Digital Marketing Courses Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

There is a sizable demand for pursuing digital marketing courses abroad and with good reason at that. Students may pursue undergraduate degrees for three or four years in digital marketing while venturing on towards one or two-year postgraduate programs as well. Sometimes these programs are available as joint courses with other related subjects like social marketing or management.

Digital Marketing Courses Abroad- Top Universities

The USA- 

1. Westcliff University

2. Marconi International University

3. University of Bridgeport

4. DePaul University

5. St. Francis College

The UK- 

1. University of Northampton

2. Falmouth University

3. London South Bank University

4. University of Portsmouth

5. Teesside University

6. University of Chichester

7. University of Liverpool

8. Regent’s University London


1. Fanshawe College

2. University Canada West


1. IPAG Business School, France

2. ESEI International Business School, Spain


1. University of Technology Sydney

2. University of Canberra

3. Macquarie University

4. University of Newcastle

5. University of South Australia

6. University of Tasmania

7. Swinburne University of Technology

8. Victoria University

9. Curtin University

10. La Trobe University

11. RMIT University


1. Data Analysis

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Content Marketing

4. Copywriting

5. Consumer Behavior

6. Advertising Principles

7. SEO

8. PPC

9. Email Marketing

10. Mobile Marketing

11. Content Management

12. Marketing Automation

13. Social Media Marketing

14. Web Analytics

15. Social Media Optimization

Level of Education

Digital marketing is taught both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to students.

Average Fee Required-

1. USA- INR 13.47 lakh to INR 30.87 lakh.

2. UK- INR 12.93 lakh to INR 22.05 lakh.

3. Canada- INR 10.36 lakh to INR 11.12 lakh.

4. Europe- INR 5.15-6.25 lakh onwards.

5. Australia- INR 19.70 lakh to INR 30.40 lakh.

Job Prospects

There are several job positions available for skilled graduates including search engine optimizer, digital marketing manager, content marketer, social media marketer, email marketer, content creator, SEO specialist, and more. Digital marketing is hugely in demand for every business and corporate segment, taking precedence over traditional marketing methods.

Digital marketing specialists are in high demand across content strategy, management, and creation-related roles along with SEO, SMO, and analytics. Digital advertisers are also in demand along with copywriters and content writers, in tandem with SEO analysts, link builders, consultants, PPC specialists, Google Ads specialists, PPC analysts, social media strategists, and brand managers.

Expected Salary/Remuneration

According to, the average salary structure (annual) is the following for skilled graduates:

1. USA- $110,648 (approximately INR 84.19 lakh).

2. Australia- AUD145,497 (approximately INR 81.89 lakh).

3. Canada- C$115,936 (INR 69.94 lakh).

4. Germany- €87,918 (INR 73.84 lakh).

5. France- €72,785 (INR 61.13 lakh).

6. Spain- €66,970 (INR 56.24 lakh).

These are the average annual salaries for digital marketers after graduating.

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