Visitor Visa in Canada- A complete guide!

Visitor Visa in Canada

Millions of people flock to Canada to meet friends and family, experience beauty, study, and more every year. Every country follows a security protocol to ensure the safety of its citizens, and Canada is not an exception. Canada offers visitors visas or temporary resident visas valid for six months to 10 years to keep track of visitors. Visitor’s Visa or temporary resident visa is the official permission that allows a foreign national to enter Canada legally and stay there for a specific time without any hassles. In some cases, a visitor visa is necessary if you are transiting through Canada via bus, airways, train, cruise, or boat.

There are two different categories of visitor visa-

1. Single entry- the single-entry visa is granted for six months only. The visitor will have to return before the Visa expires.

2. Multiple entries- the multiple entry visa is granted for ten years or a month before the expiration date mentioned on the passport.

If an applicant wants to study or work in Canada, he/she will have to obtain a work permit or study permit. Please note that the applicant needs to get travel insurance as it will protect from any unpredicted adversaries during the visit.

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Types of Canadian Visitor Visa

There are mainly two types of Canadian Visa-

1. Tourist visa- allows foreign nationals to spend vacations and indulge in leisure activities via visiting family and friends or any social function.

2. Business visa- allows foreign nations to indulge in business via attending meetings, conferences, and more.

Eligibility criteria for Visitor Visa

While traveling to Canada for a business trip, medical treatment, or even a short course, you’ll need a visitor visa. To obtain the visa easily without any hassles, you’ll have to meet these requirements-

1. You must have a passport

2. Must have a valid health certificate

3. Zero criminal records and intentions to comply with country laws

4. Documents to prove your ties in your homeland, i.e., family members, job, and home

5. Intention to leave at the end of visitor visa permit

6. Financial proof to show you have enough money to support yourself in Canada

7. May also require an invitation from relatives staying in Canada

8. Must have no intention to seek a job

9. May need to produce more documents based on profile

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Documents required availing Canadian Visitor Visa

Please note that each case is different depending on the situation; however, to be eligible for a Visitor Visa, you’ll have to produce a few essential documents. Consult with your local visa office about the papers to reduce your rejection chances.

1. Financial proof for your stay in Canada, i.e., income tax return document or bank statement, payslip, a letter from accountant mentioning annual income, etc.)

2. Proof of ties to your homeland

3. Passport and ID proof issued by the government

4. Invitation letter from friends or relatives staying in Canada

5. Proof of intention to return to the homeland.

6. Passport size photographs (not older than 90 days)

7. Additional documents required (based on immigration case)

Modes of applying for Visitor Visa

You can easily apply for a Canadian visitor visa online or offline.

1. Canadian Visitor Visa application process

Follow these steps to apply for a visitor visa if applying online-

1. Visit the official site of the Canadian government

2. Click on the menu and select Immigration and Citizenship

3. To apply for Visitor Visa, select the Visit tab

4. Click on Apply for a Visitor Visa tab and then on How To Apply

5. Select whether you’re using from within or outside Canada

6. Select online mode of application (due to Covid-19, most of the applications are being processed online)

7. Click on apply for a visitor visa and register for creating an account

8. Fill the form with accurate details

9. Pay the fees via net banking

10. Upload all the scanned copies of documents required

11. Crosscheck all the details and submit your application

12. Schedule appointment with VAC (Visa Application Centre) Canada

13. Give your fingerprints

14. Attend visa interview if scheduled

15. Upon a successful interview, Visitor Visa will be granted

Important Resources About Canada:

2. The offline application process for Visitor Visa

1. Visit the official Canadian government website

2. Click on the menu or upper left and select Immigration and Citizenship

3. Click on the Visit category and then on apply for a visitor visa

4. Choose on paper application mode

5. Go through the documents list and arrange all the necessary documents

6. Download your visa form and fill in all accurate details

7. Print the form and sign on it

8. Submit your visa application to your nearest VAC

9. Pay visa processing fees

10. Submit your biometric information at VAC

11. Attend Visa interview if invited

12. Upon clearing the interview, you’ll receive the visitor visa

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How much is the Canada Visitor Visa fee?

Refer to the table to know about the visa fees:

Visa Application Category

Application fee

Single entry

Multiple entry (5+ family members)


How to track application status?

An application takes up to 12 days to get processed. You can check the status of your application online. Follow the steps-

1. Visit the official Canadian Government site

2. Tap on Immigration and Citizenship in the menu

3. Click on my application and then check your application status

4. Select visitor visa from the menu

5. Select your application mode (if you’ve opted for offline application mode, link your application to your account)

6. Check your status

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Visitor Visa in Canada – FAQ

Q1. What is a visitor visa in Canada?

A visitor visa is a permit allowing you to visit Canada for a fixed time and enjoy leisure activities.

Q2. Who can apply for a visitor visa in Canada?

Any eligible candidate can apply for a visitor visa. Check the eligibility criteria above to know your chances.

Q3. How many types of visitor visas are there in Canada?

There are two types of visitor visa- tourist visas and business visas.

Q4. How long can you stay on a visitor visa in Canada?

The validity differs from 6 months to 10 years.

Q5. How to change a visitor visa to a work permit in Canada?

Apply for a job and get a Labour Market Impact Assessment approved letter for the job. If you have LMIA, you’re eligible to apply for a work permit.

Q6. Can I work in Canada with a Visitor Visa?

No, you’re not allowed to work in Canada on a visitor visa.

Q7. How can I extend my visitor visa in Canada?

Apply for a visitor record to extend your stay in Canada. It includes a new expiry date and provides you a visitor status.

Q8. How to convert a visitor visa to a study permit in Canada?

Complete a short-term course during your stay. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible to apply for visa conversion.

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