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How to Pursue MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada?

Updated on 05 May, 2023

Bulbul Sharma

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Pharmaceutical management is a discipline that incorporates health and chemical sciences with management techniques. It teaches students about the safe use of pharmaceutical drugs while providing them with tools to conduct further research.

A bachelor’s in pharmacy and related domains introduces students to basic medicine. Candidates looking to explore the field further can opt for an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada to gain familiarity with managerial skills and find employment in high-paying positions in the sector.

Canada has innumerable lucrative opportunities, thanks to its innovative pharmaceutical sector with a 2.1% share in the global market. Hailed as the ninth-largest world market for pharmaceutical sales, the pharmaceutical industry has strong roots in Canada.

Universities offering an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada emphasize practical learning with modern research facilities. Additionally, industrial visits and business case studies help improve students’ understanding of the sector.

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Top Universities Offering an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada

Canada is considered one of the most popular education destinations, with over 220 public and private universities all over the country. While all of them follow a basic standard of education, it is crucial to understand and aim for the best in the country.

On that note, here are some top universities for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada.

Name of UniversityTuition FeeSubject ranking worldwide (for pharmacy and pharmacology)Program and SpecializationDuration
University of TorontoApprox. CAD 46,270 per year9PharmD-MBA programme5 years
University of AlbertaCAD 35,00085MBA Pharmacy combined programme5 years
University of SaskatchewanApprox. CAD 60,612251 – 300PharmD and MBA Combined Programs5 years
Queen’s University at KingstonCAD 25,000301 – 350Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Management and Innovation10 months

Eligibility for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada

The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada is a postgraduate program that admits students who have completed their bachelor’s from accredited institutes. Since most of these are combined programs, they require students to be accepted into the pharmacy program first.

Fulfilling the following requirements grants students the eligibility for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada.

  • An undergraduate degree in related disciplines like biomedical, public health sciences, or pharmaceuticals
  • Minimum grade (usually A-) during the undergraduate study period
  • Scores of English proficiency tests (which may differ by the institute, but standard tests include IELTS or TOEFL)
  • Additionally, some universities accept applications from students pursuing the last year of their undergraduate degree.

Following confirmation of admission, candidates are enrolled for the combined course. The structure for the five-year study is as follows.

  • Two years of pharmacy degree
  • Two years of management studies
  • One year of pharmacy degree

Levels of Education

The MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada is only offered as a postgraduate course. Even for combined programs, candidates are only eligible if they complete a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institute.

Some universities offer the flexibility for MSc and MCom students to apply for the course, irrespective of the subjects chosen.

Scope of the MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the driving forces of the Canadian market, with more than 200 active enterprises in the country. These contribute to a total of CAD 15 billion to the gross domestic product value of Canada and employ over 100,000 individuals.

Since the pandemic, research activity in the sector has increased substantially. Innovation leads the charge as multiple drugs are created and tested to improve the quality of life.

As advancement in the health sector continues, the industry needs skilled professionals with extensive knowledge of management concepts and drug use. Hence, admission to MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada can help students cater to this demand.

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Five-year-integrated Pharmaceutical Management courses offer students the opportunity to branch out into multiple domains of the pharmaceutical industry. To ensure this, here are some offered subjects in MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada.

  • Economic foundations
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Global business environment
  • Data analysis and decision making
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • Pathophysiology
  • Medicinal Chemistry

Combined with a solid academic curriculum, students are exposed to real-life examples and business models to understand the intersection between management and pharmaceuticals.

Cost of Attendance

The fees for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada are high, going up to CAD 46,270 per year for five-year courses. However, the integration of business and pharmacy allows these courses to cover comprehensive insights and provide a complete perspective of drug use and management.

Students also have the option to opt for a one-year diploma at CAD 25,000 after their undergraduate program.

Job Prospects

The field of Pharmaceutical Management offers a flexible curriculum for students to adapt to numerous roles after completion. Here are some of the expected job profiles with average remuneration in Canada.

Job TitleAnnual Expected Remuneration
Healthcare Product Manager CAD 81,042
Pharmaceuticals Market ManagerCAD 83,113
Pharmaceutical Business Development ManagerCAD 81,819
Project Manager for PharmaceuticalsCAD 79,116
Pharmaceutical ConsultantCAD 75,485


Why pursue an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada?

Unlike standard pharmaceutical degrees, an MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada introduces candidates to an amalgamation of management and drug use. The course provides additional insights into effective drug development, discovery and research, and effective marketing and finance techniques.

Are there requirements for admission to MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada?

Students must hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field like medical sciences to be eligible for Pharmaceutical Manager. The other requirements for admission to MBA in Pharmaceutical Management in Canada are as follows.

  • English proficiency test scores
  • Minimum grades in an undergraduate degree (at the discretion of each university)

Bulbul Sharma

Manager- Content @upGrad

Bulbul is a self-driven professional and an expert writer & editor. She has been a part of the ed-tech industry for the past 2 years now and is motivated to provide study abroad aspirants with factually correct and relevant information. Her knack for impactful writing makes her blogs worth a read!

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