Top Courses in Demand Abroad

Overseas education is witnessing rapid growth in popularity. Advances in educational infrastructures and technology have further fueled dreams of global education and exposure. However, with the course count steadily increasing across major study destinations abroad, choosing a suitable course becomes even more difficult in such scenarios. Most aspirants prefer studying abroad to land lucrative employment while enjoying the benefits of better and more advanced education with superior facilities. 

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) combine to offer several coveted career and employment opportunities for aspirants. And hence there is a huge demand for top courses in demand abroad in these streams. As per several reports STEM-based occupations will occupy pole position in the next decade worldwide, as per several reports

Here’s taking a closer look at the top courses that are highly coveted in the current scenario. 

Top Courses in Demand in Abroad

Here is a brief overview of the top courses in demand abroad and their overall employment prospects. 

  • Mechanical Engineering- Students of mechanical engineering learn to develop, test and design equipment, components, and processes throughout numerous industries. They will be working as Mechanical Engineers in areas like machinery production, engineering services, R&D in engineering, physical and life sciences, electronic product and computer manufacturing, aerospace products and component manufacturing, etc. The best countries to work include Australia, Canada, United Kingdom (UK) and U.S. (United States). $83,590 is the average annual salary in this field. 
  • Civil Engineering- Civil engineers focus on building, designing, operating, supervising, and maintaining various construction systems and projects in both private and public sectors including buildings, roads, airports, systems for water supply sewage treatment systems and tunnels. There are opportunities spanning local and state governments, corporate companies and more. The best countries for employment are the U.S.A,  UAE and Australia with average annual salaries of $82,220. 

  • Actuarial Science- Aspirants of Actuarial Science work as actuarial assistants, analysts, health actuaries, internal auditors, assurance managers, pricing actuaries, audit managers and more. They use modeling techniques/software and statistics for analyzing insurance and finance related risks, forecasting costs and probability and so on. Best countries for employment include New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A and UK. Average annual salaries hover at around $97,070. 
  • Biomedical Engineering- Biomedical engineers apply their engineering capabilities to the field of medicine, research, design and creating healthcare devices. They work as biomedical technicians, managers, engineers, equipment technicians and clinical engineers. They can find the best employment in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Canada with average annual salaries of $86,220. 
  • Petroleum Engineering- These petroleum/reservoir/drilling/production/completion engineers work in several sub-segments of mining, oil and gas extraction, coal and so on. The best countries for employment include the Netherlands, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Denmark, U.S.A and Norway. Average annual salaries hover at $88,700. 
  • Environmental Engineering- Environmental engineers come up with solutions for environmental issues through various principles, initiatives and more. They find work as environmental engineering technicians and engineers. Canada, Brazil, UAE, Australia, Russia, and the U.S. offer lucrative employment prospects and average annual salaries of $84,560. 
  • Computer Network Engineering/Information Technology- Aspirants in this field work as computer network architects, network architects, network security administrators, computer security specialists and systems administrators. They design, plan, and execute computer and information-based networks like extranets, WAN (wide area networks), LAN (local area networks) and networks for data-based communications. Ireland, Australia, UK, and U.S.A offer the best opportunities along with average annual salaries of $100,240. 
  • Cyber Security and/or Computer Science- Professionals in this field protect computer networks and systems of employers from threats. They work as systems security administrators, firewall administrators, information security analysts, cyber security analysts, security engineers, security architects, security consultants and security managers. The best countries to work include Germany, Ireland, UK, U.S. and Israel. Average annual salaries stand at $90,120. 
  • Finance- Finance professionals are financial experts who offer financial management guidance to clients along with advice on retirement planning, investments, budgeting and more. They work as financial planners, advisors, investment advisors, lending analysts, portfolio managers, personal bankers and wealth strategists. The best countries for employment opportunities include Hungary, Luxembourg, Ireland, UK, U.S.A and New Zealand along with Japan, Switzerland, and Australia. Average annual salaries stand at $89,160. 
  • Pharmaceutical Science- Professionals in this field work as quality control analysts, pharmaceutical scientists, pharmacy technicians, medical publishers, microbiologists, optical assistants, drug safety associates, marketing research experts and research assistants. They test, create, and manufacture new drugs while educating all patients about medications in turn. The best countries for employment include New Zealand, Ireland, U.S, Australia, Singapore, and Sweden. Average annual salaries stand at $80,000-100,000. 

These are some of the top courses in demand abroad and employers will keep scouting for talent in these fields. STEM-linked fields are most likely to remain in high demand in future which includes professions like ocean engineering, radiology, biochemistry, mathematics, accountancy, engineering, petroleum engineering, software development and financial analysis, am these professions will continue to witness a steep upward demand in the future according to experts.

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