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Fashion Designing Courses in Canada

Updated on 18 August, 2023

Mrinal Mandal

Mrinal Mandal

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Did you know that Canada created our favorite types of clothes, like sweaters, leggings, and winter boots? You may be aware of Canada’s multicultural richness, but it is also renowned for its wide range of fashion styles. Mikhael Kale, Greta Constantine, and other internationally recognized fashion designers are currently based in Canada.

Thus, taking fashion design courses in Canada is a smart choice, given the presence of such industry professionals here. In addition, due to its diversity and talent, big brands and high-end stores are now investing in Canadian fashion. As a result, attending one of Canada’s top fashion schools will help you gain the necessary knowledge and abilities in fashion.

Why study Fashion Designing in Canada?

Learn why Canada is the greatest student destination for this degree before we unveil the best fashion institutions there:

  • Many fashion hubs in Canada include Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, and Hamilton. For example, Hamilton has been ranked as Canada’s fifth-largest fashion industry body. On the other hand, fashion experts have referred to Toronto as the fashion and technology capital.
  • Growth of the fashion sector: Every global star and retailer is supporting Canada tremendously. Numerous designers and retailers are looking into and making investments in the Canadian fashion business due to the fashion week held there. You can gain exposure to and knowledge of the current fashion trends by attending one of Canada’s best fashion institutions.
  • More than three universities in Canada that are ranked in the QS World University Rankings for Art & Design are fashion design schools.

Specialization Highlight

Candidates can choose from a myriad number of fashion designing courses in Canada. They are –

  • Bachelor of Design (BDes)
  • Bachelor of Fashion Technology
  • BA (Hons) Communication Design
  • BA (Hons) Jewellery Design
  • Master of Design (MDes)
  • Master of Fashion Management (MFM)
  • MA Fashion
  • Master of Fashion Technology (MFTech)
  • MBA in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management
  • MBA in Fashion Design and Business Management
  • MBA in Textile Management 

Type of Educational Insitute

Public & Private Universities/Colleges

Course Duration

1.5- 2 years or 18 months

Programs Offered

Diploma in fashion marketing, Diploma in fashion design, Diploma in fashion design and production, Diploma in fashion studies

Average Annual Tuition Fees

15, 360 CAD - 49,500 CAD/ Based on years or program costs

Subject Topic Covered

History of Fashion, Brand Marketing, Textile Fundamentals, Fashion production, Pattern grading, Precision drawing, Business skills, Sketching, Pattern making, etc.

Best Universities for Fashion Designing Courses in Canada

There are numerous fashion design colleges in Canada so that you can pursue a standard degree or a postgraduate diploma in fashion design. The top 5 Canadian schools and institutions that provide a variety of fashion designer courses have been explored. 

1. Concordia University

There are benefits to taking fashion design courses in Canada, particularly at Concordia University. They support students in gaining a thorough understanding of fashion in all its facets and in using that knowledge in their practical learning.


Public University

QS World University Rankings 2023


QS World University Rankings- Art & Design 2022


Programs Offered

BFA Design, MDes Design

Average Tuition Fees

11,850 - 20, 751 CAD (based on credits)

2. LaSalle University

Due to the variety of degrees, they provide in this area, LaSalle University is another well-liked destination for those interested in studying fashion. Through a combination of theory and practice, the university focuses on assisting students in developing their creative thinking.


Private University

Programs Offered

BA Hons in Fashion design and textile, Fashion Media, and industries, MA in Design,

Average Tuition Fees

14, 771- 99,000 CAD ( based on credit)

3. Ryerson University

Another well-known school for taking fashion courses in Canada is Ryerson University. The top fashion school in the world has been ranked as this university. Since some of these fashion educators are designers, they have an in-depth understanding of the industry.


Public University

QS World University Rankings- Art & Design 2022


Programs Offered

BDes Fashion, Bachelor of Design, MA in Fashion

Average Tuition Fees

28,169 CAD - 30, 506 CAD/year

4. George Brown College

The fashion industry can choose from excellent diploma programs at George Brown College. The university teaches various skills, including entrepreneurship and others, that can help fashion students succeed in the contemporary fashion market.


Public College

Programs Offered

Diploma in fashion business industry, fashion management, fashion techniques, & design, PG in apparel technical design, international fashion management, sustainable fashion production

Average Tuition Fees

15,190- 15,480 CAD/ for two semesters

5. York University

York University aims to teach students the craft of fashion while fostering a stronger human connection in their creations. In addition, the student’s understanding of fashion is explored and increased during the course.


Public University

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Design, MDes in Design

Average Tuition Fees

12,284- 29,328 CAD/year

Level of Study

  • Courses offered at the level


Diploma in Fashion Management

Certificate course in Fashion Management

Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Management

Master’s in Fashion Business Management


The candidate must have cleared the 12th standard with a minimum percentage from a recognized board to pursue undergraduate courses.

The candidate must have cleared graduation with a minimum percentage from a recognized university to pursue postgraduate courses.

Entrance exams


Tuition fees

$15,000 CAD- $31,000 CAD


Brand management, marketing, fashion journalism, personal relations, cost analysis, etc.

Average Salary

$40,000- $70,000

Eligibility criteria

A few requirements must be satisfied for international students to enroll in fashion design courses in Canada. Although these standards differ depending on the university and the level of study, they apply to all.

  • Official Academic Transcripts
  • Essay
  • English language proficiency
  • Reference Letter
  • Work Samples

1. Official Academic Transcripts

International students must present all of their valid academic transcripts. For example, students seeking a bachelor’s degree in fashion must provide pertinent test scores in fashion-related disciplines or an equivalent. In addition, students must submit a bachelor’s degree in fashion or its equivalent to apply for a master’s in fashion.

2. Essay

This is a common request from universities, particularly for applicants to master’s and doctoral programs. You write an essay to explain to the institution why you are drawn to this field and want to study it there. It enables the professionals there to comprehend your areas of interest better.

3. English language proficiency

International students must pass an English proficiency test if they are studying a topic where English is the language of instruction. IELTS, TOEFL iBT or paper-based, CAEL, PTE, and other tests are acceptable. Depending on the level of study, the scores change. For instance, bachelor’s degree programs in IELTS call for a minimum score of 6.5, but master’s degree programs call for a 7.

4. Letter of Reference

Any program overseas that requires an application requires a letter of recommendation. This academic letter is intended to persuade two or three people to attest to your academic qualifications or professional expertise.

5. Work Samples

Numerous Canadian institutions accept work samples for two purposes: to consider your application if you receive poor test scores and, secondly, to view your work in particular disciplines, like fashion.

Application Process

The steps for applying to fashion schools in Canada are as follows:

  • Identify the Canadian college or university that offers courses in fashion design. Then, view the course description, costs, and application information to choose from.
  • Check out the official websites of Canada’s fashion schools. Learn about the prerequisites for admission, the requirements for applying to universities, and the exams you must pass as part of the application process.
  • Before the application deadline, gather and submit all required paperwork. 
  • Once you’ve been accepted, start setting up your finances and apply for a student visa to Canada.

 Fashion Designing in Canada Fees for Studying

There is a wider selection when deciding which universities in Canada provide the top fashion design programs. Depending on the study level you choose, these prices change. It would be best if you also considered the cost of living and the costs of fashion designing programs in Canada.

Tuition Fees

The cost of fashion design courses in Canada varies depending on the level of study you select and the tuition schedule used by the universities:

Bachelor in Fashion Designing

11,850- 99,000 CAD/ based on either credit, semester, or per year

Master in Fashion Designing

15,500- 28,000 CAD/year

Diploma in Fashion Designing

15,360- 49,500 CAD/ based on credit, program fee, or per year

Scholarship for Fashion Designing in Canada

Scholarship name



Amount in CAD

Dalhousie University Scholarship

Available to students for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral studies

Applicable for Indian students

Scholarship offered on merit-basis


Education Future International Scholarship

Previous students fund this scholarship through WeMakeScholars, and UNESCO recognizes it

Indian citizenship is a must.

A minimum score of 60% in classes 10 and 12

Applicants should be able to fund at least 50% of themselves through an educational loan

3299$ to 16517$

The Seneca Renewable Entrance Scholarship of Merit for International Students

For full-time international students enrolling in a diploma or certificate program. It is renewable based on a yearly GPA

Minimum 3.0 GPA

500$-1000$ per year

Assist-on Scholarship

Offered by George Brown College to international students for a diploma or certificate program

Valid Canadian Social Insurance Number

Minimum GPA of 3.3

Vigorous community involvement



Fashion Designing in Canada Scope for Job

Many employment options are available to you after graduating from fashion design schools in Canada. 

The most common job descriptions and expected average salaries are listed below:

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary

Textile Designer

42,729 CAD

Design Director

93,500 CAD

Art Director

65,539 CAD

Fashion stylist

42, 494 CAD

Retail Merchandiser

44,660 CAD

Celebrities and renowned designers alike are stepping up their efforts to help Canada become the world’s next major fashion hub. Today, foreign investors are forming alliances with Canadian designers, expanding the market for this nation. Studying fashion design in Canada is a sensible investment because the Canadian market need is growing.

Mrinal Mandal

Study Abroad Expert

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