Master’s in Management in Singapore- Things to know

masters in management in singapore

Pursuing your master’s in management in Singapore is always a smart move, considering the island nation’s flourishing economy and overall prospects in the field. 

Reasons to study master’s in management in Singapore

There are many reasons to study abroad master’s in management Singapore, including the following: 

  • Smooth admissions into the Course are a given. MIM in Singapore does not need work experience or other requirements for admission. You can enroll in this program in Singapore with less than one year of professional experience since students can be admitted right after graduation. 
  • By studying master’s in management in Singapore, you get an internationally driven course, emphasizing global insights and interactions with the business market and communities. 
  • MIM is one of Singapore’s most popular courses, and it is not hard to see why! For instance, it offers intensive theory classes with diverse elective options like business ethics or e-commerce. It also integrates a practical learning model into the mix, enabling graduates to compete directly in today’s business market. 
  • MIM degrees help students gain invaluable global exposure in the world of business. With the growing international partnerships between Singaporean institutions and leading MNCs and business corporations, students benefit from an enhanced industry interface. 

Top universities in Singapore for master’s in management

Here are some of the top universities for studying master’s in management in Singapore: 

  • SMU (Singapore Management University) – You can study a Master of Science in management here, with approximately INR 30.9 lakh in course fees for the first year. 
  • PSB Academy- You can apply for the Master of Science- international business management course at this institution. Course fees are roughly INR 11.9 lakh for the first year. 
  • Singapore Institute of Management- You may choose the Master of Science in supply chain and logistics management program, which costs INR 19.4 lakh in tuition fees for the first year. 
  • James Cook University- Master of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, costs roughly INR 20.9-23 lakh in total fees for the first year. 
  • SP Jain School of Global Management- Study a master of global business course by paying INR 14.1 lakh for the first year. 
  • East Asia Institute of Management- Pay first-year tuition costs of INR 12.8 lakh while pursuing the Course titled M. Sc in International Management and Leadership with Hospitality. 
  • Temple University- Study a Master of Science in Human Resource Management course here. The course fees are INR 44.26 lakh for the first year. 


MIM in Singapore- Admission Criteria

  • Undergraduate degree in business or any related field. 
  • Those about to graduate can also apply. 
  • High TOEFL/IELTS scores. Recommended scores are at least 7 for the IELTS and 100 for the TOEFL iBT examination. 
  • Admission interviews are held to evaluate potential candidates. 
  • Applicants should have proficiency in at least another CEMS language. 
  • GRE/GMAT is not compulsory, although your scores will boost your overall application. 
  • Work experience may or may not be required.

Jobs after doing Master’s in Management from Singapore

There are innumerable job opportunities available after completing your master’s in management in Singapore. The MIM degree will help you get a lucrative job in various sectors like investment firms, consultancy, change management engineering, fashion technology, retail, etc. Several such jobs offer good salaries along with excellent future growth prospects. A MIM degree will greatly help advance your future career in the administration and management field. 

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Q1. How much does a master’s in management degree cost in Singapore?

A. Studying in top universities for a master’s in management in Singapore costs INR 11.9-46.5 lakh per year, which is quite reasonable than other countries worldwide. Of Course, costs differ from one institution to another while depending on the Course, location, and many other parameters. However, this is a rough estimate that you can use.

Q2. Is GRE required for MIM in Singapore?

A. GRE is mostly needed for MS research-work-based courses in Singapore. If you are applying for coursework-based MS courses, then GATE or GRE may not be compulsory at many institutions. However, you will have to submit your TOEFL/IELTS scores to prove proficiency in the English language.

Q3. What is the difference between M. Sc and MS?

A. M. Sc stands for a master’s in science and covers disciplines such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, and others. MS stands for a master’s Course and covers everything from science courses to engineering. In the USA, for instance, MS in Engineering courses are common. MS is a professional course, while the M. Sc is the standard science qualification at the postgraduate level. Both are essentially the same. Many universities in the USA talk of the master’s in science course as MS programs while it is called M. Sc in the UK.

Q4. How useful is a master’s in management in Singapore?

A. The MIM (master’s in management) degree offers superior business insights and management knowledge for graduates while not generally requiring work experience. The MIM program provides vast knowledge and inputs for graduates who can pursue this MBA alternative with lower costs and excellent job prospects at the same time. Several leading Singapore universities offer MIM degrees specializing in fields like supply chain and logistics, hospitality, information systems, operations management, business analytics, and more.

Q5. Is MIM and MIB the same?

A. MIB (Master of International Business) and MIM (master’s in international management) are basically similar courses, offering general business and management knowledge and learning, teaching aspirants about managerial duties, issues, and how to solve them. Many institutions choose either MIB or MIM abbreviations for the same type of courses in management.

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