Master’s in Project Management in Canada

A master’s in project management in Canada prepares students for construction, business, and a career in the world of technology. On a general note, most project managers plan, set up, organize, and finally, pull off projects in firms from varied sectors. 

These projects could be construction plans, creating computer systems, planning a marketing campaign, or a big-time product launch project. A master’s degree will provide students with the skill set and knowledge, including a proper understanding of the project’s scope, timeline planning, and estimating the budget. 


The MS in project management in Canada is a comprehensive degree entailing modules on managing projects in several industries. Generally, the course is taken as a specialization in an MBA or Master of Business Administration degree but can also be opted as a stand-alone program.

You can tailor the program as per your choice, experience, and interest in studies into the five following specialization areas:

  • Business Management
  • Construction Management
  • Project Procurement and Contract Management
  • Effective Project Scheduling and Control
  • Sustainability
  • Transportation Management
  • Assessing and Managing Risk
  • Project Management Tools
  • Real Estate Development


The time spent on completing a particular degree depends on the university where one pursues the course. On a general note, the duration of a master’s in Project Management in Canada is usually one year or two semesters or two years or four semesters. 

We recommend students to go through the course page on their desired universities to get an idea of the duration. 

Top Colleges Offering a Master’s Degree in Project Management in Canada

We have compiled and assimilated a list of the best universities for master’s in project management in Canada. All these universities are renowned and provide top-notch education to international students.

Top Colleges in Canada for Project Management

University name Course name Average annual fees
Vancouver Island University Graduate Diploma in Project Management CAD 23,583
Ivey Business School-Western University MBA in Project Management CAD 1,23,500
University of Winnipeg Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management CAD 19,415
Northeastern University MSc Project Management CAD 38,900
University of British Columbia  UBC Certificate Program in Project Management CAD 6,995


There is no fixed eligibility to get admitted into an M.S. in Project Management in Canada. Moreover, every university/college has its own set of eligibility criteria that they set up for applicants.

Generally, they will be asked to have an undergraduate degree in a technical or business-oriented field with at least 75% grades. The admissions committee will expect them to have some experience in the field of project management that can justify their aim to pursue the degree. These experiences could be courses, internships, jobs, and even field projects. 

Cost of Attendance

The cost of attendance will vary as per the university or college a student chooses. Usually, colleges in Canada have comparatively lesser fees than the ones in the UK or USA. On the other hand, public or government-funded universities will have lesser fees than private ones. 

Considering one such university – Northeastern University, Toronto, the MSc in Project Management program costs CAD 38.9K for the entire program.

Application Cycle or Academic Intakes 

The academic cycles or intakes vary as per university in Canada. Usually, universities have three intakes – September entry or fall intake, January entry or Winter intake, and May entry or Summer intake. Some of the most common application requirements are listed below.  

  1. A duly filled application form
  2. Statement of purpose identifying the academic goals and expectations from this program by a student
  3. An updated CV or professional resume
  4. Unofficial undergraduate/baccalaureate transcripts + official transcripts needed at the time of admission
  5. Two recommendation letters from individuals who have either academic or professional knowledge of the applicant’s capabilities, such as a faculty member, colleague, or mentor, preferably one from their current employer
  6. Students who don’t have English as their primary language should submit one of the following English language proficiency proof:
  • TOEFL or IELTS, PTE, Duolingo, or N.U. Global Exam scores

Career Prospects After Pursuing a Master’s in Project Management in Canada

There are several potential careers after the master’s in project management in Canada for international students. Most will be concerned with managing long-term and short-term projects in various sectors.

Common Job Roles After a Degree in Project Management

Job profile Average annual salary
Engineering project manager CAD 99,351
I.T. project manager CAD 93,346
Project coordinator CAD 57,526
Manufacturing project manager CAD 81,563
Marketing project manager CAD 68,507

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the scope of Project Management in Canada?

Project management is one of the booming work streams, not just in Canada but all over the world. Project managers are required in each sector and industry – and the demand is ever-increasing. Moreover, a project management graduate can work in various subdomains such as quality management, operations management, risk management, and finance.

Q2. Is it worth getting a master’s in Project Management from a Canadian University?

Yes, it is genuinely worth attaining a master’s in Project Management in Canada. Students have a range of career opportunities open for them in project management, a booming field that will lead them toward a top-notch career path.

Secondly, studying at a Canadian University will provide them with practical skills and knowledge which will upskill them as a professional. So, gaining this integration education will be the ideal step to meeting their career aspirations.

Q3. What is the job opportunity in Canada for project management?

Canada has numerous job opportunities for international students in the field of project management in banking, I.T., and construction. They will begin with the position of a junior project manager or project manager and, with some years of experience, scale up the corporate ladder to become a senior. 

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