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Part time jobs in Canada

Studying abroad is expensive. For international college students, getting a part-time job for the extra money might be the only option to pay for rent, fees, and any other personal expenses. Canada is one of the most favorable destinations for international students. The good news is that Canada allows part-time jobs in Canada for international students. Studying abroad is expensive. Part-time jobs can help students manage their expenditures by having a source of income while pursuing studies.

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Job Regulations for International Students in Canada

Foreign nationals wishing to land good career opportunities in Canada need a work permit, which works as a legal document giving authorization to the foreign national to engage in employment and receive wages or compensation from the Canadian employer. However, there are certain circumstances when a foreign national can work without a work permit in Canada. Here are the important things to know:

Who can work off-campus?

You and the employer who hires both need to make sure that you are eligible to work without a permit off-campus before joining the company. If you have started working, and you don’t meet the criteria, you might face legal action.

You are permitted to work in Canada only when your studies have started. If you want to work even before your studies get started, it is essential to get a permit or you would have to wait for work and study in Canada together. If you get the allowance to work while studying, it will be covered under your study permit. 

Who is eligible?

You are allowed to work off-campus without any work permit if you meet these requirements:

1) You are studying at a designated institution or college as a full-time student.

2) You have enrolled yourself in a secondary-level training program or post-secondary vocational, academic, or professional training program. 

3) The program for which you are in Canada is a minimum of 6 months long and has a certificate, diploma or degree.

4) Your studies have started.

5) The social insurance number (SIN) is with you.

If you are considering working as a part-time student, you can work off-campus only if you have met all the requirements mentioned above.

Also, if you have got the authorization to take time off from your studies or you are switching colleges, and institutes and not studying, you will not be able to work off-campus. Part-time jobs in Canada for international students are only applicable when they are studying. 

Want to work in Canada?

A SIN is provided by the Government of Canada which is a 9-digit number. It is essential if you want to work in Canada. To apply, any of these conditions should be printed on your study permit:

1) Might accept an employment offer on or off-campus if the student is eligible, per paragraph R186 (f), (v), or (w) and the work can be ceased if a student is no longer eligible.

2) Might work 20 hours off-campus or full-time at the time of breaks if a student meets the criteria mentioned in paragraph 186 (v) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations.

If there are no work conditions on the permit, then you can ask the officials to add it if you are eligible to work. There’s no additional fee to get the regulation added. 

You’ll have to request the amendment to your study permit before applying for the SIN from the Canadian government.

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How many hours are allowed to work off-campus?

During regular semesters and terms, a student is allowed to work for 20 hours a week. Whereas, they are allowed to work full-time if they are on summer and winter holidays, or a spring or fall reading week. You can also work overtime or even take 2 part-time jobs at a time that adds more than the usual number of hours and you would also be able to earn for your cost of living in Canada.

If you want to work as a full-time employee, you must be a full-time student both after and before the vacation. 

How many hours come under full-time work?

No hours are set per week to work full-time. However, employers need to follow all the laws such as shift timings and overtime pay.

If there are no breaks in between your studies, you can work for 20 hours a week. If you work for more than 20 hours a week, it will be considered violating the rules of your study permit conditions. There are chances of losing your student status and you might not get the approval to work and study in the future. You will also have to leave Canada. 

Who is not eligible to work off-campus?

You cannot work without a work permit if these situations are applicable in your case:

1) The study permit says you don’t have the authorization to work off-campus while studying

2) You only take general interest courses

3) You have only enrolled yourself in French or English learning as another language program

4) You only take the courses that accept full-time program

5) You are no longer in a situation where you meet all the necessary requirements needed to work off-campus

If any of these are applicable, and you still want to work in Canada, it is mandatory to apply for the permit.

If your situation while studying has changed

If you were unable to work off-campus, but now the scenario has changed, the conditions of the work permit can be changed as well. 

The conditions can be changed under these circumstances:

1) Your study program has changed to the one that allows you to work off-campus

2) The condition is included on the study permit which doesn’t apply now

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How to Change the Conditions on the Study Permit?

You’ll have to apply for a new study permit in Canada. While applying online, the checklist will include extending your stay, applying to change conditions or staying in Canada. On the application form, you need to tick the box that states “apply for a study permit for the first time or extends my study permit” and fill out all the details. 

You will also have to write a letter stating ‘why do you need to remove the conditions from the permit?’

Working after Completing the Program

After completion of the studies, you can work full-time if you’re fulfilled these two criteria:

1) You have already applied for the work permit before the expiry of the study permit

2) You are starting a new program

How to Find a Part-Time Job in Canada for International Students?

Canada is considered a popular destination to study abroad for various international students who wish to join the university for a Bachelor’s, Master’s or research program. If you are also the one considering this option, you might also look for employment options along with the degree program.

With this, you can support yourself financially and focus on your studies which will be beneficial for your career ahead. At the time of the study, working in Canada will be the best experience where you will get to adapt to the culture of the country faster while receiving a decent salary. 

It is essential to know the rules and regulations as an international student and where you need to find where you could get a job easily.

What Are the Part-Time Jobs for Canadian Students?

After starting your degree program, you get the option to work both on and off-campus. As studying internationally, you can work under such conditions:

1) Full-time (40 hours a week) if you have the holidays

2) Part-time (20 hours a week) at the time of semesters

You can even work as an intern or by applying as a volunteer; a special light can be added to your CV. 

The options can easily be reached by the international students, all thanks to various programs that Canada offers. The major one and the most popular is the Youth Employment Strategy which has a focus on streams such as career focus, skills link, and Canada summer jobs.

Who Is Eligible to Get a Part-Time or Summer Job While Studying in Canada?

To qualify for the job off-campus, the following criteria need to be followed:

1) You must be a full-time student with a study permit

2) Social Insurance Number is mandatory

3) You must be a student of the designated institution at the post-secondary level

4) If you are considering working on-campus, a SIN or work permit isn’t needed, and the 20 hours in the week time limit can also be exceeded.

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Steps to Find a Good Job for International Students in Canada

Before searching for jobs in Canada for students, get a SIN number which is essential for work. You can apply for the same from the Canadian government. Also, some jobs in Canada ask for a minimum age that is different per the provinces of the country. 

You should not only prepare yourself for the interviews, write a cover letter or CV, but also go through the websites of the job portal. There’s also an option of a “hidden job market” based upon recommendations so you are advised to make your network and connections strong that will benefit you.

Some of the ways in which your network can be expanded are:

1) Volunteer for the work

2) Join a student or professional committee

3) Be the participate in business meetings and sessions

You can also search online for the job lists with websites available for students in Canada.

The top cities in Canada where you can find part-time jobs in Canada for students are Vancouver, Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Ottawa, Burnaby, etc. 

Tips for the Students for Work and Study in Canada

1) Make sure to be specific while writing about your qualities, experience, skills, and knowledge in the job application form. You can also add a reference to your resume.

2) At the time of the interview, make a good impression, pay attention to what they are saying, and show some interest to collaborate in the future.

3) Choose your job wisely as it can severely impact your job in the future. Try to look for a job that is related to what you are studying.

4) After completing graduation, you can apply for the post-graduation work permit where you can work for three years. While applying, make sure to have a valid study permit and apply within 3 months of the release of your final grades.

The Best Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Indian Students 

Certain part-time jobs with minimum wages in Canada for international students offer the best wages and you only need to work on weekends or some evenings. The best thing is that you might find a job related to your field better for your future.

The following are the high paid jobs for students studying in Canada:

1) Tutor ($10.00-$20.00/hour)

Do you have any interest in a particular subject? Do you enjoy teaching others? If the answer is yes, tutoring is perfect for you. You can give tuition to students in elementary school, college-level, or anywhere in between.

2) Teacher’s assistant ($15.50-$25.00/hour)

Various professors and schools hire assistants to help them with different tasks throughout the term. Tasks include helping students, updating paperwork, creating lessons, and student upgrades. It is required for the applicant to have completed a year of college, should have experience in the course, and have great skills.

3) Freelancer ($25.70/hour)

A freelancer can be anyone like a web designer, writer, graphic designer, etc. Freelancing can be done in every industry. If the industry is creative, you will be offered great compensation. 

4) Translator ($22.16/hour)

If you are good at languages, you can join in as a translator. To be the one, you must speak, write, and read a specific language fluently. You can either join the organization or work independently.

5) Salesperson ($15.42-$50.00/hour and higher)

If you are good at convincing people, this is the job for you that offers the best per hour wages in Canada for international students. Income entirely depends on where you work. Sell more and make more.

6) Babysitter (is $16-$18 per hour)

Babysitter/nanny is another job suitable for international part-time workers in Canada. 

7) House Manager ($22.77 per hour)

A house manager is responsible for handling the daily operations of a house as per the homeowner’s needs.

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Minimum Wages and Income Taxes for International Students in Canada

It is important to know what minimum wage is for your province of residence so that you do not accept jobs that are not rewarding the same. Minimum wages in Canada are defined differently by each province. Here are the recent provincial minimum wages in Canada-

Alberta $15.00 General Workers
$13.00 Student Under 18 (less than 28 hrs/wk when school is in session)
British Columbia $15.20 General Workers
$15.20 Liquor Servers
($15.65 June 1, 2022)
Saskatchewan $11.81
Manitoba $11.95
Ontario $15.00 General Workers
$14.10 Student Under 18 (less than 28 hrs/wk)
Québec $14.25
$11.40 If Gratuities Apply
New Brunswick $12.75
($13.75 October 1, 2022)
Nova Scotia $13.35
Prince Edward Island $13.70
Newfoundland & Labrador $13.20
Yukon $15.70
Northwest Territories $15.20
Nunavut $16.00
Federal Rate $15.55


Most international students submit an income tax form to the government to receive tax credits. International students may have to pay Canadian income tax on income earned from teaching and/or research assistantships, other employment, and investment and business income. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Are part-time jobs available while studying in Canada?

You might be eligible to work in Canada while studying if your study permit states conditions that allow you to work on or off-campus. It is essential to meet the requirements that we have mentioned in this article. You can only work after starting with your studies. You cannot work before that.

Q2. Is it easy to get a part-time job in Canada?

With motivation and focus, one can easily find the right job in Canada. Everything starts with their best resume. Poorly written resumes will lead to a negative impact. You need to be enthusiastic. If you have already given the interview and it’s been a week, make sure to follow up. Multiple online portals will help you get it in an easy way.

Q3. Do freshers get jobs in Canada?

Well, getting a job for international students in Canada is not very hard if you fulfill the criteria to be able to work. So, if you want to be employed, make sure to be clear about the services, industry, and duration. Yes, Canada’s job industry welcomes you as a fresher.

Q4. How much can a student earn part-time in Canada?

International students are allowed to work for 20 hours a week at the time of studies and 40 hours a week during vacation. They can easily earn $8-$10 per hour which entirely depends upon your job role. Students can even work full time and can earn about $10-$15 per hour which amounts to $500-$1000 per month.

Q5. Can I cover my study expenses and living expenses through part-time jobs in Canada?

No, you cannot afford your daily expenses and tuition fee with only a part-time job. You only get some limited hours to work as a student and you get the permit to study here. As an international student, you have to pay 3 times more than what a domestic student pays. You will not be able to make that kind of money working for only 20 hours a week. It is better to make some financial arrangements in advance along with working part-time.

Q6 How to find and apply for part-time jobs in Canada?

Part-time jobs in Canada can be found via advertisements, job boards and portals and through references. Ensure that your resume is ready before applying.

Q7 How much do part-time jobs pay in Canada?

Salary for part-time jobs can vary according to the work as well as the province. However, all employers ensure that they pay the minimum wage prescribed by the Canadian government. For general workers the minimum wage is CAD15/hour while for students under 18 who are working during holidays the minimum wage is CAD13/hour. College students are paid by hours for part-time work which is around CAD 10/hour.

Q8 What kind of part-time jobs are available in Canada?

One can find work as helpers/housekeeping staff in restaurants and hotels, tutoring jobs, be a freelance writer/editor, caregiver to elderly, babysitters among other roles.

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