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With an increase in demand for specialized Data Scientists across all businesses, Data Science has become a popular course choice worldwide. Pursuing a data science course in Singapore, one of the biggest economies in the world, is sure to enrich you with global exposure and exciting career opportunities. 

 Singapore has transformed into one of the world’s biggest technology hubs, leading to a rise in demand for skilled and qualified data scientists throughout the island nation. Data science is the study of gathering insights and knowledge from data that can help better product/service delivery and decision-making in every business. 

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Data Science Course Singapore: Leading Universities

Here are the top institutions for data science course Singapore

National University of Singapore (NUS): 

It offers an MSc n Data Science and Machine Learning with costs of roughly INR 12.9 lakhs/year. The course is backed by advanced data science research and interdisciplinary knowledge of mathematics, computer science, statistics, and machine learning. It is a one-year full-time data science course in Singapore. There is a BSc course in Data Science and Analytics as well. It is a four-year honors degree with tuition fees of INR 9.83 lakhs to INR 21.39 lakhs.  

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

The university offers a one-year full-time course (also a two-year part-time course) named MSc in Analytics. It is one of Singapore’s best data science courses for international students, offering a curriculum encompassing database systems, statistics, probability, stochastic modeling, risk, financial analysis, etc. The course fees are roughly INR 29.40 lakhs. 

Singapore Management University (SMU)-

One of Singapore’s top data science courses, available part-time, is the MSc in Accounting (Data and Analytics) at SMU. It is a 14-month full-time course and a 24-month part-time course. INR 22.40 lakhs is the cost of the course. SMU also offers a two-month Data Science & Analytics for Strategic Decision online course at a cost of USD 1,500 (INR 1.11 lakhs). 

James Cook University-

You can study the Bachelor of Business, Business Intelligence & Information Systems course for two years (full-time) with fees standing at INR 32.36 lakhs approximately. 

Singapore Polytechnic-

You can apply for the specialist diploma in data science, a one-year part-time course. There are two certificates awarded to candidates in the course, with four modules total. Fees usually hover around S$291.47-5,829.36, based on citizenship, age, and other support plans. It works out to roughly INR 16,322-3, 26,444 approximately. 

You will find numerous data science online courses in Singapore as well. You can also choose a diploma and other short-term courses in data science. 

Some of the diploma courses offered include: 

  • Singapore Polytechnic: Specialist Diploma in Data Science (It’s a part-time course)
  • Nanyang Polytechnic: Specialist Diploma in Business & Big Data Analytics. 
  • Lithan Academy: NICF Diploma in Business Analytics (Available as part-time and full-time course)

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements: 

For Master’s programs: 

Undergraduate degree, ideally in business, IT, mathematics, and engineering. Polytechnic diploma holders with two years of professional experience and working professionals with five years of experience are eligible. 

  • Should meet course requirements for Mathematics and English. 
  • Should submit work experience details if required. 
  • Should submit scores in English language proficiency and other standardized examinations. 

Bachelor’s courses:

  • Should meet English and Mathematics score requirements. 
  • May apply for the Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences (CHESS) since it equates to year one of the BSc degree course. 
  • Should score requisite marks in Class XII. 
  • Should submit scores in standardized examinations, including English language proficiency tests. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Is Singapore good for data science?

Singapore is a major technological hub, offering various programs and courses in data science that aspirants can choose from. The country is a major destination for technology biggies and start-ups in the space. Data Scientist is one of the fastest-growing job roles in Singapore, with handsome growth in salaries forecasted over the next few years. India is one of the top contributors to the growth of data science in Singapore, accounting for roughly 21.95% of data science talent migrating to the island nation as per reports.

Q2. What are the jobs for data science in Singapore?

Data science is a discipline that leads to several rewarding jobs in Singapore. Some of the top positions include infrastructure architect, machine learning engineer and scientist, data scientist, applications architect, data engineer, data architect, and enterprise architect.

Q3. How do you become a data scientist in Singapore?

You should first get admission into a relevant data science program in Singapore. You can do this at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, depending on your level of study and aptitude. After that, you can specialize in various subject aspects, landing attractive employment opportunities with leading companies and firms with average salaries standing at S$4,160-4,580 (roughly INR 2.33 lakhs to INR 2.57 lakhs on average).

Q4. Which data analytics course is the best?

Some of the top data analytics courses include those that offer specialization in business analytics. MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning is another sought-after course provided by the National University of Singapore or NUS. At the same time, you can also consider the MSc in Analytics course at the Nanyang Technological University. Disclaimer! All course fees are approximate amounts subject to change depending on various conditions.

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