All There Is to Know Regarding an MBA in Digital Marketing in Canada

An MBA in Digital Marketing can help you land the dream job in a multinational in today’s world. The program is becoming immensely popular with each passing time as the world enters a new digital era. Pursuing a program like MBA in digital marketing in Canada can make a candidate valuable to industries like finance, marketing, and many others. 

But what exactly is an MBA program in Digital Marketing that makes it so lucrative? First of all, it is a management program that is not limited to students of commerce. 

The Master of Business Administration program is suited for graduate candidates from all educational fields. It is considered a professional and a terminal degree that can open up new career opportunities. 

This article provides all the necessary information needed for applying to study in a developed country like Canada. It fulfills the need for information regarding the top MBA universities offering Digital Marketing programs, fee structure, and other details. 

Brief Introduction to Digital Marketing MBA In Canada

A Digital Marketing MBA is a postgraduate course that many Canadian universities offer and many global organizations recognize. The courses offered by the universities are usually two years long and help students acquire more profound knowledge about brand promotion. 

In addition, students also learn various other skills, such as 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Copywriting
  • Fundamental Design Skills
  • Customer Behavior Analysis, etc.¬†

Reasons to Pursue an MBA in Digital Marketing in Canada

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing in Canada is an excellent career move for many reasons. For example:¬†

Better Opportunity for Career Growth

Digital media is claiming dominance exponentially across all industries, and businesses are embracing the change. With Canada’s advertising and digital media industry gaining more significance, the demand for professionals in this field is also increasing. The result is lucrative job opportunities for Digital Marketing professionals.¬†

Greater Affordability 

Canada, home to many reputed educational facilities, is a favorite destination for international candidates. The easygoing lifestyle, better accessibility to resources, and availability of scholarships/grants/award programs make the courses highly affordable. Naturally, international students who wish to study abroad have a reason to prefer Canada. 

Higher Pay Packages

The growth and inclusion of digital marketing in Canadian business expands not only the career prospects but also the salary packages. A skilled professional in this field can increase their remuneration by leaps and bounds within a short time. Graduating from a renowned MBA college only fortifies this goal. 

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for an MBA in Digital Marketing in Canada differs according to the universities. However, some basic requirements may be similar, such as: 

  • A bachelor‚Äôs degree or equivalent recognized by reputed educational institutions¬†
  • GPA above 3 or 4
  • Qualifying for any of the English language proficiency tests (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL)
  • A letter of recommendation¬†
  • A letter of purpose¬†
  • An admission essay
  • Student visa application¬†
  • Work experience (optional)

How to Apply

The top Canadian colleges offering MBA in Digital Marketing tend to have similar application procedures. Candidates need to take a step-by-step approach to apply to their chosen university. 

  • First, they must choose the type of digital marketing curriculum and college.¬†
  • Then, the application form from the respective college must be filled out.
  • Required application fees need to be submitted.
  • All documents mentioned by the university must be prepared beforehand to avoid a rush.¬†
  • Candidates may need to prepare for an interview round if the university requires it.
  • Budgeting needs to be planned.¬†
  • Candidates must also find out if they are eligible for a scholarship and apply accordingly.

Each university has its own application process, and it is better to gain a clear understanding of that first before applying. 

Table: Top Canadian Universities Offering MBA in Digital Marketing

University/Institute Rank Course Name Duration 
George Brown College 4th¬† Marketing Management ‚Äď Digital Media Program (Postgraduate) (B433) One year
Durham College 92nd Marketing ‚Äď Business Two years
York University 456 Master of Marketing (MMKG) One year
University of Toronto  34th Digital Marketing Management Three years
The University of British Columbia 47th Master of Digital Media Two years

MBA Digital Marketing in Canada: Average Fee Structure 

The fee structure for an MBA in Digital Marketing may vary according to the University that offers it. A few factors, however, help determine these variations, such as: 

  • Public or private university¬†
  • Duration of the course¬†
  • Availability of scholarship programs¬†
  • Living cost of a particular area

Cost of attendance: Despite these variations, a general estimate can be drawn based on the average country-wise fee in Canada. On average, this can cost anywhere between 8500 CAD and 20,000 CAD.

Cost of living: Students must calculate the cost of living in addition to the tuition fees. Usually, this is within the range of CAD 8000 to CAD 10000.

Of course, these are ballpark figures, and it is recommended that the candidates verify the fee structure with the respective university first.  

Specializations in Digital Marketing MBA in Canada

A program in MBA digital marketing Canada includes all the necessary aspects that top recruiters look for in a candidate. Although Canadian institutions offer courses that may be different in structure, one can expect some key functional areas of study when applying. These include: 

  • Digital media¬†
  • Social media marketing¬†
  • KPI evaluation¬†
  • SEO optimization¬†
  • Content development and marketing¬†
  • Digital entrepreneurship¬†
  • Target analysis of the audience¬†
  • Sales management¬†
  • Strategic planning¬†

Management courses are generally highly comprehensive, and the MBA program in Digital Marketing is no different. Hence, any course pursued by a reputed Canadian university can grant candidates the expertise suited for the job market. 

Academic Cycle: Intakes & Deadlines: General

Below is the average intake and availability timeline for some of the prominent Canadian universities’ MBA Digital Marketing programs for international candidates: 

University  Intakes and Availability Deadline
Durham College May 2023

September 2023

May 1, 2023
George Brown College January, May, and September 2023 Winter 2023

Spring 2023

York University September 2023 Round 1 – October 5, 2022

Round 2 – January 25, 2023

Round 3 – April 5, 2023

Round 4 – June 7, 2023

University of Toronto Fall 2023 Early Round ‚Äď September 2, 2022

Round 1 ‚Äď October 3, 2022

Round 2 ‚Äď January 13, 2023

Round 3 ‚Äď March 6, 2023

Round 4 ‚Äď April 28, 2023

The University of British Columbia Fall 2023 February 6, 2023

Top Recruiters That Value an MBA Digital Marketing in Canada

An MBA program in Digital Marketing from a deemed Canadian university not just ensures jobs within the country but also worldwide. Some of the global leaders today that hire such professionals are: 

  • Deloitte
  • HCL Technologies
  • KPMG
  • McKinsey
  • Morgan Stanley

Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing in Canada: Career Prospects

An MBA Digital Marketing graduate is eligible for various job roles in Canada and worldwide, such as: 

Job Role  Annual Remuneration 
Content Manager  CAD 64630 
Digital Advertising Strategist CAD 62,534
Digital Marketing Manager CAD 61059 
SEO Manager  CAD 63581 
Social Media Manager  CAD 53834 

Of course, this is the average salary, and experienced candidates can expect greater remunerations. 


What is the scope for digital marketing professionals in Canada? 

Canada, one of the world’s most developed countries, offers many opportunities for digital marketing professionals. Moreover, education in the country is highly affordable for international students, helping the job market expand.¬†

What is the average duration of MBA courses in Digital Marketing in Canada?

The average course duration for an MBA program in Digital Marketing at a Canadian university is 1-2 years.  

Which are the highest-paid job roles that digital marketing graduates can apply for? 

An MBA program in Digital Marketing in Canada can help candidates land lucrative jobs. Digital marketing managers, e-commerce specialists, brand marketing experts, social media marketers, and SEO specialists are some of the notable jobs.

Is an MBA in Digital Marketing in Canada a relevant course in 2022?

Yes, the rapid industrial growth and higher demand for digital content in Canada offer tremendous new opportunities for fresh MBA graduates in Canada. 

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