weekly limit of €40 (INR 3,384 approximately). It helps you get transportation facilities at more than 30% lower costs than paying via cash. A liter of diesel/petrol is usually around €1.40-1.72 or INR 118-1146. If you are renting a car for any reason, factor in steep parking costs in Dublin at €3.20 (INR 271) for every hour. 

  • One-way ticket- €2.50-3.50 (INR 212-300). 
  • Monthly pass- €100-160 (INR 8,458-13,533). 
  • Taxi Starting Fare- €4-7 (INR 338-593). 
  • Taxi Fare for 1 km- €1.20-3 (INR 101-254). 
  • Price of buying a car (example Volkswagen Golf or equivalent)- €25,000-32,000 (INR 21.14-27.06 lakh). 
  • Price of buying a sedan (Toyota Corolla or equivalent)- €26,489 on average (INR 22.40 lakh onwards). 

Average Utilities and Bills 

There are some utility costs that you should budget for as well. They include the following: 

  • Electricity, heating, water, garbage, and cooling- €100-300 (INR 8,457-25,372) per month. 
  • Prepaid mobile phone tariff- €0.13-0.40 for one minute (INR 11-34). 
  • Internet plans- €50-60 per month (INR 4,228-5,075). 

Tips to Save Money in Dublin 

  • While cabs may appear convenient at times, refrain from using them frequently and instead hop onto a local bus. Buses help in affordably commuting across the city. 
  • The Dublin Bikes sharing program is an affordable way to explore the city. 
  • You will find many early bird special offers at restaurants in Dublin which will be cheaper than regular meals. 
  • Get some entertainment for free without paying anything extra by checking out live music and other performances at various pubs in Dublin. Half pints are also cheaper alternatives. 
  • Getting to the airport is sometimes a major task due to the lack of subway systems or trains linking the city center and Dublin Airport. However, taking a taxi will cost you a bomb. You can go for local buses that make numerous stops or the Aircoach, the 24-hour express service. 
  • You can buy the Dublin Pass to save money on entry tickets to several landmarks and attractions.

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