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Your One-Stop Study Abroad Checklist

Updated on 23 October, 2023

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

Enrolling into a higher education institution of your choice in a foreign country is worth celebrating. However, there will be a lot of planning and preparations before you make the shift. Here is a useful study abroad checklist for aspirants, especially when it comes to getting organized. Students often desire detailed guidance on things to pack, what to include and so on. Here is a checklist that will mostly cover all the basics and then some! 

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Study Abroad Checklist- Clothing 

No checklist for traveling abroad is complete without packing suitable clothing. Here’s taking a look at what you will need: 

1. Socks (for two weeks at least and a couple of woolen pairs) 

2. Underwear (to last you for two weeks) 

3. Thermal underwear

4. Undershirts

5. Short sleeve shirts

6. Long sleeve shirts

7. Shorts

8. Sweaters

9. Khakis/Jeans (at least 2-3 pairs) 

10. 2-3 hoodies/sweatshirts

11. 2-3 belts

12. Skirts (for women) 

13. Workout gear (at least 1-2 sets) 

14. Swimsuit (for people traveling to warmer regions) 

15. Pajamas and nightwear 

16. 2 jackets/coats for cold weather and also one that is water-resistant 

17. 1-2 formal outfits for special occasions 

18. Sandals/flip-flops for regular use

19. Shoes/sneakers/boots depending upon your preferences and where you are traveling

20. Accessories for cold weather like scarves, hats, gloves/mittens, etc. 

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Traveling Abroad Checklist- Toiletries 

Your traveling abroad checklist should also have the following: 

1. Conditioner

2. Shampoo

3. Soap

4. Comb/Brush 

5. Deodorant

6. Glasses

7. Shaving Kit

8. Makeup

9. Nail Clippers

10. Glasses 

11. Contact Lenses, Solution, etc. 

12. Any Feminine Products (to last you a month at least) 

13. OTC Medication if you need it

14. Toilet paper/tissues 

15. Prescription Medication if you need it 

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Checklist for Traveling Abroad- Add-Ons 

Here are some add-ons that you will obviously need: 

1. Some amount in the local currency of the country

2. Wallet/purse

3. Debit/Credit Cards 

4. Vital Documents- Passport, Visa, Student ID, Flight Tickets, Itinerary, Academic Documents, etc. 

5. Sunglasses/extra pair of glasses 

6. Power outlet adapter 

7. Mobile phone (although you may be unable to use it in the country you are traveling to). It will help when you are stuck in any domestic airport and wish to contact people for assistance. 

8. Charger and Laptop along with the outlet adapter for the plug point to function suitably. 

9. Camera with its power cords and charger 

10. Bed linen and sheets

12. Bath towels

13. Portable iPad, iPod, MP3 Player, E-readers, headphones and other gadgets with their chargers 

14. Sleeping bag or sleep sack. Most hotels will offer sheets although some may not have the same. Some will charge you for sheets and those who do not prefer sleeping on unfamiliar bed sheets will find this to be a godsend. 

15. Diary or journal to document your experiences while you keep taking pictures as well. Writing a blog is possible on your laptop. 

16. Backpack for regular usage while at university/college and also while traveling. 

17. Water bottle for the journey 

18. Plastic bottles in your carry-on for toiletries or even while you are journeying (the maximum threshold is mostly 100 ml). 

19. Some hangers 

Before packing medicines, make sure that your prescription medicines are allowed in your host country. If yes, bring ample medicines for 2-3 months. Thereafter, visit a local doctor and get medicines re-prescribed likewise. Speak to the doctor prior to leaving. Make sure that you carry all your cash and cards safely. With this extensive checklist at hand, you will be all packed and raring to go! 

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upGrad Abroad Team

upGrad abroad Editorial Team

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