Best cities in Canada to study for International students

Famous cities in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular and recommended educational destinations for international students. Besides its amazing landscape and picturesque beauty, the country is well recognized for its world-class education facilities for students from all over the world. Canadian universities are known for their cutting-edge educational facilities, globally ranked research techniques, best placement offers and full-fledged career opportunities.

Some of the best cities in Canada that are known for their universities, and a perfect environment for international students to study and stay are Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. It is very important for international students to choose the right city to relocate to, depending upon the educational institutions, cost of living, safety, and, of course, the beauty of the place.

Canada is an overall safe and peaceful country; hence, international students find it really easy to settle in there. However, there are some very popular cities in Canada that host the maximum number of international students every year. These cities offer good quality of life along with the best educational facilities and a low cost of living.

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Top 5 cities in Canada for international students:

1. Montreal

Montreal is home to 11 globally ranked universities, 60 colleges, and 7 high schools that invite students of varied disciplines. The city celebrates the presence of McGill University, which is ranked 24th globally. Students also enjoy the festivals and cultural heritage that are very much a part of the city life. There is not just one, but multiple reasons why Montreal is chosen every year by international students.

a) Cost of living

Montreal is the cheapest city in Canada for international students. For a 3-course meal, the approximate cost is CAD 60, the transportation cost and accommodation cost is going to be around CAD 85 and CAD 709-1050, respectively. The cost of living is affordable and international students can engage in part-time jobs to manage the expenses.

b) Dynamic culture

Montreal hosts events and activities around the year. This really helps international students to acquaint themselves with the local Canadian culture. The city organizes some of the best plays, sports, music, and cultural activities.

c) Promising job market

Montreal ranks first for foreign investment by Americans. A favorable and dynamic job market opens leading industrial exposure and students can gain the most from it. Some popular sectors in Montreal are aerospace, video games, life sciences, and fintech industries.

d) Safe living

Montreal is safe and peaceful for international students. They can use the transportation and roads any time, without worrying about their safety. According to The Economist, Montreal happens to be the safest place to live in the world.

e) Best universities

Montreal hosts McGill University, which is ranked 24th globally out of 100 popular universities, and several other reputed universities, like the University of Montreal, HEC Montreal, Concordia University, and the Polytechnic School of Montreal.

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2. Vancouver

Vancouver ranks 16th worldwide in terms of a friendly environment for international students. It is a diverse city with a multicultural environment and houses some of the best educational institutions. Find out the top reasons why it is ranked 16th globally for international students.

a) Diverse culture

Vancouver is a diverse city with students from all over the world. Students from Europe, China, Britain, Ireland, and Scotland form the majority ethnic groups, who come here to study.  

b) Easy transportation

Vancouver offers easy and safe transportation. There are rapid trains, buses, sea buses, and rail commuter services for the entire city. The city is very well connected and international students can easily travel across the city by public transport.

c) Employment opportunities

Canada has one of the best job markets. The city of Vancouver is known for its top employment facilities and high salary packages. It also offers a plethora of part-time job opportunities for students to earn their livelihood.

d) Reputed universities

Vancouver has a good list of reputed and globally recognized universities. Some of them are University Canada West, VCC-Downtown Campus, Langara College, Columbia College, and Vancouver Island University.

e) Safety

Vancouver is safe and peaceful. The ambiance is perfect for international students to study and travel in peace.

3. Toronto

Canada’s best cities also include Toronto, all thanks to its impressive economic growth and rich culture. It is a city that is known for new job creations, increasing employment, embracing new talents from all over the world and welcoming international students. It has a very promising educational system with world-class facilities and opportunities. The city is beautiful, with clean streets, and offers a wonderful lifestyle. International students find Toronto one of the best places for studying and enjoying life to the fullest. The University of Toronto has 17% of international students studying in various disciplines. The city is known for its art, cultural activities, and food festivals. It is home to the top-ranked University of Toronto, and that makes Toronto a study hub for international students from all parts of the world. Here are some of the reasons why Toronto is preferred and chosen by students:

a) Ranked universities

Toronto is home to the top-ranked University of Toronto. There are several other universities, like York University, Ryerson University, the University of Waterloo, and OCAD University there. These universities are chosen by international students from varied backgrounds and disciplines. They are known for their world-class educational facilities, reputed faculties, best research centers and placements.

b) A perfect city life

Students enjoy a perfect metropolitan city life in Toronto. It is a hub for businesses, different cultures, job markets, and international students. There are amazing malls, restaurants, clubs, shopping hubs, and cultural centers. International students do find the best flavor of Canada here and love to study in Toronto.

c) Convenient public transportation

Toronto is a well-connected city. Public transportation facilities are easily available and are affordable. The city has easy access to a Presto card that can be used for all kinds of transport systems. It offers convenient and safe mobility for international students who are new to the place.

d) Living costs

The cost of living in Toronto can be easily managed. A one-room rented apartment costs around CAD 2020 and 3 meals will be approximately for CAD 75. The transportation cost is around CAD 103. Students can work up to 20 hours a week in part-time jobs to earn their living.

e) Safety

Toronto is a busy metropolitan city, but it is always safe for international students. The security is tight, and there is safety all-around even late at night. It is easy for international students to focus on their studies and not worry about any issues related to safety or privacy.

f) Employment

It has a developed economy with increasing job opportunities. This makes the job market in Toronto a full-fledged one. International students from varied backgrounds can find suitable jobs and the salary packages are high.

g) Enriching experience: A culturally rich city, Toronto has people speaking more than 140 languages. The largest cultural groups are formed by international students from India, Ireland, the UK, and China.

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4. Ottawa

Ottawa is another student-friendly destination in Canada. The city is very lively and vibrant with winter sports, carnivals, festivals, and cultural activities. This is the best city to work in if you are looking for employment opportunities. Ottawa is a cosmopolitan city in Canada with a highly diversified cultural background. It is one of the most peaceful and safest cities for international students. Here are some of the reasons behind Ottawa being one of the best destinations for international students:

a) City’s diversity

Ottawa is a highly diversified city in terms of its cultural mix. There are international students from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. The most common languages that are spoken here are Spanish, English, Italian, Arabic, and German.

b) Transportation

Ottawa is a well-connected city. It is a planned city with good communication and mobility networks. There are rapid buses, trains, rails, and shuttles. For the physically disabled international students, there is a separate Para Transport service as well.

c) Safety

Crime is equal to zero in Ottawa. It is a very safe and peaceful city for international students to study without any issues.

d) Employment

Ottawa Technology Park is the largest employment hub in Canada. It offers more than 5,66,000 jobs to international students from various backgrounds.

e) Universities

Several reputed and globally ranked universities are in Ottawa. They are the University of Ottawa, Carleton University, Saint Paul University, Dominican University, and Augustine College.

f) Cost of living

The cost of living in Ottawa is manageable. It is not very expensive and can be easily managed if international students take up a part-time job. The average cost of accommodation is CAD 1120, for food it is CAD 70 and transportation will cost around CAD 103.

5. Quebec City

Quebec city is the capital city of Quebec province, which is also the best province in Canada for international students. It is a completely French-speaking city that takes us closer to European culture. The royal architecture reminds us of the rich European cities. The winter carnival is the biggest festival celebrated in Quebec. It is a beautifully planned city with easy communication and mobility facilities. The safe and sound atmosphere makes Quebec a perfect destination for international students to study and stay. Universities like Laval University, Quebec University, Concordia University and Bishop’s University are the best educational institutes in the city. Here are some more reasons behind Quebec offering an amazing experience to international students:

a) Amazing city life

After Montreal, Quebec is the second-largest metropolitan city in Canada. Alongside the beautiful landscapes, students also get to enjoy all the famous hubs and facilities in the city.

b) Transportation

This is a well-connected city and has winning transportation facilities. It is a student-friendly city as public transportation is highly affordable. The buses charge around CAD 3, taxis CAD 1.70 per mile and there are a lot of bicycles and two-wheelers available on affordable rent as well.

c) Safety

Quebec is considered a highly safe and secure city. There are no public crimes or violent acts that take place here. People here are friendly and liberal. International students find it easy to live and study in Quebec because of the safety and peace.

d) Employment opportunities:

The city offers lots of opportunities as compared to other cities in Canada. Students get ample high-paying job offers and there is no lack of employment. It is easy to find a part-time job for international students to earn a living.

e) Cost of living

Quebec is affordable as compared to other cities in Canada. The accommodation costs around CAD 525-700, and food costs around CAD 60.

Canadian cities are safe, delightful, student-friendly, and beautiful. International students choose Canada for higher education because the cities boast the top-ranked universities and colleges. The cost of living is affordable, and students can easily manage the expenses with the help of part-time jobs. Cities like Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, and Toronto are the best places to live in Canada for Indian immigrants as they offer top-notch education and employment opportunities. The country is brimming with new opportunities and a safe environment makes it the best hub for international students. If you are interested to explore more regarding study convenience in Canada, connect with the counselors of upGrad Abroad.

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Famous cities in Canada to study for international students: FAQs

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”p” question-0=”Q1. How many cities are in Canada?” answer-0=”Canada has three types of cities depending upon the population. There are 51 cities with a population ranging from 100,000 to 1 million, 3 cities with more than a million people and 235 cities with 10,000-100,000 people. The top-ranked cities are Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary, and Quebec. ” image-0=”” headline-1=”p” question-1=”Q2. Which city has Canada’s best universities?” answer-1=”Canada is known for its best education system. Some of the best-ranked and most reputed universities in the world are in Canada. Students choose Canada for a world-class education system along with a robust job market. Out of all the cities, Montreal has Canada’s best universities, like the University of Montreal, McGill University, Concordia University and HEC Montreal. ” image-1=”” headline-2=”p” question-2=”Q3. Which is the safest city in Canada for students?” answer-2=”Canada is an overall safe city. Group violence is almost zero. International students find it very safe to relocate to Canada for higher studies. The safest city with the lowest crime rate in Canada is Quebec. It is a safe zone in Canada and that is why it is chosen by international students. ” image-2=”” headline-3=”p” question-3=”Q4. Which city is considered the best for work post-study in Canada?” answer-3=”Canada has a highly dynamic, and robust job market. The job opportunities are high in Canada and the unemployment rate is very low. Some of the best-reputed global conglomerates and multinationals hire from Canadian universities on a regular basis. However, out of all the cities, Ontario is the best city for work post-study. The unemployment rate is the lowest here, with a huge scope for high-paying jobs. ” image-3=”” count=”4″ html=”true” css_class=””]
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