PG Diploma in Finance in Canada: Universities, Eligibility & Prospects

Doing a PG diploma in finance in Canada is a good choice, considering the future prospects of the field in the country. You can choose to do a PG diploma in accounting and finance in Canada or a financial planning diploma, depending on your ambition. Canada offers a variety of attractive options for aspirants looking to build a fulfilling career ahead. 

Top Courses for a Post-Graduate Diploma in Finance in Canada

You can do a two-year PG diploma in finance in Canada or choose courses with varying durations. Here are some of the top options you can consider: 

Name of the Institution Course Name Fees (in CAD) Duration Intakes Admission Requirements
Humber College Financial Planning $18,058 3 semesters September, January, May
  1. Bachelor’s degree 
  2. English language proficiency 
Centennial College Financial Planning $15,385.50 1 year September, January, May
  1. Degree or three-year college diploma
  2. English language proficiency 
Centennial College Financial Services $15,385.50 2 years September, January, May
  1. OSSD or equivalent
  2. Grade 12 English
  3. Grade 11 Mathematics
  4. English language proficiency 
George Brown College Financial Planning $4,138 (domestic) 8 months Fall, Winter, Spring
  1. Bachelor’s degree or three-year diploma
  2. English language proficiency 


There are varying eligibility criteria for these courses. However, some general guidelines include:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or OSSD or equivalent. 
  2. English language proficiency. 
  3. English and Mathematics course.  

These are the common guidelines at some of the best colleges in Canada for a PG diploma in finance. 

Duration of the Programs
The average course tenure ranges between 8 months and 1-2 years.

Application cycle/Academic cycle/Intakes
The intakes for the course are in September, January, and May. 


The average fees hover between CAD15-18,000. 

Job prospects

There are job prospects as certified financial planners or wealth management experts. There are also opportunities in investment advisory, financial advisory, taxation, retirement, trusts, and more. Graduates may find opportunities as financial service representatives, financial planners or advisors, investment advisers, and personal banking officers. Other job opportunities include stock brokers, personal banking officers, and loan counselors. 


Does a PG Diploma have value in Canada? 

Yes, a PG diploma has immense value in Canada. After the completion of an undergraduate degree, you can choose a postgraduate qualification as well. A PG diploma enhances the value of your resume if you are looking for permanent residency (PR) in the country. 

Do universities in Canada offer PG Diploma? 

Yes, you can choose from several types of PG diploma courses in Canada, with durations hovering between one and two years on average. You can also choose leading colleges like Fanshawe College, Humber College, and George Brown College, among others. 

Which is better- PGDM or MBA? 

MBAs are more comprehensive programs for those interested in management and leadership studies. Two-year PGDM or post-graduate diploma in management programs are more job or industry oriented in most cases.

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