Diploma in Psychology in Canada – Universities, Fees & Jobs

The need and scope for psychology programs are rising rapidly. With the benefit of an easy immigration system, many psychology students are now moving to Canada for better career prospects and academic upliftment. Apart from degree courses, one can also pursue a diploma in psychology in Canada, both full-time and part-time. Most of these diplomas are offered at the graduate level and aim to provide job-ready skills and specialize in a particular stream under psychology. 

Common modules include Criminal Psychology – Psychopathic minds, Cults and Terrorism, Domestic and Workplace Violence, and Personality Psychology which equip students with a solid understanding of the nitty-gritty of psychology.

Moreover, psychology diploma courses in Canada for international students will not cost as much as in other countries.


There are several specializations available in psychology diploma courses in Canada. Some of them are 

  • Applied Psychology
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Behavioural Sciences
  • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Behaviour Analysis
  • Family Psychology
  • Cognitive Sciences
  • Child Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology. 

Top Colleges

We have compiled a short list of top universities offering a diploma in psychology in Canada. All these colleges are amongst the most reputed in Canada and are known to provide world-class education.


College Name Course Name Fees  Duration 
Vancouver Island University A graduate certificate in Psychedelic assisted therapy CAD 7,725 1 year
St Clair College Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Science CAD 8,441.89 1 year
St Lawrence College  Graduate Certificate in Autism and Behavioural Science CAD 15,500.00 1 year
University of the Fraser Valley Graduate Certificate in Child Life and Community Health CAD 589.58/ credit 16 months
York University Health Psychology Doctoral Diploma Program 1 year
Concordia University of Edmonton Graduate Diploma in Psychological Assessment  18 credits


The eligibility criteria to enroll in a college that offers psychology diploma courses in Canada will vary based on several factors. We will be talking about a few of the general criteria used by the majority of institutions and colleges in the country. However, we strongly suggest and advise you to check out the course page on the college website.

  • To pursue a Diploma in Psychology in Canada, you must have secured a 10 + 2 pass with 60 percent marks at a minimum. For Graduate Diploma, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • To satisfy the college’s metrics for English language proficiency as an international student, you would be required to write a standardized test. The minimum scores you should attain in these tests are here – 
  1. IELTS 6.0-7.0
  2. TOEFL 97-100
  3. PTE 68
  4. CAEL 70.
  • You may be asked/ requested to sit for a Counseling Aptitude Assessment (CAA)

Cost of attendance

The cost of attendance will also vary as per the college or university you choose for the diploma in psychology in Canada. On average, the fees for a diploma in psychology from a reputed college could vary between CAD 20,000 TO CAD 35,000 in one academic year.

Moreover, the program level will also alter the fees you pay. Since these diplomas can be both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, you can expect the latter to be more expensive.

Along with that, specialized courses are also meant to be costlier than other options. For instance, a PG diploma in clinical psychology in Canada will have tuition fees on the higher side since it’s a postgraduate course and is specialized in nature.

Application cycle/Academic cycle/Intakes

Most colleges allow you to begin the program through three intakes – Fall or September intake, Spring or January intake, and Summer or May Intake. We recommend you go through the website of your target colleges to know the available options. 

Here are the application steps for pursuing a diploma at Seneca College in Canada, as per their website:

  • Open an International Student Web Application on the website
  • Create a new account/sign in through your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account
  • Complete your personal information
  • Review the available programs and courses by semester
  • Identify and choose your English proficiency
  • Choose your start date, program choice(s), along with the campus you aim to attend (Maximum 3 choices available)
  • Provide information on your academic history
  • Upload all the necessary documents marked as required
  • Complete the Information Release form if you wish that Seneca College should communicate with your trusted contacts
  • Review and print the “Review Application” page for student records
  • Use a debit or any credit card to pay for the CAD 90 application fee

Career Prospects

Pursuing Psychology diploma courses in Canada opens a wide range of career options for students in Canada and abroad. The average base salary post completing a diploma in psychology is CAD 49,000 per year, as per various job portals. Here are some of the most usual roles for your reference:

  • Childcare worker
  • Therapist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Researcher
  • Case Manager
  • Communications Specialist
  • Counselor
  • Educational and Development Psychology
  • Human Resources Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is a psychologist a good career in Canada, and is it difficult?

Being a psychologist in Canada is an advantageous career option; however, yes, it is a difficult path, and you need hard work to get there. The result is based on two main bases: your academics and your experience in the domain. Potential psychologists must put effort into these departments to meet their career aspirations. 

Q2. What are the chances for a clinical psychologist to get a job in Canada?

Canada offers immense job opportunities in the field of clinical psychology. If you have the right valued education and experience, you can carve a successful career as a clinical psychologist in Canada.

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